Jupiter (Planet) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Planet Jupiter Dream Symbol – Dreams of Jupiter represent wisdom. This may be a time where you reach a greater understanding of what you want from the world. You may even be going through a transformation that results in a complete shift of perspective.

Seeing Jupiter in a dream with the moon represents prosperity and prestige. It is a sign you are moving up in life. You may be buying or selling something of great value that helps you achieve the success you seek. Seeing Jupiter burning or descending in the sky it is a sign of creative gatherings or a commitment to achieving success in your life.

The planet Jupiter has a lucky energy during chaotic times in your life. It also brings financial luck and guidance when you need to take risks. You may dream of Jupiter at times you need to make fast decisions. Jupiter may also find its way into your dreams to warn you of negative things coming into your life. Often this type of dream can mean the opposite in real life to what is happening in the dream.

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Being on Jupiter is a sign you are in a very lucky time. Everything you try to achieve will be successful. It is a time to take control and go for whatever you want out of life. Seeing the planet fall out of the sky can warn that this is not a time to be making life changing decisions.

You need to wait until you have all the information. Even though you may be lucky, you still need to understand the options if you are going to make a good decision. If your gut instincts are giving you negative feelings, this is certainly a time when you should heed them.

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  1. Crystal Young on

    I dreamt of taking a picture of our moon, it was full but the skies are blue. the moon had a crown like thing around it which was made out of Jupiter’s moons. The moon looked like its was gold and so does the crowning moons and Jupiter was shinning right above the upper right side of the moon.

  2. I had a dream where I looked out my window at night and saw Jupiter and mars and the moon. I was sacred because they were all so close to earth and i thought they would crash but they didnt I drawn to jupiter out of all and I was scared hut i couldnt look away. There were stars and jupiter was right there. I dont what the dream meant but it was night time and summer.

  3. From earth I’m seeing Jupiter it came very closer, seems I’m in some foreign land and amazed by seeing Jupiter coming near to earth

  4. This morning.. I dreamed playing on Jupiter ,I was playing on ice ..very big ice sheets. I and my two friends were sent to Jupiter with hard push towards Jupiter from earth and It was great slight seeing Jupiter as we were getting closer and landing was awesome.
    What is the meaning of this ?

  5. This morning,I had a dream about a very very bright Jupiter.I was being amazed by its sizes and colors at the same time,I look up the skies too many bright stars and a shooting stars and I wish on it.what does my dream means?

  6. Deepshikha Borah on

    This early morning , I saw a dream where I was taking an evening stroll with my mother,when suddenly , I look at the night sky and see two moons….very big in size…very very close to earth…one was just starting it’s cycle,while the other was a full moon . Both of them were very close. I look away and when I see again, I see that one moon turned into the giant Jupiter. It was so big that I felt scared at first even to look at it. I told my mother and she told me to have courage. We both then looked at the Jupiter and Moon transiting/crossing each other in the night sky. It felt magnificent,divine,magical, something which could not be explained ,like I was awestruck(something one would feel when they meet or see God ).

    • Last night, I dreamt that I was in the living room with family. Out of nowhere I had a strong feeling to look out the window. Once I did, I saw both the Moon and Jupiter. It was honestly the most beautiful view I’ve ever witnessed. Both planets were extremely close to Earth. The moon was located on the left side of the sky, you were able to see the Marias and Highlands very clearly. Jupiter was on the right side, and you were able to see it’s gassy clouds covering its surface. All while spinning in place. I didn’t feel afraid, I was calm/amazed the whole time.

  7. Last night I dreamt that the sun and the moon were in the sky and I don’t remember what the person next to me said or even who they were, but afterward I saw a bright light through these trees (in the sky to the right of the sun and moon) IT WAS JUPITER (the planet) and it fell out of the sky and to the Earth. Then I was at my old job and talking to people from there. Earlier today I was at said old job and talked with the same people I did in the dream last night. Strange and I’m super confused as to the meaning.

  8. I remember seeing jupiter, saturn, and one other planet come really close to earth, and the sky we could see around them was yellow, and i guess i was protecting two small boys, barely school age, trying to keep them calm. I never saw them freak out or get upset, though, i think they were just annoyed because they couldn‘t go play, like they had to wait for some reason. Jupiter just kept getting closer, and i said that to the older of the two boys, and in the back of my mind i was thinking there had to be some way this would stop, there was no way our little rock would get destroyed… and then i thought about what was happening, like the reality of how huge jupiter was, that it wasn‘t coming closer, we were… and i just got so scared. It was really all going to end, and it would be horrific and loud and painful and uncontrollable, and no one could save us, nothing could stop this. My actual thought in words was, there‘s no way out of this, and then just a vague recognition of screaming.

  9. my maternal grand father(he was not look like my maternal grand father but i was called him “maternal grand father”) ready to take off me to patna city(this name was so clear) n i was happy but not exited.when we reached at patna i saw two younge boys in school dress they was approx 7-8years old one of them very strightforward n may be coward n another one was totaly wild ,he was eating leaf of plants and they were walking with each other with arms in arms.and after than i saw that someone visit me with two another 2 people may be one of them is a woman .and they were talking about my marry i was concern to see that guy about which they were talking to get marry .after that i saw a green field where i saw planets there i hear the name of jupiter these planets was not in their real form .sudden jupiter blasted( may be) and after that two villagers were taking with someone about that incidentand me .strange thing is that when i was seen about jupiter i was feel love of jupiter to me just like that was concern about me n i am feeling that feling till now…………….

  10. Had a dream that the night sky lit up. And when we went to see what it was it was Jupiter that had come so close to earth. It was huge in the sky taking up almost all the sky view. You could see the rings and everything. It was so beautiful. But then I saw that aliens had landed on earth and were slowly secretly killing certain people. Very strange.

  11. I had a dream me and a few other people were getting a space ship ready to go to Jupiter. Jupiter was getting really close to the Earth. It was the most amazing sight. You could see it in the night sky. We were kind of worried about it crashing into us but it didn’t. It just came close. The space ship kind of looked like the shuttles on the USS Enterprise in Star Trek except it was black. The ship wouldn’t work though so we were bummed. That’s about all I can remember.

    • Just had a dream last night me an a group of people (3 others if i remember correctly) thats interesting.

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