Quintuplets Dream Symbol


Quintuplets – Quintuplets are a sign of rich blessings, but also of massive amounts of unexpected responsibility. You may be feeling completely overwhelmed by a new development in your life, especially if this new development is something that everyone around you expects you to be thoroughly pleased about (a new house or a new job, for instance). You may also be feeling that too many people are relying on you, and that you do not have the time or emotional resources to take care of yourself. Remember that you cannot take care of other people when you are frazzled and worn out. You must give yourself permission to put other people off until you are rested and refreshed again, for the good of both of you.

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  1. I had a dream last night that I was pregnant with 5 babies, quintuplets. When I approached my best friend, I told her I was pregnant, she said she wasn’t surprised, and that I was actually pregnant with quadruplets. I was shocked she didn’t take my word for it, because I had just found out. She was mentioning that she had intuition that I was pregnant. I then remember going about my day always looking down at my stomach, almost not believing there was 5 babies in my stomach alone. People were shocked I was pregnant so young, at seventeen.

  2. I had a dream that I delivered 5 healthy babies over 7 pounds each on my own and I didn’t even know i was pregnant. It was so strange . I was just out and about when it happened. Because you defo wouldn’t know if you had 5 full grown babies inside you . I was so slim after and I was thinking no wonder I was so fat if I was carrying them around. It defo couldn’t have been my high fat diet

  3. Had a dream that I went into the bathroom and my fianc√© helped me and I sat on the toilet and was bleeding out my vagina with little bloodclots on the tissue from wiping myself. My mom was standing in the bathroom with me looking into the mirror and I said to her, ” momma, I didn’t feel anything when I was pushing out my five boys.” Then I woke up. I felt neutral, calm, happy, but a little drained.

  4. i had a dream that my sister went in for a sonogram and they told her quintuplets. 1 boy and 4 girls. But my sister is 44 and not pregnant.

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