Prairie Dog Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Prairie Dog Dream Symbol – Prairie dogs live in big communities, in tunnels deep underground. Their network of tunnels can cover thousands of kilometers below the ground. Prairie dogs can see well in the near dark which can be a message for you to see things with a new perspective. Maybe you are taking a too narrow view. Take a step back to get a better view. Prairie dogs love their love of communities.

Prairie dog dreamA visit from prairie dog can mean that by participating in your community you automatically feel better about yourself. Have you been avoiding social activities? What makes you feel this way? Take the time to figure this out and address the issues that make you want to continue to be withdrawn. Friends and family miss your vibrancy and special way of seeing the world. They cannot support you if you withdraw from actively participating in your community. Search deep to find the answers within. Sometimes we all need to take things more in our stride, rather than to let them affect us too deeply.

Alternatively, seeing this little animal can mean you should not follow the norm. Sometimes it takes those who believe differently to stand for what they believe. You may need to dig a little deeper to get to the heart of the matter. Avoid giving in to the pressure to change your opinion to the mainstream. Seeing prairie dog can also mean to take advantage of the peace at this time. Be happy in what you have achieved as it may not be long before it changes.

Prairies dogs fiercely protect their territory, and their family and friends. They are loyal and will fight aggressively in defense of those they love. You may feel that way too. These social little animals are great communicators. They bring lessons that being social is just as important of taking care of those you love to balance out your life.

When Prairie Dog crosses your Path

Prairie dog crosses your path to let you know all you do for your community is deeply appreciated. Sometimes you get too involved with those around you and risk suffocating them with kindness.

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