Rash Dream Symbol


Rash – Having a rash in your dream indicates a feeling of dissatisfaction or insecurity with your outward appearance. The skin is the first thing that others notice when they look at you. If your rash appears on your face or hands, or another very noticeable part of your body, then this indicates a fear that others will judge your entire personality on one particular flaw, which you feel is very noticeable.

This shame may cause you to try to hide either the flaw or yourself from public view. If the rash is itchy, this probably indicates a feeling of guilt or frustration at not being able to eradicate the flaw from yourself. Keep in mind that the judgments of other people in your dream are actually your own judgments on yourself and have little bearing on what other people think of you.

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  1. I had a dream about a rash on my head. I dreamt that I could see my head from the top, from behind. My hair is very thick in real life but in the dream my hair was sparse and I was balding and through the strands of hair I could see my scalp and it had a red rash. There were big red spots and small tiny spots. The red spots were fewer. Because of your dream symbol interpretation here I’ve made the following connection with my dream! it is about being worried and anxious about what other people think about me and my radical thinking different thinking about tradition and consciousness. Because it is on my head I realized it has to do with the new ideas that I think up or that get downloaded through the top of my head (metaphorically speaking). I am anxious about what people will think of my progressive ideas. And I realize that even if I already write about my far-out, esoteric, progressive ideas, making sense of them, trying to ground and make them practical and actionable, publicly, in blogs and in social media, I’m still worried about what people think of me. And this is one of the things I’m working on with my Buddhist therapist—to just write, create and share, and to not be concerned with what others think of me. As long as I do it respectfully, with grace and the intentions of love and healing, what am I am angst-ing over? Your dream symbol interpretation here helps me see that better. I am currently writing a book. And I’m overcoming anxiety about putting the book out, putting my ideas out in the book format. I have participated in book publications as a collaborator for other writers. Or as a contributor of essays sharing my new ideas. And they have been well received. But to create and publish my own book is proving to be challenging and I am having anxiety about my personal creativity, and new ideas, and putting my own book out there. It’s been taking over 10 years… So thank you for your dream meaning here. I will work out this anxiety about my creative work and get it over with in good time.

  2. Had this weird dream that I had a yogurt or milk and on my skin rapidly appeared huge keloid skin with blisters and they started to spread so fast from chest to arms and so on, they were painless but I knew that was an allergy so I ran to pharmacy to get that injection that saves you from anaphylactic shock and when I came back home I realised that for some reason I just pretended to take it and I tried to go back and take it for real then is when it was almost impossible to reach. Somehow I wasn’t suffocating but I knew that I must do the injection. I am getting through a bad and painful experience with my partner and I assume could be something in my subconscious that I cannot see or explain. I can’t forget those blisters they were growing and growing. Is anyone able to help?

  3. Kelly Largo on

    so today i’m gonna be part of the court of honor at a quinceañera. but the dream i just had was horrible. i was getting ready for the party, when all of a sudden i see red dots spread around my face like chicken pox. then i realize if it’s on my face, where else do i have it. so i check around my body in the mirror and i see it. i had a big rash on my right arm. it looked like hives. it was like a dry red patch of skin with a bunch of bumps. it was so itchy. then i take off my shirt to check and i have a big rash on my chest to. i seem to have em all throughout my body.

  4. Mariam Sottie on

    I had a dream fetching water with my mum and on our second round, I felt aches on my both legs and I complain to her.All of sudden, I saw plenty rashes on my both legs itching me and swollen as well, since then I always experience itching on my leg every night. Someone please help me understand this dream. Thanks

  5. I had a dream last night that I went down to the bush with my partner and an old childhood friend who I no longer have anything to do with.
    We were in search for tree vines to be able to tie sticks together and make a tent. In this dream there was beautiful succulents everywhere but every time I touched one it would make me super itchy and I would get a rash.

  6. I had a dream my entire back was covered in large furry black spots… Like huge moles with black moss growing on them.

  7. I had a dream that I received a text from one of my pieces saying that he was going to jail so I immediately called him in the dream & I remember during the phone call I looked in the mirror & my face was covered in I guess chicken pox or a rash of some sort; it covered my T-zone & the apples of my cheeks.

  8. Tracey Ritzer on

    I have had the same dream twice now. Its just before i wake up that i discover a rash over my legs. Its a terrible rash with red blotches of all sizes. I am in a new relationship. Weve only been together for 3 months and im.feeling very insecure and scared and yesterday i decided to stop and this morning i get this dream.again. i do think that rashes in a dream could mean we are feeling insecure, whether it is because of our appearance or, like i feel.at the moment, because of an unsure situation. Thought this may.help 🙂

  9. I had a dream the both of the back of my hands were tomato red and they had black spots on it. I’ve never had a dream like this before I don’t know what it means.
    I also have a dream about​ a old house in a field with sunflowers all around it and it’s ( in my dream) like I’ve been there before in real life but I haven’t.

    What does these dreams mean

  10. I had a dream last night that I woke up from a nap and had hives that immediately formed into extremely painful blisters that started peeling my skin off, and I had to go to the hospital.
    I have a lot of medical problems, and have a fear of ERs at this point. I’ve also been mistreated by doctors at hospitals.
    however, it’s so weird-I was just journalling before I went to sleep about how dissatisfied I am with my body and outward appearance, so this is crazy…..!!!

  11. I had a dream that I was running around in a jungle. I have no clue how I got there, or why I was there. In the dream I would climb different trees and every time I touched a tree, a itchy rash would appear in my arms. I would look at the rash in disgust, then I would stretch the rash. Scratching made it go away, but the more they went away, the more the rashes came. This dream is interesting to me because in my awake life, I suffer from acne. I am insecure about my skin to the point where I cover in makeup and never let anyone see me in my bare skin.

  12. Crystal Overby on

    I just had a dream about having a blistred rash on my right arm. I did have a lot of itching as I was trying to go to sleep, so I got up to take a Benadryl. I think the rash came into play because I have some itchy bumps on my elbow (that have shown up before) that have multiplied from 3 to about 7 of them. I need to add that within the series of related dreams, I dreamt that I was hallucinating from taking the Benadryl. My bfs house (which is where I am right now) looked like a totally different house, and was flooding from torrential rains. I knew I was hallucinating, and told my bf (and my dad, who also lives here). I also had an inability to stand or walk for a short period, and I think that I was having some sleep paralysis at that time. Note: I take many meds, and it’s not recommended that I take Benadryl often, so I think that’s a major determining factor in the hallucination in the dream.

  13. i had a dream two nights ago..
    i dreamed that i had a nasty, itchy heat rush all over my arms!

    Does anyone know what this could mean? thanks in advance x

  14. I dreamt last night that I had dark red spots all over me, I even remember seeing them on the soles of my feet. I was trying to cover them with bandages..! I dream horrible things most nights, but this was a first for me..

  15. I dreamt I had a rash on my back. There were 3 pink circle-like spots between the size of a tennis and golf ball. They had skin colored bumps in al of them the size of a popcorn kernel. What does this mean?

  16. I had a dream, can’t remember all of it, but I looked down, and I had very large, pus filled hives on my shoulder hands and forearms neat the wrist. Looked kind of like if hives were magnified under a microscope and slapped on the skin.

  17. I dreamt I had an extremely gross rash and it was itchy and bore growths that looked like fruit. It even had a food name like something ginger chickenpox! Other site said rash may refer to rash decision or frustrations with a flaw in yourself

    • I dreamt I had a bad rash on my left hand,I was so crying After I saw my rash,It was puffy, white rashes spread out on my hand..I said about my dream to my mom,her reaction is amazing, she said “shhh,don’t say about that dream to anyone,it’s a sign of your fortune.. You will get a fortune in future” .. I was really complicated ,so Anyone can exaplain me What the meaning of my dream..

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