Rat Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Rat Dream Symbol –  Rats scurry into your dreams to remind you to explore new opportunities. You need to make an effort. Do some hard work to be successful. Success does not come to those who sit idly by. It may also be a time to try new things outside your comfort zone. Rat brings messages of changes. Of new beginnings. It is a time to embrace change as you will have no choice anyway.

A rat can also be asking you to declutter your life. Nothing new or wonderful can come into your life unless you have room for it. Do you have too much material stuff? What do you truly need? Are your home and surroundings full of things that have little or no meaning? It is time to clear it all out. Give it away. Sell what has some value. It is just filling up space and suffocating your life and emotions. You cannot think clearly with so much irrelevant stuff. Purge old emotions and people who no longer have a positive influence on your life.

Rat DreamRats can also symbolize an undesirable personality trait in you. Do you tell others lies? Are you weak and gullible always falling for others gossip? Do you know how much you annoy others? Take time to look within and start showing others tolerance. You need to understand the true nature of what is going on around you. The rat can also warn that you hold dearest is secretly working against you.

A visit from rat to your dreams can mean you are doubting yourself. You have feelings of doubt, greed, and envy. What or who do you doubt? Who do you envy? What do you long for that comes from a place of greed? Something is eating away at you and you need to get it out. Deal with it to move on or you will become a bitter twisted person people will shun. Rats can also signify dirt, decay, rot, and revulsion. Who do you shun? What brings up feelings of revulsion? Or is there someone around you who has revealed themselves as a dirty rat? Do you feel betrayed?

Dreaming of many rats can mean you feel like you are being overrun by your enemies. This is a sign of trouble ahead. Or, you may have a really busy social life after hibernating from the world for a while. White rats bring abundance and show through strength, and adaptably you can achieve what you need. This is a dream of positive omens to let you know you are on the right path to manifesting your dreams. Keep going. It will not be long now.

Catching a rat in a trap is a particularly lucky sign. You may have caught the negativity influencing you, or discovered its source, so you can be better protected. If rat often appears in your dreams, remember they are underground creatures. They live in the drains and the pipes. Underground, in the sewers. They carry disease. They are not a positive sign. Maybe you need to get a complete physical if you have been feeling unwell. There may be something hidden that needs investigating.

Dreams of rats can also indicate problems with neighbors. They may try to deceive or even harm you. It can also mean you will argue with your lover. Catching a rat in a trap is a good omen. It indicates that you get rid of the stress and what worries you.

Alternative Meanings

A rat is generally a bad omen when if see it in a dream. Rats are symbolic of fear, anxiety, and disease that can spread rapidly. Additionally, the rat can also represent something that you detest and find repulsive to be around.

If you dream bout a rat it may also indicate anxieties about your future health that you have no control over.

To see a rat in your dream may indicate that you have friends or people close to you who are being disloyal and sneaking around behind your bag.

Rats can also represent the time that is eating away at your life. If you sit back and do nothing, you will find that your life can quickly waste away.

You may feel an inability to accomplish everything that you want within your given period of time. Rats may symbolize that you are constantly uneasy about the future and do not know what you want to do in your life.

A rat can also represent someone who can’t keep their mouth shut and reveal secrets about you. If you are worried about a rat it may indicate that you are worried about something being exposed to the public.

This animal represents insecurity and worries that the dream is unable to control.

When Rat crosses your Path

Rat crosses your path to remind you that while being totally open and honest, it leaves you open to others’ hidden agendas. You may wear your heart on your sleeve, but beneath you are tough and maintain control when you need to.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Does the rat represent any aspect of yourself or someone you know?
  • Are there any messages that the dream is trying to tell you about yourself?

Note: If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic please leave a comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.


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  1. I was folding clothes with my ex sister in law , I opened the hot press and there was this big brown rat playing with clothes that was already in the hot press , we both screamed and the rat jumped down on to the floor and ran to the front door and I let him outside

  2. So I’m a little confused about what I dreamed but all i could remember i was outside busy to rescue the laundry on the line cause the wind was blowing it away. The next i notice a rat I caught it with my hand screamed for my friend and asked where the cat is and while i was screaming at her another rat appeared so I run for the door and the rat bit me and making sounds and my cat was running to the door. I was scared it would have bite again so I bite the rats head off. Gave the body to my cat spit the heard out and run in side to wash my mouth. What does this mean?

  3. I dreamt of huge as a dog gray rat with red eyes on flooded house passing through a small tunnel. I just saw it and i was afraid and moved away from it though it did go near me. What does it mean?

    • Correction *** I just saw it and i was afraid and moved away from it though it did NOT go near me. *** thanks

  4. Karina todaro on

    I had a dream that 2 different rats but my hand and they were very angry and left there mouth opened after they bit me and I saw all their sharp teeth.. what does this mean?

  5. I’m always dreaming about buying a big house or a lot of land to build a lot of homes for my family

  6. simeonaloykc on

    i had a dream where my daughter face was looking a bit burned and had a rat in her mouth n was pointing to some one as the one that gave her the rat .what can this mean?

  7. Kydedra Jones on

    I had a dream last night a lot of healthy brown rats with long thick tails was running towards me. It looks like I was trying to stand my ground as they was coming but as they got close enough to touch me I woke up relieved.

  8. I had a nitemare last night of a big white rat in bed with me trying to snuggle up with me and Its eyes were glowing scared me so bad I like to have never went back to sleep.. I don’t usally dream and when I do it comes true.. so I hope a big white rat does not find it way to my house I may have a heart attack.. I have not been feeling well and do not know if this has anything to do with it. I cannot figure how why I feel so bad all the time?

  9. I dreamt that I was lying in bed with my sick son and a rat came on top of us and defecated on top of me, I know it was suppose to be for my son but I caught it instead. My son has been mentally unwell lately and I’m not sure if this was a warning about is own health or mine or something else. Appreciate any comments. Thank you.

  10. I had a dream last night about rats a bunch of the (adults and babies) they came from the sink and drain they were not moving they jusy stay there piling each other.. before they came out the faucet on the washing sink when i open it was a red-ish brown then after awhile the rats were there

  11. I had a scary dream where there waa a?eat and 2 small mice plus one cat. The cat didn’t do anything (no chading after the eat or mice). So, in my dream I really feared the rat but didn’t really care all that much about tye mice. Also, my mom abd 2 sisters were in my dream and I ended up sleeping on one bed with my sisters bcz I was so afraid but, eventually, we turned on the lights land one of my sisters went over to the rat abd raised her hand as if trying to pet the rat, the rat was accompanied by the cat who, at this point, was sitting next to the rat and my sister. The rat started snifging my sister’s hand and made weird sounds and died shortly of a heart attack so we threw it in the garbage. At this point, the cat started meowing and I lost yrack of the 2 mice that were in my dream. Ironically, my mom was calm wnd collected in my dream wnen, in real life, she would freak out if she saw mice let alone a rat. Anyway, this dream had me in fear and I woke up feeling scared. What might this dream mean?)
    Any answers will be appreciated, thanks!

  12. I had a dream, that a grayish maybe brown rat came by me while I was cleaning. I don’t like rats, they creep me out. It was friendly and acted more like a small pet dog would, just hanging out with me trying to get treats from me Sharing my company but like I said I don’t like rats so I kept moving around practically runing and it just followed oblivious to the fact I didn’t like it. At the end I throw treats out by a door I guess it led outside it chased it and I closed the door. I wonder what that means.

  13. In my dream…caught a brown rat barehanded. It was mean and I didn’t want to pick it up but told myself I wasn’t scared of it. It squirmed around in my hands and was very strong. I remember the rat had strong muscles and was biting my finger as I kept twisting it trying to snap it’s neck. Eventually I guess I did and then threw it to an animal who ate it. I don’t think it was a cat but my dream is foggy by now.

    • Chima Leticia on

      I saw a rat in my office In my dream last night trying to kill it then some people distracted my attention then didn’t catch or kill it again.

  14. I had a dream last night that I had a grey rat in my hands. (I always wanted a pet rat, but I’m planning to get one soon) It didnt attack me, it liked me. I felt comfortable with it and it felt comfortable with me. It was like a family member for me. I’m not afraid of rats or any other creatures that other ppl might fear/hate.

  15. I had a dream that someone I can’t really recognise catch a rat with his bare hand from where the rat was hiding and quickly threw it out. The was dazed at first but later gain conscious and ran back inside. Though I was at entrance but scared of smashing my leg on it.
    We came in and saw a wide big hole on floor…

  16. I had a dream last night about seeing about 5 giant/fat rats. They were entering the place where I was with friends. The rats were slipping because there was a huge flow of water coming into the house. I asked an unknown person (like a boy friend, but I do not have one) to help me attack the rats. I had like a racket on one hand and was covering half of my body with a towel with the other. I was self conscious about my body and did not want anybody to see my body in a swimming suit. The rats later disappeared.

  17. in my dream, me and my son together with the neighbours ( husband and wife) are chasing the rats that are in our backyards, one of the rats we caught was already dead (all dried up and hardend) which the neighbour ( the wife who’s deceased) threw for our dog. And the other rat, my son caught it. but the big fat rat bit him under his lip, it was red and bleeding and my sons face was sad, i got so angry at the rat, i took it from my sons hands and tried to smash it on the ground… that’s when i woke up…
    i did not like this dream at all because the rat hurt my son. i it made me worry…

  18. I had a dream where I was looking for something and found a small white rat in a cage without food or water. It was a very small rat, and looked shrunken and emaciated. In my dream, I went looking for food and water to help him.

  19. I had a dream that rats r roaming in the home and I’m chasing them.and trying to hit them… What does this indicate? the above information is too useful but still I feel I hv no clarity for the dream I had

  20. I dreamt a stranger was in my house while I was having a shower and when I got out she told me I had baby rats everywhere in my house. I pulled a pipe off the wall and there were hundreds of them that came running out but then I couldn’t see them

  21. Andreja Nikolic on

    i dreamt about a winged rat and it was trying to attack me. it was flying towards me and i caught i with my had and i had to brake its neck to protect my self

  22. I had a dream last night that this group of guys was skinning a rat and chanting over and over for me to tell my husband to come over for dinner

  23. I have a friend every time he spend the night with me I dream of being a rat or running with a group of rats.. He posted on Facebook lately talking about me I forgave him but it still hurt… I recently founded out he is seeing my sister behind my back…

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