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Police Officer Dream Symbol – A police officer in your dreams is all about the rules and regulations in the world around you. Everyone needs to abide by community rules to live peacefully together. Police trying to arrest you when you are innocent of what they accuse is a sign you will win against those who compete against you. Are there those who purposely try to stop you trying to achieve something? Seeing police on patrol is a sign that trouble will soon cross your path. Be prepared to deal with this and move on.

Are there those who purposely try to stop you trying to achieve something? Seeing police on patrol is a sign that trouble will soon cross your path. Be prepared to deal with this and move on.

While a police officer can represent community rules and regulations, they can also represent feelings of repression and of being controlled in your waking life. Being harassed by police is a time when you need some time out. You need to indulge in some rest and relaxation. Take a short break or so something just for yourself.

Being charged by a police officer can be a message about how unfair some situations in your life have become. Do you have a feeling that something is not quite right with your world? Are you always helping others but feel unappreciated? You may need to stop being so generous to yourself. Being locked up in a prison cell can symbolize sexual frustration or emotional repression. Are you uptight about something in your waking life? Relax. Things will happen in their own time.

Seeing yourself assaulted by the police can reflect your inner feelings of guilt. Have you done something that makes you feel guilty? You may need to atone for your mistakes. Being involved in a police chase can warn that you need to deal with the negative things being said about you in your waking life. This probably behind your back. Are there those who betray you by gossiping behind your back.

Being arrested for a crime you are guilty of committing means you are full of guilt of some kind. There could be deep seated issues you still need to deal with. You need to deal with the core issues that make you feel this way. Do you need to atone for your mistakes and misdeeds?

Seeing a police force in a dream can reflect your need for rules in your life. You need to avoid acting recklessly. Dreaming you are the police officer is a sign of your integrity. Recurring dreams of the police can mean your feel guilty about something you did in the past in your real life. You need to deal with this.

Being stopped by the police is a sign you need to look for a new job. It may be a time where you change your career completely. Being a police officer investigating a murder can symbolize the dark side of your character, which can be at odds with your integrity. Do you have a hard decision to make? Are you being tempted by the dark side of your character?

Probation Officer

Dreaming of a probation officer represents a trustworthy figure. This can be about the rules and regulations, and how you may feel restricted by them in your waking life. Dreams of a probation officer can refer to making life easier for yourself by following the rules of life. Create boundaries for yourself so you can achieve success beyond your expectations.

A probation officer could also warn that you need to look at areas of your life that you could be overindulging in. They come as a sign you need to rebalance. Have you been doing something to excess lately in your waking life? It could be this that holds you back from moving forward in your waking life.

Meeting a probation officer as part of your release from prison can be a subconscious reminder that there are rules you need to follow. These may be something you have trouble following. If you are involved in dishonesty of some kind, this type of dream serves to remind that what you do is going to hurt others. You should feel guilty for your behavior. It is time to start behaving with more caution. Have you lost your integrity?

Seeing yourself bargain with a probation officer for someone’s life, or for your own, is a sign of the enormous stress you are currently under. Do you need a break from your relentless daily responsibilities? Maybe you need a break or a change in your routine. Asking for help for another can reflect that you feel they are sticking their nose into your business uninvited. It may be a time for you to put some distance between you and the person that makes you feel this way.

Seeing yourself released into the care of a probation officer is a positive sign that things in your life will soon get better. A probation officer helping you in a dream can mean you need to watch out for opportunities that help to empower you. You need to know that you are not powerless. Though it may not seem that way. You need to stand tall in your truth to break free of the chains that stop you from moving your life forward. What is it that makes you feel powerless? Work this out and you will soon find the solution.

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