Polar Bear Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Polar Bear Dream Symbol – Polar bear visits your dreams to remind you of your strength and courage. You have the ability to stand up for yourself and the challenges currently in your life. Who tries to intimidate you? What overwhelms others that you embrace with an open heart?

You are someone who thrives in situations others avoid. A polar bear can also visit to remind you to have the ability to relate to what you instinctively know. You can usually sense the difference between reality and others’ illusions. Trust your gut instincts.

polar bear dreamThis gorgeous bear can visit when there is an awakening where you defy your normal way of doing things. Your perception changes and you find a new fearlessness to stand with courage against any adversaries you meet. You will not have to compromise your dreams.

Alternatively, you may see all the challenges around you as unfair and consider the whole world is against you. Why do you feel this way? Is it real? Are there those who try to outdo or upstage you every time you turnaround? You have the wisdom to overcome any rivalry from others.

Dreaming of a polar bear can represent a powerful and wealthy enemy. Possibly someone who is an old rival. Who could this be? If the bear is aggressive it can indicate you will have a fight with someone you care about. It can even mean there will be some sort of violence or you could face aggressive behavior in your waking reality. If polar bear attacks, then you need to protect yourself.

Running from a polar bear it can indicate you escape the aggressiveness of the situation. When you kill your dream polar bear, it can mean you will win the situation over. This can be that you clear out all those people close to you that no longer have a positive impact on your life.

When Polar Bear crosses your Path

A polar bear crosses your path to remind you to stand in your own power. But, be careful not to bully your way by being defensive. Instead, stand in your truth with love and wisdom.

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  1. I had a dream me and my boyfriend were sitting by the water on a grassy area with a ledge of wood, water was calm, a polar bear came up and took a case of beer bottle put it in his back,he jumped in the water and sank, I worried he would drown and jumped in to help him, I felt a paw grab on to my hand I pulled him to shore, the paw was furry and gentle then I woke

  2. I had a dream the polar bears was falling from the skies thousent of them and i start to film whit my phone and for some reason i ask how could this happens and a guy say it natural like fish faling down

    • I had a dream me and my brother and my buddy hunting using a quad we went over the hill and saw lots of polar bears running away from us can someone explain this one please and after alot of polar bears running away from us we turn left and my brother and my buddy turned to other left I turned my head to right I saw a grizzly bear chasing us so I turned left quickly too and woke up can someone explain this dream please thankyou

  3. I had this dream that felt so real……I was in my house(bot not mine) and glancing out the picture window I see a polar cub with a hunters trap on its leg and it is falling around not able to walk well. I run and get by husband to come look and as we walk down the hall the cub is now in our house. It walks up to me like a cat would and grazes my leg looking for help. I reach down not afraid and pat his head my husband is a little scared and tried to coux him outside to get a tool to help release the trap. I glance out the window again and see a much larger polar bear in the same spot as the cub, thinking it was mama, I run out the back door and around the house to tall stairs that lead up to the driveway (again not actually my home) to warn my husband that mama was close. As I reach the top of the stairs there is another much larger bear (mama) laying in the path of the stairs almost dead with two traps attached to her. The second bear is coming close and I realize it to has a trap on its leg. I remember feeling angry that hunters must of set up a trap field and these bears ran through the middle of it. I tried to comfort mama by patting her head and caressing her ears telling her we wouldn’t hurt her that we would do what we could to free them and as she looked into my eyes as if saying ok, I trust you I woke up.

  4. I’m used to experiencing extremely vivid and often frightening night terrors but last night was different. I went to bed after working on my dissertation and I squeezed next to my husband on his side of the bed. Eventually he moved over to give me extra room. I had a very vivid dream that me and my “dream”
    family-(because in reality we don’t have a baby) were in a swimming pool that led into a large body of water. The scene of a family with a baby kept repeating itself. We were always coming out of the water and right behind us was a very large polar bear. The bear always came up out of the water last. I would always turn around and see it swimming then emerging out of the water. It was if the bear was a part of our family. At one point the bear wanted to hold the baby. We showed the bear how to hold it without hurting it with his claws. I woke up in awe. Shocked at how vivid the dream was. I was most shocked by the fact I nor was my family afraid of this polar bear. I can’t stop thinking about it. Usually I want to erase my dreams because every night I’m terrorized by them but not last night.

  5. So my dream started off as me going to a zoo with friends and one of my cousins.. We were having fun, then a big eagle appeared out of nowhere.. (I know this is about polar bears, I’m getting there).. This eagle looked like it was on steroids.. It started picking people off the ground and flying up to drop them.. so we all ran.. I ran away from my cousin and friends cuz they split in all different ways so I did too.. I ran into a building and people were running in and I ran into one of my coworkers.. and we were walking in the building to find a phone to call police cuz we didn’t have a phone.. I walked into a room to find a big polar bear, like he was on steroids too.. So I screamed run! And I ran into a bathroom but the stalls were like a maze… my coworker found me and started to hide with me and I was like “no we can’t be together” so I was sneaking away cuz I heard the bear and I hid behind a trash can.. Next thing you know the bear knocks down the stalls and starts eating my coworker! There was blood everywhere!.. and it started smelling around so I crumbled a piece of paper, threw it and it looked and started running after the paper so I booked it!.. But that thing spotted me but I was close to the doors and made it out on time.. The bear looked at me all crazy and looked to the side like he heard something or was finding a way out and he started running and I ran too.. I wasn’t really scared, more like panicked and happy I knew what I was doing.. it was just all to weird

  6. In my dream I was sitting on the ground having a picnic. A polar bear arrived sat down in front of me and he laid his head in my lap. We a sat there for a long time. I patted him like i would a dog . Very comforting.

  7. This morning, the dream I saw after eliminating the insignificant details: I happen to open a passenger side of a car (not mine), a polar bear jumped out of it. Although it was NOT on a leash but appeared to be a pet of a person (don’t recognize) standing next to the wheel on the passenger side. I felt like the bear was attacking me by following the command of his owner. I tried to block his jaw with my bare hands, but he took my left hand all in. Desperately, I look for something on the ground and I found about 3 pounds of a sold rock. I grabbed that with my right hand (I am right handed) and banged on his face. Initial few hits were futile but soon his jaw started to loosen up. I didn’t stop till i totally destroyed his jaw/teeth. He gave up and laid down on the ground. It was still very much alive and conscious yet neutralized and harmless. I don’t remember anything later than that. I don’t even remember if I woke up after that dream or not.

  8. Today I dreamt that from my window I could see a sunny beautiful day and I could see some Green hills not too far from where I was and all of a sudden I saw a starving polar bear . He look famished and his coat wasn’t even white , it was more of a dirty white / gray color and my instinct was to help him but at the same time I couldn’t because he looked aggressive and I was conflicted and suddenly it made me afraid because before I knew it, it was walking around my house ready to attack anyone for food .

    • I almost had that same dream , but I was letting my daughter’s dog outside no snow and I saw a polar bear sitting on a benche in the woods very light woods with a lot if grass around. I called the dog back in because she ran out and she(co co) came in. Then I looked out the window and noticed that the bear saw me and seemed to wait for coco or try to come and get me. I was trying to warn people who were gonna come around but I really couldn’t because I had to keep watching the bear. The bear was getting sneaky and was trying to get me to eat .I was able to tell my other family members and I heard a knock on the door and said don’t open the door but when I looked up around the top lock was off the door so I ran to lock it and looked out the peep hole. It was two people saying they were biking and saw the bear. I let them in and said I need to call the police or animal control. I felt bad because I waited so long to call for help but I kept looking out the window to watch out so the bear couldn’t get us. Then someone let coco out and I said no come here coco but she kept going and wouldn’t come back.I just knew the bear would get her then I called the police and woke up. In my dream I thought someone had on a bear suit but the more I saw the bear I saw that it was real. That was a kind of long night mare dream.** To me it means trouble around but I know that God is greater than all the trouble that there ever was or will be.

  9. Polar bears visited me in a dream last night. I was standing high on a peninsula like, sheer plateau cliff face that tapered to a small rounded panoramic vista point about 1 mile above a very shallow sea. The ground below me welled with rushing water and waves pushing me towards the edges though I stood high above the ocean. In the mile long shallows of the ocean below I could see several polar bears wandering together. Though they were far away, they loomed large and close…

  10. I had a dream that when I was walking home in the dark, near my house there was a polar bear. I got cautious and hopes that it takes no interest in me but it started to walk towards me. Then I somehow was holding a long branch to protects myself and when the bear did go away after I tried to scare it, I started fighting with it. I killed it and for some reason started to cut the poor animal open, like preparing the meat for cooking. Halfway through I had a feeling that it was still alive but I think it still wasn’t. I live in place where you can only see polar bears in the zoo, so there is no way that my dream was just of me being cautious while walking home. It surely creeped me out so much.

  11. I dreamt of a polar bear which is my pet but it’s of a size of a healthy dog it was sitting and playing through my body and shoulder

  12. Hi! I dreamt about being on a side of the road with my mom. We saw a polar bear on the other side that was struck by a truck or a car we tried to cross the road but the ambulance, fire fighter and police was here. It was a really busy road. The bear had a huge hole on it’s side, blood everywhere, it tried to get away, called for help I sont know…it was in so much pain I can’t stop thinking about it. I didnt cross the road we left with my mom.

  13. In my dream, I am in water, flailing, struggling, grasping, at a life preserver that my father in law is trying to pull away from me because he wants it.
    I let go, submitting to the will of Spirit. An owl swoops down and plucks me out of the water and flies me high into the sky. An eagle appears underneath me and the owl releases me onto the eagle’s back. The eagle flies me to a beautiful oasis and sets me down. Then a polar bear is before me with his sharp, long claws. He uses the claws to deftly and gently pull out and sever the cords that writhe around and bind my heart. (think heart worms like dogs get.) Then I woke up.

  14. Kirsten lewis on

    My cousin and i were on these paddle board type things that glidded across the water. We were trying to get to another little island in this body of water when this polar bear from a distance starts to cross infront of me, I barely missed the bear enough for him to feel my presence when going under water. Next thing you know I look back and the bear had got my cousin. I went as fast as I could to the island and as I got onto it I was able to find a stick and a lighter and create fire to keep it away, then I woke up. I thought the polar bear was swimming after me, but now I can’t remember if it popped up and that’s when I waved my fire but I don’t know which interpretation to believe the polar bear crossing or attacking me one, and if it possibly means both?

  15. I dreamt that I was at an awards ceremony at my school and that there were special activities. One of them was a program in which you could meet polar bears (although much of their behaviour and appearance looked like big cats), but instead of simply meeting them, it ended up being a program in which they would show you how to kill and skin a polar bear. It shocked me and I refused to participate and asked the lady doing the program not to kill any and said I wasn’t comfortable with it. So she didn’t as I stepped outside of the highly secured cage (it looked more like a huge money vault). She turned around towards one of the other polar bears and the polar bear that she just took off its leash walked closer to the door, crouched down and wiggled its butt, the way cats do when you’re playing with them and they are about to jump and attack. Just as I wanted to warn her it was gonna jump out, it did. The polar bear/big cat jumped on me and sort of held me in a big hug. I was shocked at first and so was the instructor, but then she said that I should stay calm, because it was only in a playful mood. Just after she said that, it flung its paw at me and indeed, it still had its nails in and thus didn’t scratch me. It was indeed simply playing with me.
    When I noticed this, I petted it and hugged it and kindly asked it and lured it tp go back in its cage, which it did.
    She then got out of the vault-cage-thingy and locked it, but she still said to me that I should not walk too close to it, because it could still recognise my smell.
    I then, with a different, longer walking route, walked back to my mum and my friends who were there and I noticed that I had a few light scars on the top of my left wrist and a red paw print on my right hand.
    That’s about where the dream stopped.
    Somewhere in between the instructor complimented me in front of a teacher who asked me how it went, cuz I was the first one to ever try it, and the instructor interrupted our conversation, just before I could tell him the polar beae/big cat had attacked me, to tell me that I was very elegant and courageous. And not even in a fake, forced way, but that she could tell and see that, that was how I truly was. Elegant and couragious.

  16. I had a dream I stopped at a nature reserve and walked along the path through the park. It very soon become clear it was only polar bears and no other animals. About 50 of them through the park. Very poor fencing, they could reach over and swat me if they wanted to. When I got to the end to turn around I discovered I had to do all of these puzzles to get out again. Then discovered because I hadn’t done all of the puzzles it led me back to the other end of the park and I had to start all over again. In the end the grounds keeper tells me I have to sleep in the park and try again in the morning.
    Two female polar bears (and this where all the polar bears start talking) lead me to the safest place to sleep. One old male bear warns me in an arrogant way that I may not wake up and it’s in the polar bears nature to kill humans.

  17. I had a dream that, I befriend a polar out in the woods where my family lived…it’s a small town and they HUNTED polar bears. It was my friend (the bear), so it became my secret. The snow began to clear up and I knew something bad had to happen, I mentally channelled Mr.President (that’s his name), and couldn’t find him. My friends were in on the voyage to look for him. While passing by, my sister…who’s not as merely open to anything as me, seen us and I knew she was gonna report to somebody…but she tagged along? A friend spotted Mr.President on roof. He was thin and defeated . I yelled for him and he jumped off the roof, licked me and circled around me, because he only knew me. My friends and sister were amazed. Than the people came from the village with guns cautiously approaching. Mr.President had needles in his lower back..”I gotta take’em out” I thought. I build up a fortress between Mr.President and I and made a decision… stay here and teleport Mr.President, risking the chance of him being alive in the arctic or leave behind everybody and go live there with him… I left everyone behind and went with the love.

  18. In my dream the polar bear was outside my house and was attacking someone else (the mechanic from JT’S SONG “can’t stop the feeling”) I went out to try to stop it but was too scared to get close and could hear the man was dying, the noise he made is still running through my head…..

  19. In my dream the polar bear was my pet and my friemd. He followed me around everywhere and was always at my side. I was home, then for some reason in the city and people seemed weary of the bear but I explained, mind you I can’t talk in my dream but somehow knew I was saying stuff, that he was okay and the bear, I felt protected after a while. At first I was a little weary myself, but he kept me safe.

  20. I had a dream of a white polar bear chasing a dog and biting its head of and when it did i yelled noo in my dream , after that it came to my home but when it got here it was peaceful. My parents arrived and i told them watch out but they were not afraid of it at al. And it just stood there outside my window.

  21. Hi I had a dream where a vampire see two kids and wants to eat but instead kills a polar bear which was near by. In fact two polar bear.
    The surrounding is rather green and picturesque. All the while I was dreaming I felt I knew the vampire (not me) and in the real world my body lay fatigued.
    I don’t know what to understand from it.

    • I had a dream the polar bears was falling from the skies thousent of them and i start to film whit my phone and for some reason i ask how could this happens and a guy say it natural like fish faling down

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