Pus Dream Symbol


Pus – Pus is a negative dream symbol which indicates some sort of rottenness or corruption in an area of your life. This is most likely the result of a problem you have chosen to overlook, consciously or unconsciously, and to gloss over the surface of the problem to keep up appearances. If you dream of pus in connection to another person in particular, this means that the problem exists in your relationship with that person.

The longer you ignore it or gloss it over, the more it will fester, until there will be no hiding it anymore. This dream symbol also provides an indication of how to fix the problem: as with a pussy wound, opening the wound and letting the pus out is the first step to healing, and opening the problem up and talking about it will start to heal the problem with in your waking life.

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  1. Shyrelle Emanis on

    Hi. I dreamt that I had a little pimple on my thigh. I popped it and LOADS of pus just oozed out and it kept going… coming out of my skin like a snake … the hole got bigger and bigger till it was about 1.5″ in diameter… I kept squeezing and I could actually see all the way into my leg. Like a cylindrical shaped chunk of flesh had been cut out… it was clean. Empty… no pus, no blood…. Then I wrapped the wound in a cloth. I later removed the cloth and it just looked like a circle shaped cut on my thigh… the hole was gone. Looked like it was healing nicely….

    I woke up and went back to sleep… this time I dreamt the puss was coming out of my palm… I kept squeezing and a lot came out… snaking out of my hand… but less than the previous dream… I woke up before I got all of it out though…

  2. Dreamed I was in school again maybe junior high or high school I saw my dead father across the way in the hall (only he was alive in my dream) I decided to go over to him and see what he needs. When I got there he had fallen onto his back in the hall. He did not look much like himself. Then suddenly he had no skin. Instead there was a clear gel all over his body where his skin should be. I took his arm and was gently rubbing his arm in a calming or soothing manner and as I did so I noticed there was a puss running throughout his body as well. He wanted to tell me something but never did. I was repulsed by the gel and puss but continued to stay and try to soothe him. I also struggled to hear what he was trying to say. Then I woke up abruptly and was scared.

  3. I dreamt that my tooth had pus and I squeezed it and a whole lot came out, just gushing. And the pus was dark green┬┐ so confused on this dream

  4. Harpreet Singh on

    I dreamt that my left eye had swelling, then suddenly my cousin came n got out puss from pimple above my eye n I become able to see clearly n swelling also disappear. N plus was too much…..

  5. I dreamt of opening a wound to change its dressing but then the discharges accidentally got into my mouth. I cleansed my mouth with soap til it got bleed

  6. Came here after dreaming of a cyst (?) on my back which drained black pus.
    Definitely tied to school starting soon and having some unresolved issues I’ve been putting off and not telling anyone about.

  7. My dream was of my deceased son being overweight and having a boil on his hip. He squeezed it and it sprayed pus in my hair, I was very upset. What does this mean?

  8. Justin Mccabe on

    I had a dream that I was draining a huge amount of pus from my right ear. Like, more than would fit within the volume of my head. Not sure what it means.

  9. I dreamed I had a big inflammation on my back. It had a sort of small tube with a Shell wich had to be opened by a doctor or someone. So the pus could go out through the opened tube. It was a lot….. bleg

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