Porcupine Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Porcupine Dream Symbol – The spikey little porcupine visits your dreams when it is a time to embrace your inner child. There is no need to feel guilt or shame at what you feel unhappy about in your world. Open yourself to the wonders of the world to recapture lost innocence.

What made you wonder at the world when you were young? Avoid allowing the negative chaos worldwide bring you down. Open your heart to the simple things. To nature. Reconnect to the earth under your feet. This will help you re-balance and bring your imagination alive.

PorcupineWhat can you do to get your imagination and creativity flowing? Porcupine comes to let you know you are always protected. So there is no need to fear anything. You just need to trust yourself. Have faith in who you truly are and walk your path following your heart. Believe and you can achieve anything.

Porcupine can remind you to ignore what the gossips have to say. Their idle talk and selfish judgements reflects more about them than it does about you. Do you let others opinions stop you following your heart? Do you take time out to enjoy your achievements? How sensitive are you to others’ sharp tongues? Do long ago negative memories paralyze your actions when you really want to do something? Are you returning tit for tat? Sometimes we need to toughen up and ignore this behavior in others. And deal with the barbs of the past no matter how hard, because as they fester. They paralyze your movement forward.

Seeing a porcupine in the house or your bedroom can bring warnings of romantic problems. And if porcupine takes on the form of your lover, this can indicate you no longer feel a connection with them. Or, your current lover is too rough and you need to bring someone more sensitive into your life.

Seeing porcupine is a strong message this is a time to protect yourself from emotional trauma. While trust is important, be wary of giving it too easily. Make sure your trust is earned, not freely given. There are those that solicit you trust and honesty to suit their own agenda. On the other hand, there may be a person in your life that you need to approach with an open heart. Is there someone around you always on the defensive? Maybe it is you.

Porcupine can visit to warn you are on the defensive to much recently. Do you have a fear of failure? Do others threaten you with their ideas? Do you use passive aggressiveness to get your own way? Not good, if you are. Porcupine warns to change your ways before you feel the negative barbs of others.

When Porcupine crosses your Path

When porcupine crosses your path it can be a warning that you are hurting others where it hurts most. You are already oversensitive to others’ criticism, showing the same behavior shown you is not going to help you.

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  1. I dreamt of a baby porcupine having to be a reward from our leader that is going to be given to the lucky one, and it was given to me. The baby porcupine looks like a mole rat because it only has very tiny spikes. Its skin is showing. It is hugging my lower leg as if it really likes me. It is a little painful because of the tiny spikes but it is bearable. Vague dream hope i can find some answers.

  2. In my dream, first I thought it was a bear, but then it turned out to be a porcupine running at my sister. I warned her and she ran inside then I slammed the patio door. Any thoughts?

  3. Porcupine is coming towards me I really don’t know whether it’s going to attack me or what this animals nature anyhow I want to protect myself I put her down I fall on the animal so it cannot harm me anymore. It’s in a forest.my mom telling me don’t breath act like a dead person so it will leave you.

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