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Race – The exact meaning of this dream symbol will depend largely on the situation, the surrounding symbols, and the emotions connected to it. A race can indicate a feeling of exhilaration. This is especially true if your dream focuses on the speed of the race and the thrill of victory. A race can also symbolize competition and aggression. You may feel challenged or even threatened by people in your life, and you may feel the need to prove yourself against them.

Your tendency to compare yourself to others may cause you to fail to appreciate the good things about your own life. This is especially true if the race focuses on your fellow competitors. On the other hand, the race can also indicate stress or fear, especially if you find yourself lagging behind in the race and unable to keep up. If a race is run on foot, it indicates your own ability to achieve your goals, but if it is raced on horseback, in cars, or using any other means of transportation, it reflects your feelings about the tools you have at your disposal to achieve your goals. It is also indicative of your feeling of empowerment to make your life what you want it to be.

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  1. Hi
    Last night I dreamt I was running late to a 10km run and had to run to the race, everyone had taken off and I just got there got my number asked to borrow headphones and away I went. But I was running on roads through shops up staircases and I didn’t really know where I was going there was no signage

  2. Hi Stephen. I dream I was in a obstacle race. I started the race with no shoes because at the start I realised am wearing sleepers & I began the race barefoot. Then in the middle of the race I was wearing my running shoes. At a point where I was supposed to turn, I saw it but thought that it is too near, there should be another one down the road. Down the road, there wasn’t so I got a bit lost looking for a way back. On my way back some “white” guy tried to rob me then this “black” general worker protected me & I beat up the guy & ran off. It was already dark outside. My feelings then were of shame because everyone would be waiting for me & they would all know I got lost. So I became anxious however, I continued to run,even faster. As I was running, I dropped the stock I was asked to buy (don’t know/don’t ask how & where I bought it). There were some guys on my path & they helped me pick up the stuff. I saw a red car & later realised that it was my mentor’s car. She came looking for me because it was dark outside. I was so relieved to see her. Oh, the route was near the railway line. Thank u, Siphokazi

  3. Hi Stephen.
    Last night in one I my dreams I was on my way to enter a half marathon race…but as I got off the train at the race venue, I realised that I had forgotton my running shoes and clothing and wouldn’t be able to enter the race…..the most significant part was my reaction. My husband was with me and I had the most terrible temper tantrum at him and blamed him completely……I really let rip…was incredibly frustrated in this dream so much it woke me. In waking life I am very controlled and would never blow up like that…..especially at my husband who has anger iasues himself!!…..I think I fully realise this dream meaning but would like any light you can shed on it……re the fact that I wanted to run a race with other ppl and was unable to ???…Thank you

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