Ram Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Ram Dream Symbol – To see a ram in your dream represents masculine strength, power, leadership and toughness. It can indicate the refusal to conform to those around you and the desire to be a leader, not a follower.

ram dreamIn many cultures the ram is often used as a sacrifice, to show that you surrender to a higher power that is around you.

The Ram can also represents sexual drive and the natural urges that lie within us. If your ram is out of control it may indicate that you need to have more control over some of your natural instincts.

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  1. I saw a Smoke Coming Out From a Particular Corner And The Smoke Thaty Coming Out Later Form a Very Big Black Ram Then The Ram Was Chasing Me And I Was Trying To Avoid d Ram Not To Get Hurts,I Later Woke Up..I Dream This In Hot Afternoon>>>What’s The Meaning Pls

  2. in my dream, I woke early hours of morning on my bed under a tree and saw a fat and healthy black ram about two to three meters from my bed for a celebration. please, what does this predict?

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