Jupiter (Planet) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Planet Jupiter Dream Symbol – Dreams of Jupiter represent wisdom. This may be a time where you reach a greater understanding of what you want from the world. You may even be going through a transformation that results in a complete shift of perspective.

Seeing Jupiter in a dream with the moon represents prosperity and prestige. It is a sign you are moving up in life. You may be buying or selling something of great value that helps you achieve the success you seek. Seeing Jupiter burning or descending in the sky it is a sign of creative gatherings or a commitment to achieving success in your life.

The planet Jupiter has a lucky energy during chaotic times in your life. It also brings financial luck and guidance when you need to take risks. You may dream of Jupiter at times you need to make fast decisions. Jupiter may also find its way into your dreams to warn you of negative things coming into your life. Often this type of dream can mean the opposite in real life to what is happening in the dream.

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Being on Jupiter is a sign you are in a very lucky time. Everything you try to achieve will be successful. It is a time to take control and go for whatever you want out of life. Seeing the planet fall out of the sky can warn that this is not a time to be making life changing decisions.

You need to wait until you have all the information. Even though you may be lucky, you still need to understand the options if you are going to make a good decision. If your gut instincts are giving you negative feelings, this is certainly a time when you should heed them.

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  1. Had a dream that the night sky lit up. And when we went to see what it was it was Jupiter that had come so close to earth. It was huge in the sky taking up almost all the sky view. You could see the rings and everything. It was so beautiful. But then I saw that aliens had landed on earth and were slowly secretly killing certain people. Very strange.

  2. I had a dream me and a few other people were getting a space ship ready to go to Jupiter. Jupiter was getting really close to the Earth. It was the most amazing sight. You could see it in the night sky. We were kind of worried about it crashing into us but it didn’t. It just came close. The space ship kind of looked like the shuttles on the USS Enterprise in Star Trek except it was black. The ship wouldn’t work though so we were bummed. That’s about all I can remember.

    • Just had a dream last night me an a group of people (3 others if i remember correctly) thats interesting.

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