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Praying Mantis Dream Symbol – Praying mantis visits your dreams to bring tranquility, peace, and calm to your life. This little creature never makes a move unless it is absolutely sure of what to do and the outcomes. This can be a message to you to think things through. Stop. Before you act think of the alternatives and their consequences.

Praying Mantis dreamIf you do not, praying mantis can be warning this is the calm before the storm. Be on your guard. Listen to your intuition. Trust your gut instincts. Let your instincts guide you to take appropriate action at this time for your faith will be well rewarded. Be aware of your surroundings. Be instinctively in tune with your emotions. When you act instinctively you are acting true to yourself.

Praying mantis can visit when you need time out. When you need to contemplate life, the world, and your part in it. So much may be going on that you are always on the go. There is little time left for yourself. This little creature reminds that you need to act from a centered self to make the wisest decisions.

Take time for some peace, quiet, and calm in your life. Avoid impatience. Be at peace with the calm around you. Enjoy it. Use it to meditate and reevaluate where you want to go. Find clarity in peace and quiet.

When Praying Mantis crosses your Path

Praying mantis crosses you path to remind that you need to take your time and do things at your own pace. Avoid letting others pressure you into action before you are ready. You will know when the time is right.

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  1. Theresa Nelson on

    I dreamt of a Praying Mantis last night. It was strange I was in a hotel room and a large plant next to my bed then as i was looking out the window the plant moved and I noticed it was a Praying mantis with a hat on its head. Walked in front of me and the feet sounded like tap shoes and starts talking to me. The first thing it asked if I was a boy or a girl… I replied girl and it kept talking to me and was like my dream guide that from that point went even crazier. If i think about it now kind of reminds me of the part the Chester Cat plays in Alice in Wonderland. It was one of my most bizarre dreams, that said I felt safer with the talking praying mantis by my side.

  2. I dreamt of a larger human size white praying many is which there was a cocoon type of spinning around it’s head

  3. My dream is a bit weird. It starts off with me going to school (at night) with everybody from the school already there. This praying mantis about human size had followed me in, it started eating and getting bigger everytime it ate someone. They had a plan to kill it but it was too late, I escaped but other people not so much. I was trying to hide from it but it always found me.

    • I dreamt of a larger human size white praying many is which there was a cocoon type of spinning around it’s head

  4. Brooke Venable on

    Was waking up from a dream and before I was good and fully awake I thought I saw a praying mantis running across my bedroom floor. Looked around for it but didn’t find anything so I went back to sleep,woke up early in the morning and looked for it again but found nothing. To my half asleep mind I thought it really was there running across my carpet. Second time I’ve been in the process of waking up and saw this before being good and awake.

  5. Alphonso R Powell on

    I can’t believe this, now I can put things into perspective. One evening after I left church and driving home I suddenly noticed a praying many is on my windshield. I’ll admit I was a little taken off guard. I tried to get it off my windshield by driving fast, well to my surprise the mantis hung on for the ride. I arrived at home with the many is still looking at me. Well I couldn’t leave it there so I decided to drive it back to the church parking lot. Yes I did. I mistakenly turned my windshield wipers on and, OMG the many is went back & forth on the blades. I apologized to the many is and asked it to forgive me. The mantis suddenly turned around and walked off my car.
    Now the funny thing, I thought the many is was trying to communicate with me, it just stared at me, I mean it was weird. I thought it was maybe an alien, yeah I know. I turned around and the mantis just disappeared. Think what you want, this really happened…Namaste

    • Alphonso R Powell on

      Sorry, I apologize for the confusion. When I was writing “praying mantis” , it covered it to “many is”, so just re-read with this in mind. …thanks so much.

  6. I had a dream that I was sitting on a desk on my phone and it was on the back of my phone just sitting there and it told me to study and focus on my work.

  7. I had a brief dream that a praying mantis was attacking me it bit me I smash it with a shoe it didn’t want to die it kept attacking i was in a hotel room there was cocain drug and sheriff’s deputies walking around serving thirsty people ice tea and cameras drug

  8. Tanika Stocks on

    I dreamed that I was walking and when I got to a ditch in the ground there was a praying mantis sitting in the ditch and as I went to step over the ditch the mantis shot something from its mouth and it went into my eyes and I woke up! Then next morning I was sitting on my porch and a mantis was on the wall just like the one in my dream and every where I went it moved it head in every direction! The mantis sat there on the wall all day and the next day it was gone!

  9. I was riding a horse and there was another one before me. The first horse was bare and told me that it’s okay to be the second, if noone is sitting on the first one. Then my whole family went to find a perfect praying mantis to the woods, but I stayed inside with the horses. I looked out of the window to check out them go, but the glass was very steamed. And on the glass there were many very pretty mantids sitting in all sorts of colours. I picked up just the ones that had heart shaped wings and put them on the wall. Very beautiful.

  10. I had 4 prey mantis on each of my fingers on my right hand I tried to shake them off and they didn’t move also there were others running around on the floor by some cube they were jumping onto. This seemed like an abstract dream.

  11. I dreamed of seeing a giant praying mantis in the woods. Went searching for it to prove its existence couldn’t find it but leaving the woods I found a giant leg and brought it out to show others?

  12. Hello Steven, I had a dream of a Praying Mantis running towards me under my bed sheets while I was in bed in my sleep. I was sort of terrified in my dream. May you please interpret this dream to me? By the way, Im a male if it’s matters. Thank you!

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