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Poppy Dream Symbol – Dreaming of poppies is a message there is excitement and love about to enter your life. This can also mean you may fall in love with someone younger than you. Or, a young person seeks out your company. It can also mean it is time to leave the past behind and move forward. Seeing a poppy field indicates you will achieve success. It can also mean this is a time to plan new things.

poppy-dreamsSeeing the poppy plant is a warning you need to take better care of your finances. Do you find money slips through your fingers? Do you have trouble holding onto material things in your life? Seeing poppies can mean you may need to choose between money and buying something. There is not enough for both.

Poppy seeds can mean someone is not telling the whole truth about a financial deal or situation. It can also mean you could be in a better financial position if you tried harder. Eating food with poppy seeds on it symbolizes there is something emotionally missing from your life. You may feel overwhelmed about something. Chill out a bit and things will be alright.

Drugs derived from the poppy plant indicate wealth and corruption. It indicates a desire for power and control. This is a warning that you evade your responsibilities. Are you a coward? What do you fear? Dreaming of the drug derived from poppy seeds can indicate your feelings of sadness.

Dreaming of taking drugs is a sign you are trying to hide from the toughness of life. Stop to consider how avoiding the tough things can affect you long term. Walking away from poppies indicates you will heal in real life eventually. This will be alright if you persevere.

Red poppies symbolize remembrance and death. You may feel sad at the loss of someone close. Red poppies in a dream can be a sign of respect and that you wish to honor those no longer with you. Meditating on the poppy plant signifies repressed feelings. Meditation can help you clear your mind and obstacles from your path in real life.

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  1. I’m writing this on 10/30/19. I had a dream last night and what stood out to me most were 2 red poppy flowers growing on a bunch of other red poppies but these two were standing out most. I reached out and touched them. I don’t recall what happened after but when I woke up, I knew I should look it up.
    I have a heavy and compulsive gambling problem and live from paycheck to paycheck and strain all my relationships with my irresponsibility of my money. The thrill is what I chase and those rare big wins that I used to have in the past but also squandered. Even today, I’ve left myself with only $4 to get through the remainder of this work week (bi-weekly payday won’t be until next Friday after this one, so once again I’ll have to bother my boyfriend for bus money to get to work – reluctantly). I’m totally exposing myself but what was mentioned here has struck a chord within me.

    I’m mentally trying to break free of this horrible habit. It’s left me with no savings and a huge $15K credit card debt (limit was only $3K, so I clearly abused it – but, the card is closed now and I have yet to make the first payment – had the money, gambled it after putting aside rent (this time)).

    Recently watched a video on YT about finances last night before bed too, so maybe that’s where this all ties in. The mind is a wonder.
    But, in all honesty, I’ve got work to do. 🙁 #irresponsiblewomanchild

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