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Recognition – To dream of receiving recognition indicates either a desire or expectation that others will acknowledge your accomplishments in waking life. If you dream that you are unjustly deprived of recognition, this indicates the converse: you feel ignored or passed-over. You may feel that friends and family take advantage of you or do not respect your desires and needs.

People have an internal desire to be given recognition for a job well done. It is a common trait to want validation for efforts that you have put in to be successful. If you are dreaming about receiving recognition for an A on a paper, getting honored for an aware or even for an award, it can indicate your self-conscious minds feeling of being undervalued and neglected by the people around you.

Recognition DreamsSometimes dreams of being recognize can also mean that your significant other has stopped given you the attention that you once had. If you are in constant need of recognition, it can be a message from yourself conscious that you need to work on your self-esteem and not seek validation through others.

You may even feel resentful that you spend so much energy taking care of others, but are not given the same courtesy yourself. The thing to remember about this dream symbol is that feedback from others (whether it is negative criticism or positive recognition) in your dream is always a reflection of how you feel about yourself, not about how others feel about you.

If you feel appreciated and recognized, this is a healthy sign of your ability to recognize your own value and the value of your accomplishments. If you feel unappreciated and neglected, this indicates that you do not appreciate yourself enough, and that you feel that you are not worth being taken care of. Remember to nurture yourself.

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