Pluto (Planet) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


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Pluto Dream Symbol –┬áDreaming of the planet Pluto represents death and destruction. This is a time where something ends. This can be a project, a job, or even a relationship. You may be going through a transformation where you try new things. You may reveal your hidden potential. This can be an exciting time of new possibilities for you.

Pluto can symbolize the darkest side of your soul. This is where our hidden anger and negativity lies. Where your most destructive thoughts and emotions reside. But, it is also the part of yourself that has the greatest ability to transform.

Pluto in a dream can mean these repressed thoughts and feelings rise to the surface so you can deal with them with your conscious mind. Dealing with this sort of negativity will give you a sense of peace and wholeness.

Seeing Pluto in a dream can also mean you need to explore the negative traits that may be a part of your normal everyday life. You may not even be aware of them. You need to change this perspective to something more positive to bring peace and contentment to your life.

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