Platypus Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Platypus Dream Symbol – Platypus brings confidence to you dreams. Do not be afraid to be all that you are. Regardless of what others think or say, you must express yourself from the heart. Be true to yourself. Express yourself with spontaneity. Without holding back. Your friends and family will love you regardless.

They admire your courage and personal empowerment. Pretending to be something you are not will bring your grief and heartache. Your life’s path is an ever changing journey with challenges along the way. Take time out to nurture what makes you happy.

platypus dreamAlternatively, a visit from platypus to your dreams can indicate you are wallowing in self-pity. Or you may be repressing something that negatively affects you. It is time to deal with it and move on. Platypus can also signify your shyness in social situations and that you prefer to avoid them altogether.

Do you avoid social situations? Do they make you feel uncomfortable? Platypus is pushing you to put more effort into socializing. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. She can also be pushing you to acknowledge that you do not fit in. That you stand out in a crowd. Recognize this for what it is for it does not matter. Life is full of contradictions, own yours. Be proud of who you are.

Platypus brings lessons about what lies deep in your subconscious. She brings things to the surface you do not usually dwell on. She reminds you of the courage and strength you have shown to overcome many tough challenges. This may hurt, but it is good for your soul to face the hard truth about yourself. This can bring great wisdom to any chaos or worry around you. Take time out to recharge. It is important you spend time in solitude so you understand yourself better and how to move forward.

It can be a time when you need to focus Platypus may indicate it is a time to leave no stone unturned in pursuit of your dreams. Investigate all opportunities with openness and curiosity. This may be difficult if you are also experiencing emotional upheaval at the same time. It can bring out conflicting emotions.

Take your time to work through what is happening now so you truly know what matters to you and what does not. It takes courage and patience, but open yourself up to the wonders of the world.

When platypus crosses your Path

When platypus crosses your path it is a strong reminder of your preference for solitude. You are comfortable with yourself and have no problem using your creativity to achieve all you want out of life. It may be time to put more effort into spending time with others. It can bring your life balance.

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  1. Okay so as we know platypus are brown in colour but i have seen a red coloured Platypus in my dream, it was so beautiful, that platypus was just swimming in water stream and then came out of water for sometime and then it goes back to the water and repeatedly doing this, i want to know what my dream means, is there any thing which that red coloured Platypus wants to tell me..?

  2. That’s strange. My dream was somewhat similar to Laura’s.
    I was in a small dark room. There was some daylight shining through from a window around a corner.
    I was laying down on my stomach on a light grey ceramic tiled floor (4 inch square tiles in a grid pattern), looking across at a dark navy blue tiled wall (4X6 wall tile (like what you buy at home dep0t)).
    Across from me emerged the shape. It looked like a duck. As I looked down, I realized it had furry paws.
    Then suddenly, I heard what sounded like a stick of dynamite exploding. And the duck was Gone.
    Considering the small size of the room and the tiled surface, I realized it was a shot from a rifle, and the duck had to be a platypus because of it’s paws. Then I woke up.

  3. I have just woken up from a weird dream… I was talking to someone when a loud bang came from a distance (the group of people in the distance were familiar people from school) and with that bang, something hurt and vulnerable came running towards me, almost squealing for love and attention… it was hurt and I suspected it had a shot wound in its back. As it got closer I discovered it was a platypus, I was unsure of whether to comfort the animal because I had no idea of their temperament but I stroked it and gave it a hug, as doing so I woke up at 3am which is strange as I never wake up through the night. Does anybody have any idea as to what this dream may symbolise? Thank you.

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