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Racing – If you are dreaming about racing in a car then it can indicate that you have a hidden desire for increased “speed and more thrill” in your life. Car racing can signal that you should let go of some of the fears and hidden desires that you have in your waking life and focus on trying to live in the moment.

If you find yourself racing against the clock it can indicate the stress and anxiety you feel of trying to win the race. The clock can represent pressure to attain the success that you are looking for. The other people you are racing against in a dream can represent your perceived competition or threats to your chances of winning a race.

Dreams about racingMoving ahead of your competition can indicate that you are moving ahead in your waking life, while falling behind can indicate that others are moving ahead of you. A person who is struggling to keep up with their competition might be over their head in work and not able to keep up with their responsibilities. Racing dreams can also indicate a struggle with relationships in your real life. If you lose a close race it can indicate that you might have failed in some past romances you thought would succeed.

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