Plum Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Plum Dream Symbol –┬áPlums in a dream indicates feeling good about your life even though things may not be perfect. This may be that someone who has always been a strong figure in your life has moved on and you are now free to make more individual choices.

plum-dreamsThey may have made you feel the need to change yourself to be what they expected from you. Plums can also bring a new awareness of your imperfections. You may think that this is the best you can be. Just like so many others settling for second best. But, you do not have to accept mediocrity. Just reach for the dreams you have for the future.

Seeing a plum tree can mean you are a dreamer. If it is lush, laden with fruit, this can mean you have no problem standing up for yourself without the help of others. Some may see you as a tough, dangerous person because they are too shallow to look beyond the surface. Green plums can mean there may be minor issues with family or your partner.

You need to pay more attention to the situation to ensure these issues are readily resolved to ensure you do not lose the relationship. If the green plums are still on the tree, this is a clear sign all the issues will resolve themselves to strengthen the relationship. Ripe plums bring messages of fun relaxed times chilling out with family and friends.

When you dream of picking plums from the tree or from the ground to eat them, this can mean although all your desires are fulfilled they do not bring the pleasure you expected. If there are few rotten ones among them, then one day you may be a lonely person who never reached their dreams. This may be a warning to look at your life in the present. There are things you need to change to prevent this loneliness in the future. Analyze your current behavior. You may be reacting to tough challenges that may not be of your doing. You need to address these to move forward.

Eating sweet, ripe plums means you have a good intimate relationship with your partner. When they are sour, this indicates you have fears of rejection. These may cause your relationship issues if you do not openly communicate your fears to your partner. Communication is the key to any great relationship.

Dreams of plums in winter bring messages of tough times and disappointment. Seeing them in summer, brings positive news of health and well being.

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  1. I dreamt that I was walking or running (I don’t remember) and suddenly something got thrown at me, and stung my really badly in my arm. It really hurt and when I went to check what it was-, it was a plum. And that action was repeated in my dream one more time when I finally reached my home in my dream.
    Wonder what it means, the pain was so vivid.

  2. I Dreamed of a family feast We ate a strange fruit that was part plum part pear It poisoned us The dream happened at my childhood home that no longer exists

  3. I dreamed that i was picking both ripe and half ripe governor plums from a tree late evening in the dark. the sky wasn’t too dark and the tree was laden with plums. Can you assist with the meaning of this

    • I dreamt I was picking plums…. Purple plums…. In an old cemetery which is in the tiny village I grew up in and both my parents are still there. I was picking and gathering the abundance of beautiful ripe, sweet plums along with someone else. This person was an older woman. Someone I seemed to know well and was very comfortable and content with. We were chatting and smiling. I felt happy. There were piles of ripe plums on the ground that we had collected. We ate some, they were lovely…. Earlier I had picked some elderberries and had eaten some before I remembered I shouldn’t eat the raw. But this didn’t seem a bug deal….
      What does this mean?

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