Receipt Dream Symbol


Receipt – If you dream that you receive a receipt for a purchase, this indicates a sensible inclination to keep track of your expenses, and other practical aspects of your life. There may be a recent purchase that you are having second thoughts about or are regretting. Alternatively, this sign may indicate a swapping of valuable items of some other sort. You may soon be faced with the option to make a deal that will change your circumstances dramatically, for better or for worse. If you dream of presenting someone else with a receipt, this indicates that a gift or service that you give someone else may be received conditionally and without gratitude. 

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  1. My fiance bought things for me and himself. He now dropped the ceciept for me. What does it mean? And he also dropped both items in my house.

  2. I dreamed i had a Hugo stake of receipts and as i was counting them Some one look at me and held my hand up proudly and Saïd stacks (as in big money ) very fun dream

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