Raincoat Dream Symbol


Raincoat – Dreaming about a raincoat indicates a desire to shield yourself from misfortune, either perceived or real. This dream may be a warning that some misfortune is coming, and you need to prepare for it. On the other hand, it may be a reflection of a fear. If you dream that you are in a rainstorm and are putting on a raincoat, then some difficulty you are currently experiencing will be alleviated in the near future, or you will find an effective way of dealing with it or protecting yourself from it.

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  1. Last night I got a dream that me and my father are going on bike, suddenly he stopped the bike to take something from bike dikki. He took something and he gave me a white rain coat. I wore it. The climate isn’t rainy, so some man near a white private bus saw me, and laughed at me for wearing rain coat without rain. Then I just saw at the sky suddenly the rain came. Can anyone tell the meaning of this dream.

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