Raven Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Raven Dream Symbol – When raven comes flying into your dreams hold onto your hat. Your world is about to be turned upside down. Raven is the master of flying between light and dark. Though the veils of illusions around you. She reminds that those around you only reflect to you the lessons you most need to learn. You know what to do. Raven brings perfect timing. Your life will soon be blessed with synchronicity.

Raven dreamYour life will become magical as raven shows you how to move through the changes. Through the fears, joy, love, uncertainty, to accept that change is coming. You cannot avoid it. Sit back and let raven take you along for the ride. This is a time where you move through changing emotions and new cycles with ease. Everything falls into place. These changes may be in the way you see. You may change your perspective and discard old, negative habits. Watch out for opportunities that can take you where you want to be.

When raven is loud and raucous, she calls a warning. It is an insistent call to take heed. There is something that needs your attention. What have you forgotten? Is there an old lesson you are missing that is relevant to the current situation?

Sometimes dreams of raven brings negative omens. These can come in the form of betrayal and bad luck. When raven flies above you, it can signify there are negatives hanging over your head. These need dealing with or you will stagnate where you are. And, seeing just raven’s feathers on the ground or floating from the sky, means betrayal surrounds you. Stop. Look and listen. It will be difficult to discern who this is as they may be very close and beyond you doubting the trust between you. Watch out. Put up extra protection to keep them out.

Seeing a dead raven means you will defeat your challenges as they cross your path through life. You are protected, trusted, respected, and admired. You are at no risk of betrayal. Raven warns you still need to be on your guard for those who follow in their footsteps.

When raven flies and follows you in your dreams, be wary of work colleagues. Even those you do not know. This can signify you are being undermined to stop you moving ahead in your career. And when there is more than one raven, it indicates how many plot against you. Raven continuing to visit your dreams is a strong message not to trust the people you do. Be cautious. Look closer. Someone or some people are not what they seem.

When Raven crosses your Path

Raven crosses your path to remind you are well-balanced and have a unique understanding of the difference between the dark and the light. You enjoy solitude. You seek stillness and quiet. Others often visit to hear your wisdom.

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  1. I saw a very large raven (about 20-25 feet) blocking a wide market road with cars parked on both sides with shops besides them. It was a black raven with all it’s features.
    I was walking towards it’s direction. It was looking at me directly with usual bird’s head movement. It opened its mouth but I am not sure if I heard it’s cawing. Needless to say I was not comfortable in confronting it so I moved forward towards its left side near shops and kept walking. On getting closer I saw it eating worm but given it’s size the work looked like some human. After I passed it on my right I saw it move forward, caw and fly away.

    Any help in its interpretation is appreciated

  2. Hi so last night I dreamt I was lying down and a raven was behind my head. The raven then pecked me in the middle of my forehead with its beak, once. I then awoke .
    Any thoughts please?
    Thanks !

  3. domagoj mikulec on

    So i dreamt of a huge, giant black bird, not really sure what was it raven or a crow. Me and my friend saw it in a distance standing on a bridge, as a truck was coming it just sliped her ass and fly up made a turn and fly over us upwards. Then we were trying to show the other friend where we saw it, he didnt believe us, and then we left the friend that saw the bird walking behind while we were going with the car i remember seeing him walk alone on the rode. And then we ended up at a wedding, i rember sawing my friend there again. It was a really exciting dream i was so happy to see that bird her giantness amazed me.

  4. I had a dream… it was actually reoccurring nightmares a years ago with a raven. I was in a great hall, more of a room with dual arched porch with two red chairs behind me. The room was made of a brown stone. There was a great double wooden door next to me. The room overlooked a green field, the a blue sky with puffy white clouds. As I looked out across the field, this large raven would fly up and land on the railings in front of me and just stare at me. The dream would end when the raven would fly toward the door (which opened for it). This dream happened a few times that night. I should mention, I had surgery the Thursday before this and this nightmare happened on Sunday night. Anyways, for some reason, the raven terrified me as it would fly up and stare at me. The last nightmare, it flew up to me and talked. It said, ‘it wasn’t me time. I had a destiny, things to do.’ It then said ‘everybody I know would pass before me’. I woke up after that and all the pain was gone. The fever I had broke and there was a terrible odor coming from my stomach. My stitches burst in the night and there was puss all over my shirt. I had an umbilical hernia and I think I was lucky the stitches burst on the outside of me, rather than the inside.

    I really freaked out over this dream. The funny thing is, I lost 3 of my former best friends. I’m only 52. Is there hidden symbolism? It seemed pretty straight forward to me.

  5. Rahul Thevar on

    So I dreamt this morning where I am sleeping in my bed beside my girlfriend and this very huge rave is on my left side trying to get out of the window but cant as soon as I start shooing the raven it looks directly into my eyes and comes on my head and starts pecking but very softly as if it’s eating something it really didn’t hurt at all or felt like it was attacking then it started pecking on my GF head and came back to my head and I was trying to shoo it off in read and was shouting at it that my girl friend woke up and asked me to calm down and that’s when I woke up I really can’t make anything of this can please someone explain me if you think this notifys something ?

  6. DreamOperator on

    Thank you for this article. I dreamed of a raven in my house last night. This confirms my feeling that it represented a big change a’coming.

  7. In my dream I saw the raven perched on an old wooden fence. Like the ones they use on farms and it was gloomy out like a storm was coming. I searched the area behind me and when I looked back at the raven, it was metallic. If I recall we were suddenly in an old house or what appeared to be a tavern. As I took a closer look at the raven it moved ever so slightly in its bronze form and raised its wings like it was preparing to fly. The ravens beaks were ready to make a sound but it stopped and sat there like a statue. It was kind of staring at me. When I woke up I felt uneasy.

  8. I saw King Ravan with his wife into his palace. And he is afraid of a demon. And destroying his own palace as he thought that there is a demon in his one the part of his palace.

  9. I dreamt of a raven flying above me and shaking some feathers loose . The black feathers adheared to my arms. And I was saying look I have feathed arms. It was a happy moment. The raven flew away afterwards.

    • Yes, this is also what I was looking for….I`m guessing based on the first part of the interpretation here that it means we will fly through whatever changes are coming and hopefully be really tuned into what`s going on

  10. Jasmine Nicole Eccles on

    I had a dream of the person I love most tell ng me he couldn’t stay and he was leaving and not coming back because he is going with her “the black raven”. This makes me all so nervous. I never remember my dreams and I don’t always have one either. Wish I had insight on this type of dream where I didn’t see a black raven but it/she stole the entire dream and left me broken and confused.

  11. Ravens are my favorit birds, i have so much respect love and admiration for them. Lately they are showing up very often in my life and last night i had the strangest dream involving this magic creature. I saw a big raven in the sky that came to me and i could touch him as if we were soul mates and knew each other from before, it was trully magical, then this raven turned out into a small one that split into two as showing me there are two parts of the same ( twin flames) the other part of our soul, and then turning back into one again all happening in front of my eyes, i was talking to someone and trying to explain them and hoping they could see what i saw. To me this is a strong confirmation of coming together with the one i love we both have this magical creature as our animal spirit guide. Amazing amazing and wonderful!

  12. Ashley Davies on

    The sky is a dark red. Everywhere I go I see a lot of people in huddles or groups. Sometimes I’m in the group sometimes I’m just walking by. I go on this trail and then I follow it into a cave. At the end of the cave is an opening/cliff that’s cloudy and grey and I have two choices; go over the cliff or go back to the people. I chose to go over the cliff. I’m falling but then catch a branch that freezes me and slowly lowers me to the ground. I continue to walk and as I’m coming out of the dead trees I see the sun and it’s so bright. I see a raven (not a crow) on the tree branch on the path to the sun but it’s facing toward my friend that is on a bridge away from me. I don’t know if the bird is looking at me by facing my friend or is guiding me. I’ve heard that ravens guide people or they’re a bad omen. I can’t find the solution.

  13. Kaitlin Dufour on

    I dreamt of a raven flying above me and then coming down and landing on my leg and climbing up to my chest so I could cradle it and then it started pecking at my forehand where my 3rd eye is. I got it to stop but it didn’t hurt really, just the initial piercing feeling and then it just was lightly tapping around my face and in my hand. I remember reaching out to grab my phone and then waking up.

  14. Last night I dreamt of me walking somewhere unknown, next to a body of water. The environment around me was peaceful, calm, the water was still and clean. Green every where I looked. On my left hand I had a bag of green grapes (which are my personal favorite fruit), and out of the blue comes a group of ravens flying above the water. They were gliding in a vertical line, not above or below me, but right along my eye-height and they covered corner to corner of the small pond. As they were flying by, one of the ravens made eye contact with me, and began flying my way. In my dream I instinctively grabbed a branch of grapes and as I was going to hand it to the raven, they fell in the water. For some reason I felt disappointed of myself for being careless and dropping them, but the raven quacked(?) right on my face, kinda scary, then it looked down and reached for the grapes, came back up, rested itself on my forearm and began eating them. As the raven was eating, I looked around and everything wasn’t green anymore. It had become gloomy, with fog. I began having anxiety and a persistent feeling of running away but I couldn’t because I had to feed the raven. I recall the raven being so heavy on my arm. The other ravens were long gone. Once the raven was done eating, it took the leftover branch with him and flew away into a thick mist. Then I woke up…I’d like to have an idea of what this represents. Lately my life has turned to shit, so could it signify anything?

  15. I had a dreamed that I have 2 birds as a pet, one was just a regular bird it was hungry so I fed it but once I looked outside my porch I no longer see it just left over foods that I’ve fed it and also I have another one it’s either a raven or crow I couldn’t tell all I knew it’s a black bird but it’s hang on to my side waistline it wouldn’t get off me I think it’s hungry or something so I decided to make food for it to eat , as I’m in process to prep foods I woke up. Could anyone tell or interpret my dreams??? Greatly appreciate it. Thanks you in advance!!!

  16. I had a dream where a Raven or a crow (I’m not exactly sure) was flying into my window in my room (the window was closed) and tried to get into the room again and again even though it was getting stuck in it. What does that mean??

    • I know this was a while back, but I came here because I was having a very similar dream to this one. It was multiple ravens though.

  17. I had a dream where a Raven or a crow (I’m not exactly sure) was flying into my window in my room (the window was closed) and tried to get into the room again and again even though it was getting stuck in it. What does that mean?

  18. I dreamt about 2 dead ravens under my bed.
    The next day I broke up with my boyfriend – I am wondering if they signified anything.

  19. My friend keeps having dreams about this Raven lady. In one dream she was holding a bloody knife. In a different dream she said she needed to find S, which happens to be the first letter in my friend’s name. Finally she had another dream where she said she needed to find M and she held up my scooter and also my name starts with My.

  20. A raven was flying into my house and my cat saw it. She is a black cat. The raven flew in and out a few times then turned into a cat just like my Annabel Lee only this other cat was dirty and matted. What the heck could this mean. One thing I know is true. No one at work can be trusted.I learned that the very hard way. I am not interested in moving up in the company just out. So…. Perhaps you can tell me what you think this means. I know in Native Indian Lore the Raven is a shape shiftier. I also know a Raven and Cats are my spirit Animals.

  21. The young raven walked over to me and looked right into my eyes, it then made its way onto my lap and nestled in, always watchful of me but very relaxed, it was an amazing experience, never dreamt of a raven before!!! It was so real.

  22. In my dream I was at a school dance with a bunch of people I’ve met throughout my life. I got a text and looked to see who it was from. I noticed it was from my very close friend, a friend that shared mutual feelings of being more than friends. The text read “I see you” however when I looked around he wasn’t there. I kept walking in hopes of finding him, I followed a trail of people wearing black feathered masks. I ended up in an art hallway filled with his art when I heard the raven. It started to talk to me and give me blurry visions within my dream. Somehow I ended up realizing that the raven was my friend. After the realization I mounted the ravens back and we flew away…that’s when I woke up.

  23. I have looked every where and no one seems to have had a dream similar to mine. I was in the car with my boyfriend and our daughter who is only a year old. I saw a raven in a metal cage. I made my boyfriend stop so I could release the bird because I suddenly had a vision of something terrible the bird was going to be used for. The raven was frantic as I was opening the cage but as soon as it wrapped it’s talons around my fingers it calmed completely. I brought the raven home with me where it stayed holding gently to my fingers as I ruffled it’s feathers kindly around it’s neck and shouldera. The bird twisted and turned happily with every touch. Even my daughter came up to pet the raven who responded kindly in turn. Please let me know what you think that means.
    Thank you

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