Pomegranates Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Pomegranate Dream Symbol – Pomegranates in a dream bring messages of power, wealth, and sexuality as well as beauty. They can also warn of overindulgence, jealousy, and unwarranted suspicions of people and situations. This can make you a scary suspicious person people avoid at times like this.

Planting a pomegranate tree is a message abundance is on the way. This is a sign you are planting good foundations to reap future rewards. This may be a good time to make financial investments or renovate your home. Pomegranates remind to build your resources to draw on in times of need in the future.

pomegranate-dreamsPicking or cooking pomegranates are a sign people respect you. You may be a person others turn to talk their troubles through. You may be well balanced emotionally and good at helping others with good advice. This is a sign you are on the right path. It is a time of planning and setting yourself up for the future. It is a clear reminder you have choices. Make the right choices to build the right foundations for to achieve future success.

Eating pomegranate seeds can mean there is someone who secretly attracts you. This can be on any level such as sexually, power, or money. Consuming the seeds can also mean something in your life is coming to an end. Eating a pomegranate whole is not normal. If you are doing this in a dream, this may be a warning you are overindulging in real life. You may need to take a look at your behavior and finances to protect yourself from going broke or becoming a complete failure.

Dreaming of rotten pomegranates, crawling with all manner of nasty bugs, represents your life’s disappointments. Consider how you may have set yourself up for failure? Or, what has made you feel a failure?

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  1. Today I had a dream about holding in my hands and taking lot of pomegranate and some other Fruits to my Home can anyone explain this please

  2. I had a dream, I had my pomegranate tree with a snake rolled and tightening the base of the tree, then my son came and cut the head of the snake with a machete

  3. I dreamt I found a small number, about 5, pomegranate seeds (for planting) in an old love letter I had written to someone 20 years ago, I never see anymore. I’m not tied to that person in any way. But the seeds where still fresh, ready for planting.

  4. Swapnil Paul on

    Saw pomegranate seeds in a sacs
    Can u tell me what does that mean
    I saw lot of sacs filled with its seeds.

    • Dream of three pomegranates all peel on top revealing juicy seeds tried to eat one seed but stopped myself. What does this mean?

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