Pheasant Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Pheasant Dream Symbol – Dreaming about pheasant is a symbol of instinct and dreams themselves. The pheasant is an important totem animal, connected with the imagination and thought. Pheasants are also known for being ground birds, likely to hide in nests in the ground when threatened by danger, or to fly off to draw off danger from its young.

As such, a pheasant in your dream can also represent instinct and the knowledge of when to hide out, and when to fly away from your hiding spot, as it were, either to seek a new and better situation or to protect your loved ones. If a pheasant has a message for you in your dream, this is very important to pay attention to, as it is a message from your instinctive side.

pheasant dreamPheasant visits your dreams to let you know you are at your peak right now. Your sexuality, intelligence, wisdom, and heart shine to the world. It is a time where you attract all you dream of. This is a time to be unafraid. Use bold, bright colors to attract what you want in your life. Do not be afraid of being noticed.

You will be brilliant. It is your time to shine. Alternatively, pheasant is reminding you have latent talents you need to tap into. What are you passionate about? What desires burn deep within you? What do you long to do? Push yourself to follow those dreams. Anything you begin right now will produce endless positive results.

Pheasant brings prosperity and abundance to your life. New friends. New relationships. New experiences. New additions to families. Enjoy the amazing things in your life. Instead of wishing for what you do not have, enjoy and celebrate all that is in your life. Be grateful. Believe you deserve success.

Pheasant also indicates motherhood and nurturing. It can be a time to look after yourself and those close to you. She can also bring news that your dreams are coming true, especially if you have put the hard work into achieving them. Stay focused and watch them manifest.

When Pheasant crosses your Path

Pheasant crosses your path to remind you of your creativity and ability to attract love into your life. Color is an important aspect of your life that you use to reflect your moods and personality. Do not be afraid to reach for the impossible.

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  1. I dreamed I was looking at a huge double paned window and a baby pheasant was trapped between the two panes of glass. I somehow could access between the panes and took a broom handle and gently guided it to the other side of the glass where it was open and the pheasant flew away. When I looked back at the window though there were now two huge rooster pheasants trapped between the glass panes. They were round and plump but still fit which I thought odd. I took the broom handle again and used it to guide them both over to the other side and they too both flew away. That’s all I remember but it was all vivid. What I found interesting is that I seldom remember my dreams when I wake up and I didn’t remeber this one. I live in the country and when I got up the next morning and opened my curtains the first thing I saw was two huge rooster pheasants in my yard and it jogged my memory and I then remembered my dream. From no memory to vivid.

  2. I dreamt of a red pheasant while we were (my partner and I) at a wedding in the forest. I had heard a noise in the bushes and waited to see what it was. It was a marvelous red pheasant collecting wood for its nest. I kept silent so no one would hurt it but I was so attracted to its beauty that I caught it myself. Although my mother was not there (the wedding was overseas) I somehow managed to show it to her but she said: “Don’t you see that it is scared? Let it go” and I went back to the forest and let it fly away. The forest was connected to my bedroom through the wardrobe and I made sure it was free and safe again.
    Finally I was on a plane flying back to my home country (strange as I always dream of leaving not returning) sitting with a woman who was a scared of flying (as I was) and a last minute Japanese traveler who did not have a proper seat but who was happy to have made it on time.

    The last thing I can remember is that I thought that I had finally been in the US but I had not seen New York. I woke up feeling cheerful remembering the astonishing vision of the bird and the beauty of the forest.

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