Ravine Dream Symbol


Ravine – A ravine or chasm that is in your way or cutting across your path is a dream symbol for an insurmountable obstacle in the way of you achieving your dreams. Observe if there are any other symbols surrounding or connected to this one, as they may give you insight into how to overcome this obstacle, or the causes behind the obstacle. For example, building a bridge across the ravine indicates that the way to overcome the obstacle or resolve the problem is by reconciling with someone else.

It is a breakdown of communication or trust that is creating the obstacle. On the other hand, climbing down the ravine and up the other side indicates that you need to address a deep subconscious fear or emotional issue in order to overcome the obstacle.

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  1. I had a dream once when I was quite young and experiencing medically unexplained chronic migraines, and this specific dream ended in my waking up with one of these migraines.

    In the dream, a large rocky hand with holes in it (almost as if it were made from emmenthal cheese) rose up from an extremely large ravine (I remember at the time thinking that the ravine was the grand canyon, despite the fact that I lived in the UK and had not lived in the USA since I was 5 years old, nor had I ever been to the grand canyon, only seen it in pictures and TV) and waved at me/flexed its fingers, then made a fist, before coming down to me at the edge of this ravine and hitting me.

    Waking up with a headache and nausea led me to believe that the hand had been a figure for the pain I was experiencing, but I have always been puzzled about the significance of the hand and its holey rock composition

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