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Pharaoh – The meaning of your dream symbol about Pharaoh depends on your own religious background and beliefs, and your historical awareness. Pharaoh was a Biblical character who held the Hebrews in slavery until Moses brought the plagues on Egypt and coerced Pharaoh into letting the Hebrews go free. Historically, the Pharaoh was simply the ruler of Egypt.

Considered to be a god for much of ancient Egypt’s history, Pharaohs were buried in pyramids with items to help them in their journey through the underworld. Dreaming about Pharaoh may be a reference to the Biblical Pharaoh (who was Ramses II), or it may be a connection with ancient Egyptian spirituality or even a message from spirits or gods long forgotten.

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  1. Hello guy i had a dream i had too collect 3 pyrimid shaped diamonds on an unsusual obstacle coursebafter collecting the diamonds i fell down into a whole were i was gold scuptures the size of my hand, in the shape of sheeps, pharaohs tombs , and even very large coins all made of gold and i had to pull them out of this mud form puddle kinda like quick sand . Any ideas on what it interprets

  2. stacyann santo on

    I dreamt I was in a crowd watching Egyptian soldiers with the most gorgeous features, flawless skin and most beautiful head pieces clearing a path for an entourage at night time.

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