Pie Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Pie Dream Symbol – Pie is a dream symbol of the fruits of your labor. Dreaming of a fruit pie is an indication that the project you are currently working on will succeed with few complications and with a large amount of reward. However, you will definitely need to put a fair amount of work into it before you can enjoy those rewards.

pie-dreamsDreaming about a meat pie, on the other hand, represents a more modest reward-to-investment ratio for your project, but the reward will last longer and may even prove to be a source of sustenance and support to you in the future.

When pie is a feature of your dreams it is a sign your hard work is going to finally reap the rewards you deserve. You may have been reaching beyond your abilities and finally achieved your dream. It can also mean the same as a circle. It may be a sign you are getting your fair share of something. As in getting your piece of the pie.

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  1. I had a dream where i was at a bus stop preaching and i broke a meatpie and gave those in a bus saying His body was broken for us like the last supper of Jesus.

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