Queen of Hearts Dream Symbol


Queen of Hearts – The Queen of Hearts, in a card deck, represents affection and interpersonal connection. If you see the Queen of Hearts card in relation to a particular person, this is a good omen for your friendship or relationship with that person. The Queen of Hearts is also a Lewis Carroll character who represents tyrannical power and cruelty.

If someone else in your dream is the character of the Queen of Hearts, this indicates that they cannot be trusted, and that they are likely to follow their whims in a way that hurts you. If you are the character of the Queen of Hearts, this is a warning that you are behaving cruelly and selfishly toward someone or in some aspect of your life, and you need to rethink your motivations.

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  1. I had a dream where I shared Gods word to three people in my room. Those people were strangers. Then we went outside and we were in a field with trees. They started chasing me with a few other people. I got trapped under my school’s preschool playground aquipment. Then the queen of hearts reached her hand to me and pulled me out of there. Then I woke up. What would this mean?

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