Push Dream Symbol


Push – If you dream about pushing someone or something, this is a symbol of using your own personal force to influence events or change other people. With this particular dream symbol, the emotions surrounding the dream symbol are very important. For instance, if you dream of pushing someone because you are angry with them or because they wronged you, this indicates a desire to change them in real life, and possibly a large amount of frustration that they do not allow themselves to be changed.

Dreams about pushing towards something can suggest that you are pushing towards specific goals in your life. If you are getting pushed by someone or something in a dream it can indicate you have external pressures weighing down on your in your life. You might feel that you are being pushed to do something that you don’t want to do. You might also be pushed for time and feel that you need more space and time to finish up a task that you have to do.

Alternatively, dreaming of violence may be an indication that communication is breaking down with them in your waking relationship and that you feel that they do not listen to you. Pay attention to dreams of violence, as they often indicate areas of great pain in your life.

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