Rat Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Rat Dream Symbol –  Rats scurry into your dreams to remind you to explore new opportunities. You need to make an effort. Do some hard work to be successful. Success does not come to those who sit idly by. It may also be a time to try new things outside your comfort zone. Rat brings messages of changes. Of new beginnings. It is a time to embrace change as you will have no choice anyway.

A rat can also be asking you to declutter your life. Nothing new or wonderful can come into your life unless you have room for it. Do you have too much material stuff? What do you truly need? Are your home and surroundings full of things that have little or no meaning? It is time to clear it all out. Give it away. Sell what has some value. It is just filling up space and suffocating your life and emotions. You cannot think clearly with so much irrelevant stuff. Purge old emotions and people who no longer have a positive influence on your life.

Rat DreamRats can also symbolize an undesirable personality trait in you. Do you tell others lies? Are you weak and gullible always falling for others gossip? Do you know how much you annoy others? Take time to look within and start showing others tolerance. You need to understand the true nature of what is going on around you. The rat can also warn that you hold dearest is secretly working against you.

A visit from rat to your dreams can mean you are doubting yourself. You have feelings of doubt, greed, and envy. What or who do you doubt? Who do you envy? What do you long for that comes from a place of greed? Something is eating away at you and you need to get it out. Deal with it to move on or you will become a bitter twisted person people will shun. Rats can also signify dirt, decay, rot, and revulsion. Who do you shun? What brings up feelings of revulsion? Or is there someone around you who has revealed themselves as a dirty rat? Do you feel betrayed?

Dreaming of many rats can mean you feel like you are being overrun by your enemies. This is a sign of trouble ahead. Or, you may have a really busy social life after hibernating from the world for a while. White rats bring abundance and show through strength, and adaptably you can achieve what you need. This is a dream of positive omens to let you know you are on the right path to manifesting your dreams. Keep going. It will not be long now.

Catching a rat in a trap is a particularly lucky sign. You may have caught the negativity influencing you, or discovered its source, so you can be better protected. If rat often appears in your dreams, remember they are underground creatures. They live in the drains and the pipes. Underground, in the sewers. They carry disease. They are not a positive sign. Maybe you need to get a complete physical if you have been feeling unwell. There may be something hidden that needs investigating.

Dreams of rats can also indicate problems with neighbors. They may try to deceive or even harm you. It can also mean you will argue with your lover. Catching a rat in a trap is a good omen. It indicates that you get rid of the stress and what worries you.

Alternative Meanings

A rat is generally a bad omen when if see it in a dream. Rats are symbolic of fear, anxiety, and disease that can spread rapidly. Additionally, the rat can also represent something that you detest and find repulsive to be around.

If you dream bout a rat it may also indicate anxieties about your future health that you have no control over.

To see a rat in your dream may indicate that you have friends or people close to you who are being disloyal and sneaking around behind your bag.

Rats can also represent the time that is eating away at your life. If you sit back and do nothing, you will find that your life can quickly waste away.

You may feel an inability to accomplish everything that you want within your given period of time. Rats may symbolize that you are constantly uneasy about the future and do not know what you want to do in your life.

A rat can also represent someone who can’t keep their mouth shut and reveal secrets about you. If you are worried about a rat it may indicate that you are worried about something being exposed to the public.

This animal represents insecurity and worries that the dream is unable to control.

When Rat crosses your Path

Rat crosses your path to remind you that while being totally open and honest, it leaves you open to others’ hidden agendas. You may wear your heart on your sleeve, but beneath you are tough and maintain control when you need to.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Does the rat represent any aspect of yourself or someone you know?
  • Are there any messages that the dream is trying to tell you about yourself?

Note: If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic please leave a comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.


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  1. I had a dream a couple nights ago that I was running through the streets trying to get away from rats that kept biting me and leaving huge welts and tears in my legs. Everywhere I ran there were just more and more that would just chew on me. The dream terrifies me!

  2. I hadtu lettit out on

    ihadduh nuther rat dream. In reelife my mum had juss died from dementia n old age, she was ninety-one,-
    sadly we did not gettalong – she wuz rarely happy.

    Am sad to say, I don’t feel upset, ifeel uncontaminated relief, like sheez finally let go ofme n I’ve given myself permission tu let go of her.

    I dreamt iwas induh old family home, where ilivd with her anmi two brothers n sisters.

    Someone hat put my darkgray wheelie bin out, but they’d leffit standing in th middl of nowhere, blocking our footpath. Altho ididnt feel like it, n was scared, I reluctantly went to see abt it. I really din want move it. I came out th house from th side door, th bin was nr dee front door. The bin izdee bin I hav currently in nondream life.

    There were bowt five rats ondee stairway of my old family house. One of th rats was wyte n a bit larger thn duh ress.

    Forsum reason th rats started randomly fouling themselves.
    And th white rat started growing bigger n bigger. .

    Then I notice the rats had fouled my reelife mankee pillows, n there was some rats faeces ondee wall.

  3. i had a dreamed that a big greenish white rat with fish lips (big and round) was crawling through my silverware drawer and I could see but didn’t pay it much mind until it had babies. Then I saw it and it ran away and we were looking for / hiding from the rats. We were in the apartment not really actively looking but being aware that there were mice and rats in the new apartment.

  4. In my dream me, my expartner anhis nu squeeze were standing indee street. I saw a light silvery gray colored rat widduh amputated right-side hind leg or foot.

    The rat was sipping frommuh puddle of water. I felt worried bout the rat, an mayve mention to my ex abt, how does th rat manage with its bruck-off leg like tht.

    I also thought tht the rat was me, /tht iwas somehow obviously deficient in several ways. Havin to scrabble round for scraps of acknowledgement from people whose first duty should be to care bout me., – I should not hav to be always beggin n demanding tht they notice or show me any concern.

    I don’t think my ex n his squeeze even notissed tht iwas there, let alone tht iwas speaking. I felt really upset, but I didn’t lettit show.

  5. Kesha Conyers on

    these rats was all over the place.they all were gray playing with each other chasing each other around in a circle.there were 3 big one and a ton of middle size one. l remember opening a door and they ran into that room.then,l woke-up.they wasn’t trying to attack me.but one had another one in its mouth by the neck (&) I’m trying my best to figure out what this dream means

  6. KaisMommy1 on

    I’m 37 weeks pregnant, I had a dream a big rat, bigger than a full grown chihuahua was running at me and my brother and dad, & we were kicking it to get it to stop, it was trying to bite us mainly our feet. My brother kicked it into a wall and then I woke up, what’s this possibly mean?

  7. As a child I would wake up in the middle of the night worried and anxious (and I used to sleep on blankets on the floor) but I would look at the floor.. and see a lot of rats climbing the walls, falling off the walls and then they would come onto me, then i would scream, but no one heard me… but I couldn’t move. Things like this still happen today, I’ll see a man in the corner of my room walking up to me, and I can’t move… then pass out cause it would touch my leg. What does this mean??

  8. I dreamed so many rats the size of a cat walking around my back yard. My son grab one and try to throw the rat over the fence but the rat came running back to my yard & then another one climbed on my back & was holding on so tight, my son try to pull it off me but the rat won’t let go but then he finally pull it off me.
    How do I intrepid this dream?

  9. I have a different take on rats. I like pet rats and have had them in the past. I currently don’t have a pet rat. I dreamt I had pet rats and I forgot about them. They multipled and were starving some were already dead when I found them. How do I interpret rats in my dream?

    • I have the same dream on a regular basis and I’ve had pet rats before as well. I always assumed it had something to do with my feelings of regret for not spending more time with them while they were alive, but I have no idea.

  10. I dreamt a rat jumps out of the ceiling and landed between my head and the pillow.i can feel the rat with my face while struggling to go out of this dream state before i get beaten and finally i have managed to do so.

  11. Last night I dreamt of rats in my parents old house that was torn down years ago. My dog Chester, who has been dead 2 years, was helping me chase the 2 of them. One was huge. Every one else was asleep in the basement and would not help.

    Chester drove the biggest one down into the kitchen. I captured and then released it outside.

    I am surrounded by all the negative things depicted by rats but am working hard to change my circumstances and myself.

    So, this very accurately depicts my current situation

  12. I had a dream I was at my jobs office with a few co-workers and one notice a dead rat inside by the window and other live black rats peeking in the office from the outside. I already told a few co-workers that I felt some people I work with Don’t like how fast I came up in the company. I felt their energy when we spoke to each other. So I wanted to make sure if these feelings are about to have a lot more backstabbers coming for me. I also have been in a new relationship for about three months now. Is it about to come to an end or a new life? Yeah we will see how this turns out because basically it’s what’s going on within me.

  13. Yvette Narog on

    I dreamt that I was looking to purchase a home with rats & mice in the walls. The wall were open so I could see them?
    Any clue what this means?
    Rhank you, Yvette

  14. Flossy white big rat came to my house. Later mom told me she asked him to come and he just came. I was hugging him and he seemed somehow smart, like he understood every word that anyone said.
    What’s meaning of this?

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