Phoenix Dream Meaning and Interpretations


phoenix-dreamsPhoenix Dream Symbol – The appearance of a phoenix in your dreams is about rebirth and new beginnings. It brings good news of positive times coming into your future. Phoenix represents transformation and eternal life with its constant renewal. This can signify the end of something in your life and the start of something new. It could be as simple of letting go of past hurts and negativity so you are free to pursue your future with clarity.

Watching the phoenix flying through the sky means you may need to find better ways to communicate with others. You cannot expect them to read your mind. You need to be open, honest, and accountable. Let people know what you want rather than expecting them to just ‘know’.

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  1. In my dream, I was the Phoenix (on fire) flying out of a Dragon’s mouth..It was like the Dragon was releasing me or propelling me forward but staying with me as a guide to provide support…any ideas what this could symbolise? 🙂

  2. I had this dream and in my dream they were 3 Phoenix flying they stood for a minute in the sky then they left

  3. I had a dream. In my dream, I was attacked by a great lighting arose from the Phoenix.. With a banging sound.. What does this dream means?

  4. In my dream the sky turned dark with a red glow. It git closer and closer. Through the overcast i was able to see a pheonix gliding through the sky. So my girlfriend and i decided to follow it for some reason, as we were travelling events took place, they resulted in the discovery that my girlfriend cheated. After this revelation we end up at my uncle’s house, with loads of people walking out in black. (In my dream my uncle had been dead for a long time, but he’s actually still alive in real life.)

  5. Kelly Harvey on

    I had a dream a summoned a baby phoenix it was beautiful when I woke I felt amazing better than I had in a long time

  6. I saw a couple… Who love each other and they can turn into a bird… And they know that but they cant have an egg.. Then they realise the kind of bird they are, they are pheonix and their friends began to cry when they heard it, at first i was the female pheonix but then i was one of the friends crying while they gather dry leaves for their nest to be set upon fire… I tried to delay them and cried but they go on… Continuing… I cant figure out what the meaning may be.

  7. Martin jano on

    I had a dream the Phoenix was flying and every time it flapped thunder would appear and then it made a crown for me in the sky of diamonds and I wore it

  8. I dreamed that the Phoenix flew to me and then became my pet. It wanted me to pet it and as the dream continued the Phoenix was still heard in the sky. Even someone was giving birth. The Phoenix was like a big eagle the size of a big goose with large wings around 2 metres. Its feathers were like the colour of the rainbow. They glowed from top to bottom in an array. Beautiful bird that became my pet. To me it means that I have found immortality :).

  9. Ronald Singer on

    This was whenever i was 10 years younger, but I’ve kept it with me. I seen an evil sorcerer one of the balconies of his castle. he ran back inside with worry and distress and scared because, he was seeing a giant brown eagle that was me in the dream attacking and destroying his kingdom. I seen the brown eagle that was myself swooping down at the top of another part of the castle with its claws stretched out destoying the castle. Then i flew to space and turned into a fiery phoenix. That joined together with other phoenix’s and we turned into one giwnt phoenix. Ill never forget about this dream. I was 20 then. Im 31 now.

  10. Um… what if you were trying ( and succeeded ) in catching a Phoenix? What does that symbolize? And it wasn’t changing shape or anything.

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