Pyramid Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Pyramid Dream Symbol – A pyramid is a dream symbol of striving for high goals and nobility. If you dream of climbing a pyramid, this is an indication that you are able to reach your aspirations, no matter how high they are.

If you dream of building a pyramid, this is a sign of creating important and valuable infrastructure or groundwork for you to be able to climb to reach your dreams and goals, or for other people to be able to benefit from in the same way. You can be sure that whatever you are working on is beneficial and will last for a long time, because of your pyramid dream.

Additional Pyramid Dream Meanings

A dream with a pyramid featured can mean your life is in turmoil. You may face major changes and challenges at this time in your real life. You need hard work and persistence to make it through these times. But, once you get to the other side, you will have much abundance and prosperity bestowed on your life.

Exploring a pyramid and you are lost in its maze of corridors and connecting chambers, is a sign you have trouble following others’ requests or orders at work. You may feel overwhelmed by something at work or in your waking life. You need to deal with whatever this is to help you move forward.

Pyramids are symbols of mystery. There is much courage, strength, and cooperation in building a pyramid. It symbolizes trust and working together. Seeing a pyramid brings good news that this is a time where you will have success. Persist. Do not give up. Hard work will be rewarded. You have the power to overcome anything you set your mind to overcome. Have faith in your ability.

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Walking through a pyramid is a sign you need to use your creativity in a positive way. Admiring the writing on the pyramid walls can mean you have the ability to create great things. This is a sign you will need to be resourceful to solve some issues in reality. Losing your way can mean you are searching for answers that elude you. Remember, there is always someone there to support you. You just need to ask for help. Building a pyramid is a sign of your patience, and of your search for better understanding and higher knowledge.

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  1. I have a regular dream about falling/sliding from a pyramid, the dream stops when I am almost hitting the ground. The pyramid also has a eye symbol, I have this dream since I am a little girl.
    Can you please tell me what it means?

  2. Brandon/ Tacianna on

    Hello my name is brandon,

    My girlfriend and I were talking about dreams shes had, and other unique things that has happened to her, like her dreams coming true, things she thinks and says coming true ect…
    When she was younger she would have dreams of pyramids with symbols on them, and they would go in circles and in the dream she couldn’t breathe. We were just wondering if we could contact you to talk about this.

    Thanks you,
    Brandon, and Tacianna

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