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Post Office Dream Symbol – Dreaming of being in an empty post office is a sign of your lack of communication. You need to speak out. Stop internalizing your feelings. Let them out. A post office full of mail waiting for delivery means you are probably busy and stressed out in your waking life.

Are you working full-time and come home at the end of the day to take care of your family as well. Are you feeling overwhelmed? It can also represent taking care of legal issues of some sort and the paperwork you need to complete. Do you fear a negative outcome?

A post office without any stamps can mean you are part way through a project and you have run out of resources to complete it. If a post office is full of angry people, this warns you will find yourself in a situation out of your control. This will make you really angry. Dreaming of poor service from a post office symbolizes your inability to find reliable people to depend on in your life.

Spending a lot of time in a post office is a sign you will receive an important message from the universe. Listen to your intuition. For this will being the solution to your problems. Remember, you truly hold much wisdom within, which means you already hold all the answers. This is a reminder to follow your gut instincts.

Stamp Collecting

Dreaming of a stamp collection can indicate you are worried about money or your security. Is someone threatening or your livelihood in some way? Collecting stamps can mean you meet new like-minded people that become lifelong friends.


Receiving a parcel in a dream is a message to explore an experience in your waking life further. This may be a gift that you had not considered before, so you need to find more out about it. This can also mean there are positive surprises on the way, but soon there will be secrets revealed.

Seeing the wrong address on a parcel can be disappointing when you realize the parcel is not for you. This can represent your self-doubt and everyday fears. Sending a parcel represents the energy you send out into the world. Whether that energy is negative or positive, it will directly affect you in some way.


Seeing a postcard in a dream can mean you are trying to be more open to different things. Receiving a postcard symbolizes that someone you care about has you in their thoughts. Is there someone you are missing? Dreaming of looking for a particular postcard can mean you want to let others know how you feel. It can also mean you want to let people know where you are at in your current waking life.


Dreaming of a postman can represent communications and messages from the unknown. Seeing the postman delivering the mail can mean you need to communicate better with others. There is a message you need to get out to the world that may require the help of a professional. The postman indicates this is an important message. Follow your intuition.

When you dream you are the postman it is a sign you need to follow your intuition in this situation. Your subconscious is trying to get you to take notice. If you are a postman in your dream and you are not one in your waking life, it can mean someone has trusted you with their deepest secrets. It can also mean your subconscious is trying to get you to listen. Pay attention for it is important. You need to trust you gut instincts at this time. Seeing the postman carrying the mail is a sign there is something in your past you need to revisit. There may be lessons learned from the past that can help you in your current waking life.

Seeing the postman putting the mail into a letterbox it is a message to alert you that important information will soon come your way. If the letterbox is full, it can mean you are trying to ignore these messages. It is a warning to not ignore these for it may cause you trouble. If the postman does not have any mail for you and drives right past your letterbox, you can expect disappointment in an area of your waking life.

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