Pickles and Preserves Dream Meaning and Interpretations


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Pickles Dream Symbol – Dreaming of pickles means that you have a habit of pursuing things that bring no value to your life. You need to make better choices if you want to stop wasting time, energy, and your hard-earned money. Pickles represent love triumphing over all evil.

pickle-dreamsA woman dreaming of eating pickles warns you have many rivals. Hold your own counsel to overcome these. It can also mean distress and arguments. Making pickles indicates you have many serious illnesses throughout your life.

Preserves Dream Symbol – Seeing a jar of preserves in your dream represents your enemies. It may also be a reminder to repay your debts. This is a serious warning that requires your immediate action.

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  1. I saw i made chilli pickle and one of my colleague brind chillies and said to make pickle for her…green chillies.she was very happy and normal

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    I was at a bar or restaurant and there were a lot of people that I was supposed to know but none of them were actually familiar. There was a big resealable bag of big pickles. This guy started talking to me telling me to eat the pickles with horseradish inside them because it was alcohol or would get you messed up but they kept making me dry heave, although I never threw up. Then a pool was inside the bar area and I was swimming while holding my own bag of pickles. I had like 3 different kinds. 2 deep fried pickles (which I have never had in my life), 2 of the horseradish/alcohol pickles and then 2 regular dill pickles. I wanted to eat the horseradish ones so everyone would think I was cool but they were so gross! Then Prince’s bodyguard was in the pool with me as I was drowning. I’m not a huge fan of Prince (the late musician) so I have no idea why I would dream of his bodyguard or why i would dream of pickles. Does anyone have any ideas of what this could all mean?

  3. I had a dream this man had meagree to aome crazy contract where you have to catch him or he takes over and kills someone somehiw i got rid of him yhen i was on a Cruise ship and the man turned into a pickle and was going to kill people id they didn’t play along with his game.. so confused

  4. In my dream I saw human bodies being preserved somehow at a crime scene….the human bodies weren’t dead, so investigators needed to preserve everything? Like whaaaat

  5. I was making a pot of tea for people and someone told me they wanted pickle in it (branston pickle). They then told me there was too much pickle in the pot and while scooping some out of the teapot I scooped out a live mouse!! What?!?!?

  6. I saw at my mom’s home and my mom has made food. And in everything salt is less to overcome that I took chilly pickle with my food. After I got up I found my dream a little strange as my mom is an awesome cook and she makes amazing food!! Any help?

  7. In my dream, I saw that I was on a tall building which belongs to me. and I was holding a pickle jar which then fell from my hand to the ground . It broke into pieces.. all the pickle splashed.. people were looking at it and wondering who must have dropped it. But I never told that I was the one…

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