Portugal Dream Meanings and Interpretations


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Portugal Dream Symbol –┬áDreaming of Portugal and its people can reflect your obsession with winning. This can be a sign that you avoid mixing with people you consider beneath you. You are only interested in associating with the winners and may have little time for others unless they have something to offer your personal agenda.

You may feel it is important to portray a good public image so people know you are important. Are there things o people you think you are too good for? You feel comfortable knowing you have more than enough.

Dreaming of Portuguese people can mean there are those who treat you as if you are beneath them. You may be publicly embarrassed and feel like a big loser. Others may even feel that though you achieve success, it is unworthy of their acknowledgement unless they can use it in some way for their own agenda. Do you fear failing? Do you think you are not good enough?

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