Punishment Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Punishment Dream Symbol – A dream about a punishment or being punished for doing something wrong may indicate guilt that is hidden inside of you. Perhaps there is something that you have done in the past that you still haven’t forgiven yourself for?

If you dream that you are punishing someone else, it may symbolize underlying jealousy and resentment that you have towards that person. Perhaps this person has done something against you in the past that is still bothering you deep inside.

The scenario of your punishment dream will play an important role in helping you uncover the meaning of the dream. If you felt very guilty during the punishment dream, it may be your subconscious telling you to change some of your ways.

If you dream that you are being punished for a crime or action that you did not commit, it can indicate that you feel that you are being treated unfairly in your waking life by people around you.

Dreaming about being whipped can indicate that you have dealt with some hard blows in your waking life and still have the scars from your past.

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  1. I dreamt about a competition, we were with a lot of girls, I talked to one of the girls and it turned out into a discussion. I was the one being mature and saying:” look you’ve said to me to leave for 1 week, and all these awful things. I’m not in the wrong, you are.” She got the “boss” of the competition and said that i was being disrespectful and mean. Whilst I was so mature?
    The boss said to me to consider to leave permanently (but really mean), taking her side.
    I said again pretty mature what was going on and he put me in jail? I escaped and got my mom lol

  2. I dreamt that I was in a place, I committed no offense, but the lady was flogging me all over my body, I later had to confront her to stop whipping me, pls wat does it mean?

  3. I dreamed that I was punished in a bench and I had to wait in front of 2 people playing tennis that I didn’t know.

  4. I dreamt that a man who was accused of raping and killing a 5 year old was whipped I think to death. I felt very mortified and I hate it. I have a fear of such dreams and this one painted it as it is.

    Please pray with me.

  5. Ever since I was rejected by a guy I’m in love with (5 months ago), I’ve been ‘punishing’ him in my dreams. I took the rejection really, really hard, and I’m still hurting over it. He liked this other girl at the time too who I was so, SO jealous of, so she’s made a guest appearance in my dreams too.

    My ‘punishments’, rather than whips and torture and chains, consist of doing things which either humiliate, anger or sadden the guy. Like last night’s dream. I blamed him for stealing my school bag, made him pee on the door to the male toilets in front of everyone and took his phone and smashed it on a desk repeatedly. I could see he was sad, and I felt guilty throughout the dream, but I kept doing it.

    These sorts of dreams happen at least once or twice a week, and I wake up feeling sad and guilty. Could you help me?

  6. I dreamt of a naked woman who was depressed and blamed it on me.
    As I felt guilty she soon took of my clothes and started hitting me with a hunter and I was submissive to her.

    This dream was nerve wrecking. If u can tell me what does that mean it could be of great help

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