Raccoon Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Raccoon Dream Symbol – As cute as raccoon can be, he comes to warn of treachery and deceptiveness around you. This may be your treachery, or something or someone who comes into your life. Who do you deceive? Are you stealing from someone? What are you hiding? What secrets do you keep? If it is not you, raccoon warns to be aware of what is going on around you.

Be aware of your actions and the actions of others. Be alert to those who would deceive you. You may need to let go of a relationship or situation, or an old habit and ways of thinking to move through the challenges. He also may alert you to the opportunities around you and push you into to taking these gifts sent you from the universe.

Raccoon DreamsRaccoons are true survivors. They symbolize intelligence and have a love of seclusion. Be aware that many people wear masks to mask their true intentions. They create illusions to draw you in with their deceit. When you are aware of this about others, you can see straight through their illusions These people may have a place in your life in times of extreme trouble.

Raccoons raiding the trash in your dreams can indicate you need to focus more on what you want. Rubbish strewn around the place represents your frustrations. There may be things or people you take for granted. Who or what can this be? You may be blaming all your problems on others and the state of the world instead of taking responsibility. By doing this you are make life difficult for those close to you. And, extremely difficult for yourself. Remember, family and friends are there for support but you need to show you do not take advantage of them. Show some gratitude.

Raccoon also brings messages of incurable curiosity and the ability to adapt to any situation. Seeing her in the wild brings positive messages to use your creativity. Be ingenious in how you approach new opportunities. Trust in your better judgement if someone leaves in you doubt. Protect yourself from suspicious people and circumstances. Now is not the right time to be helping others. You need to help yourself.

When Raccoon crosses your Path

Raccoon crosses your path to remind you to be curious about everything. You are an explorer and thrive on discovering new things and experiences.

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  1. James reed on

    I was just dosing off when i dreamed me and my girlfriend where outside it was night and we seen something in the bushes and when my girl went a lil closer to see what was making the bushes move a raccoon jumped from the top of the bushes and ran but it ran bck towards us and started chasing both me and her.it was a crazy dream

  2. Pleaseee give some advice I just had a dream that the house I was living in seems like it may have been my mom house had tons of raccoons in it .. at first when I was laying down I kept seeing the eyes looking at me and then I would see the body I only saw one at first then I would turn and see 2 and then finally I screamed and jumped up because they where all over the room on the floor on the window and even in the bed and tried to turn the light on but it wouldn’t come on I said ma please turn on the light its raccoons all in here and she said calm down Like she didn’t believe me then she got up and said yeah oh my god but the light never came on and they kept getting closer

  3. I had a dream last night that raccoons were attacking deer in our backyard by jumping on their backs and going for the veins in their necks. The deer fought back and when I woke up it looked like they were winning. WTF? Any ideas on what this dream means? I would appreciate it.

  4. I was with my friend running up a hill with thanksgiving items for dinner, and a racoon started to follow us. my friend decided to sit down and gave me the food to keep walking. so i carried the food and tried to walk quickly to get rid of the raccoon. but i couldn’t. and i stopped and started giving the food items to the raccoon to try and get it away. the raccoon took the items and ran into a bush near by. so i closed up the box i was holding, and began to walk again. however, the animal came back, and i knew i couldn’t get it off my trail. so i unloaded all of the things, and the raccoon sat and watched. i took the box, and gently placed some food in it. the raccoon then crawled in and i shut the box. the raccoon started to get angry, so i tried to call protective services. but they wouldn’t pick up. so i took a heavy item and placed it on top to close the box. and i took the rest of the items and started to run. i started to get anxious as i couldn’t hold all of food by myself- and when i reached my family and friends, the raccoon had escaped and was very angry. however my friends had called animal services and they got the racoon under control. and yeh that was my dream. can someone tell me what it means lmao cause i rarely have dreams.

  5. Had a dream a came across a raccoon and it jumped into my arms and crawled on me in a playful manner like a pet.

  6. In my dream I woke up And noticed a raccoon behind the couch, Also asleep with journal that I write things in attached to its ears through coils of spiral. I get up push it out with my leg and before I could close the door, it forced its way bacc in and nothing I could do to stop it..bacc against the door on the floor. at this point it forced in and wanted to lay behind me and did forced was still against the door raccoon inside and I still felt the emotions of confusion and uneasy.. help anyone

  7. Chelci longshore on

    Just had a dream I was at my childhood home but there was a dumpster in the front yard and the raccoon was digging in the trash throwing it at me. He eventually jumped out and chased me and bit onto my arm and would not let go I kept spinning in circle and he would just bite harder. This dream was very scary and all to real. Then my mom was there and apparently I had not been given the correct vaccinations so I almost died

  8. 4-5 Years ago I was casually dating a guy for a few years and I had a dream he referred to a tactical position he put me In as a ” Wet raccoon scooter” weird yes and so strange I even wrote this dream down. Oddly, it nagged at me for weeks although at the time I couldn’t figure out ( or failed to figure out) what the dream was telling me. I Still have it in my iPhone notes actually and just looked up what a raccoon refers to.
    Anyway, as it turns out I discovered 2 years ago that this guy turned out to be a true personality disordered covert narcissist.
    A mask no doubt! Uncanny. Thinking back all the red flags and warnings were there but I didn’t listen.
    Dreams can be powerful insight tools.

  9. I had a dream where 3 raccoons crossed my path then 4 otters; one at a time they crossed in front of me; about half way across they turned and looked at me with open mouths; then went on across.

  10. I had a dream I got bit by a raccoon and I was dying and my mother injected me with something and saved me

  11. Candice martinez on

    I had a dream that a raccoon came into a window of a home that I was in and my boyfriends mkm was trying to hit it with a broom, but the raccoon was licking and being nice and cute to my boyfriend . I want to know if that has any meaning behind it .

  12. I had a dream where the area was flooding and a raccoon came in through a tiny screen window and stayed at the house I didn’t interact much with the raccoon because I was scared of it but it was just chilling in the house

  13. Two months ago I came across an infant with it’s eyes still closed in the middle of the road and in need of rescuing. I did just that and it wound up in A wildlife refuge.
    Today I came across a full grown racoon injured by a car and unable to move or do naytting but lick it’s wounds. I’ve begun leaving food and water while I figure out what to do to help it.
    Until recently I’ve never even seen a live racoon, and now in two months I’ve met two in desperate need of help And no one else around to help besides me.
    What is the universe trying to tell me???
    Please weigh in

  14. I had a dream that a raccoon followed me into my house and wouldn’t leave me alone. She followed me everywhere I went and I had to climb on furniture to try to escape her. I then realized she had brought her babies in with her and they began following me too.

    • My dream was very similar. The mother raccoon was trying to get in under a door in my home, but kept blocking and then I looked down at the floor and she had pushed her babies under my door. I didn’t know what to do. I got the broom to sweep the babies out and I woke up.

  15. Had a dream of a pet raccoon. She attached my house and bit my thumb, but then would not leave. I had to remove hanging objects from doors to close her out but immediately felt horrible. Through the glass she was mouthing to me in English, asking me to see me tomorrow.

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