Prophet Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Prophet Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a prophet can represent conflicting religious ideas. You may also be seeking wisdom at this time in your life. This could be a time where there are many challenges. Do you have a legal or medical problem? Seeing a prophet is a sign that the trouble in your life is beyond any solutions you can find. You need to seek the help of a specialist to get you through this time. Do not be ashamed to reach out and ask for help.

You may be seeking spiritual guidance when a prophet visits your dreams. This could be a time where you need to rebalance your life. Dreaming of talking with a prophet is a sign you are reaching out to the universe for help. Do you need help in some way? Being blessed by a prophet is a sign there are positive changes ahead. Listen to the words a prophet speaks in a dream for they hold a deeper meaner.

Being a prophet is a sign you are truly blessed. Others turn to you in their time of need for wisdom and inspiration. This type of dream can mean you need to concentrate on how you interact and depend on others. Do you give people due credit or their actions? Do you take credit for what others for their ideas? You may need to deal with things with more patience and integrity.

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  1. Well I dreamed and saw my prophet in my dream making a certain sentence that I don’t understand but he’s smiling acting like he got my back or something I think I feel protected spiritually after the dream

  2. I had a dream.dreaming to go and look for solution to the prophet when I enter his office I find him sleeping nd I start talking to him he wakes up but he was naked nd he tell me my problem .

  3. in my dream i saw a man wearing white dress with white robe in my bedroom and said to me:”do not have fear i’m here to protect you” when i opened my eyes i saw that man standing next to my headboard and was too light in my room when a check the time was 2:50

  4. in my dream of seeing a prophet, he is sprinkling a white powder on my head, saying that and giving birth to 3 children, i felt it was a fake prophet in that dream. what could this dream meant?

  5. In my dream . I become great prophet of God. With very powerful alointed…. I release does people in bandage with hotority power of Jesus Christ… What is that mean… Please explain to me better

  6. Hie.had a dream coming down mountain seeing trees cut i was going down the mountain .i saw a woshiping place open space .there was a prophet there sleeping close to fire wearing white rob and green code two sticks and i went to him and kneel down ask for a prayer.he put his sticks on my check and pray for me then said you are well blessed.what are you crying for.

  7. in my my dream of seeing a prophet he springs a green water on me saying that it is a water from heaven, I felt peace after that water was pour on me because I told him that nothing ever works out for me in this life. what could this dream mean?

    • Im my dream i saw a profett asking me to iron his suit which he was going to wear for church service and his pillow cases. I looked at his wife and she was preparing herself also.he repeated and said i want you to do it.

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