Rape Dream Symbol


Rape – Rape is a deeply disturbing dream image, indicative of a feeling of traumatic violation. It is likely that someone you trust and around whom you feel that you can be vulnerable either has or will soon betray you and expose your vulnerability. Sexuality symbolizes a very deep part of oneself. You may feel like your identity is under attack, by people who are trying to make you change your values or by circumstances that are making you re-think everything you thought you were.

On the other hand, if you dream that you are raping someone, this indicates a feeling of guilt or a warning that you are harming this person in a very deep way, even if you may not realize it at the moment. It may also indicate sexual desire for this person, though you should note that a dream that indicates sexual attraction in this way also indicates that you do not have concern for this person’s actual well-being.

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  1. I had a dream that I raped a random person, vut I am actually very kind. I would never do something so cruel.

  2. I had dream 3 times in a row in same night that someone was trying to rape me and I escaped. The next 2 times same dream but had someone I knew blocked me from escaping

  3. I got raped a few months ago n since then i have flashbacks n dreams that im pregnant what does it mean

  4. I keep having vivid dreams that I’m being hunted and chased down by a group or psychos in the woods, held against my own will in a secluded house that used to belong to family (after they murdered my family and took it over) (in the dream of course, my actual family is fine), and raped repeatedly. The dreams feel real, and when they are happening, I can’t pull myself out of them. I escape over and over again successfully, but whenever I seek help, it’s somehow another member involved in the kidnapping. Like a cop, a doctor, a neighbor, etc. and I’m returned back to the house and raped again, this has been happening every time I fall asleep for 3 days in a row.

  5. My girlfriend dreamed I was raped by a male stranger and she screamed for help and people laughed and took pictures instead. When she returned a bomb blew up the guy and the dream transitioned to a dinner party with friends in which we had fun like nothing happened. My gf was a victim of incest in real life. What could this mean?

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