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People Dream Symbol – People visiting your dreams usually represents different parts of yourself. Of your life. Depending on who visits and what they are doing in your dreams, you can interpret whether these visits are positive or negative. And, how they relate to your life.

Dreaming of people you know in your life, can mean there may be problems between you that need resolving. It can also mean that a current problem that challenges you is similar to the one you have met in the past. There may be lessons to learn from how you dealt with things in the past.

people-dreamsWhen strangers visit this can symbolize repressed emotions or part of yourself that does not fully understand. These dreams can come to guide you through different aspects of learning to understand yourself more fully. They can also bring messages there is someone close that is behaving strangely. This may be something you need to look deeper into.

Identifying the people who visit your dreams is important in helping you unravel their meaning. This will help you understand and see different parts of yourself with more clarity. The people you love usually reflect who you truly are in some way. Dreaming of someone you know in your real life can be a reflection of something in yourself.

Dreaming of being with friends or friendly strangers can indicate you are at peace with your life. Talking with people can suggest you are a reflective person with good communication skills. Feeling intimidated among a group of people indicates there are things about yourself you choose to ignore. There may be things you do not accept. You may even dislike yourself and long to change some aspects of yourself. Do you self-sabotage? Blame others for your mistakes? It can also mean you lie to yourself or someone close is lying to you. You need to face the truth. Wakeup to reality.

If you love the people, it symbolizes the love you have for yourself. Feeling alone among others suggests you are lonely or enjoy times of solitude. Trying to escape people is a sign you need a time out from everyday responsibilities. Dreaming of being invisible in a crowd indicates you feel others ignore you or that you feel unworthy of being noticed.

Dreaming of meeting foreigners or new people means you are discovering new parts of yourself that may have long remained hidden. Showing prejudice towards someone or a group of people symbolizes a fear of the unknown. Maybe you are unwilling or unable to move forward from what you have always known. You may have negative preconceived ideas about your abilities. It is a time to stop being so hard on yourself. A time to stop holding yourself back through your own judgments. If you dream of nitpicking at different aspects of others such as their weight or capabilities, then this reflects the way you think of yourself.

Alternative People Dream Meanings

To see people in a dream may represent how you see, perceive, and feel about the different aspects of yourself. The people around you may, in fact, be a reflection of who you are. They may mirror how you see yourself and the world around you. If you are dreaming of another person that you know, it may indicate aspects of their personality that you see inside of yourself.

In your dream, what types of people are present? Are these people friends or strangers? What role do they play? Consider that they are there to show you aspects of yourself that need to be examined. What do you notice about them? Do you notice their clothes? Do you notice their manner or actions, or the way they make you feel?

If you dream the people are your friends or friendly, you are at peace with yourself. You are open to relationships and trust other people. If you are in a group of people and you feel intimidated by them or you feel that you are not welcome, this would indicate that you do not readily accept parts of yourself. You may feel uncomfortable in your own skin.  It can also speak to a lack of trust of others. If you dream people are out to get to you, this indicates that in your waking life you sabotage yourself and possibly blame others for your own shortcomings.

People can be helpful or people can be hurtful. Are the people talking or interacting with you? Are the people ignoring or snubbing you? When you dream people are talking to you it means that you have the ability to look at yourself in an honest way and you are communicative.  If you dream that people are deceiving you, it means that you are lying to yourself about something or that you are not willing to face a reality.

If you dream of meeting new, foreign or exotic people, you are discovering new aspects and new depths of yourself hitherto unknown.  You are meeting a new part of yourself, perhaps discovering a strength or attribute you didn’t know you had.

If you are prejudiced against the people in your dreams, it means that are afraid to go beyond your comfort zone and your own borders. It can also mean that you have preconceived and negative notions of yourself.  If you are noticing or judging the traits of people as being stupid or smart, dumb or funny overweight or underweight, ugly or beautiful, this speaks to the way you also perceive yourself.

When you love the people you see in a dream it indicates that you love and accept yourself. If you are among a group of people and yet you feel alone, it means that you are experiencing feelings of solitude and loneliness. If you are trying to get away from people it means that maybe possibly you need a break or rest from everyday work and stress.  If you dream that are are just a face in the crowd that means you feel that you are unnoticed and feel unimportant.

Old People

Dreaming of old people can symbolize a desire or a search for wisdom. It can be a reminder you need to look within and reflect on the truth within your heart. It may be you need to ask for the help or support of someone with more experience so you can see things objectively. Seeing old people interacting and communicating with each other reminds you of your own potential using your creative ingenuity to achieve success. Old people in a dream can also be letting you know your ideas and beliefs are maturing as you gain more life experience.

People from your Past

Dreaming of people from your past can be a reminder of what you are missing, but it depends on who the people are who appear in your dreams. Try to remember who they are when you awake. This type of dream can be your subconscious highlighting something you may be missing in your waking life. But you need to take into account all of what is happening and the people in the dream to get a greater understanding. We most commonly dream of the old loves from our past lives.

To dream of an old lover can mean you are longing for passion or there is something you desire in your life. This can be because you are feeling unloved. Are you wishing a relationship was like an old one? Is there something you want or need? Maybe you think you would be better off trying something new. This type of dream can remind the ‘grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence’.

Dreaming of an old lover can also mean you are daydreaming about what you wish things to be. An old lover can bring up old feelings about a lost life. Are you currently questioning where your life is heading? Just remember, the danger is that you often see the past as you wish it to be rather than the reality of how it really was. This dream can warn to be wary of fantasizing about your past. When dreaming of the past is linked sexually this indicates your current relationship does not meet your physical or emotional needs.

Dreaming of being lured back by an old lover represents a need for more physical affection. Maybe you are feeling others do not understand you. Yelling at an old lover means there are old issues you still need to deal with so you can move on and fully commit to your next or current relationship. For someone who has been married for many years and you have this type of dream, it can mean you need some excitement in your life. Has your life become boring and mundane? Well, get out there and do some socializing. It cannot hurt.

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  1. My dream had many different aspects in it, it’s hard to decipher through it.

    First part of my dream, I’m in my parents home, and I find a snake in a closet, I’m scared, it chases me and my kids into a bedroom. Where our old cat we used to have, attacks and kills it. I’m having a conversation with my dad about it before I go to bed…within my dream, I had this dream!

    So I had a dream that I kissed this guy. He was an old crush from high school. We used to hang out and just chill. I haven’t seen or heard from him in probably 18 years.
    So, in my dream, I meet up with him unexpectedly, and he looks at me and says ” hey, I just had a dream that I kissed you, last night” where I reply back, that I did also. We talk about how weird that is.
    Then my dream changed to be on a School Bus, as the bus let out a bunch of elderly people, there was a giant, sickly looking werewolf, that had bloody indents around it’s snout. Just scary looking. We continued on the bus ride to a giant staircase (old and wooden) that once you got the top, it was a railway, and everyone got on. We rode this open type of wooden train, till we got this big corner, I was scared and I was now with one of my daughters, and a bunch of strangers, in what looked like an old mine. We are standing outside this mine shaft, door. Lots of confusion, and mine carts full of people zooming around the corner, and I’m tucked in the corner with my daughter , we speak to someone through this door and decide to go back to the wooden staircase and try again.
    When I get back to the staircase and climb to the top, it’s a water slide to a huge pool, when I go down and get to the bottom it’s not a pool, it’s a huge pile of snow and different people from my family are there As well as strangers, old neighbor. As I’m crawling out of the snow pile, I find a bunch of missing things, my boyfriend, myself and children have lost.

  2. Phoenix gray on

    I dream of two old people they are sitting at the rattan swing and was brought down by an airplane and under the rattan swing there is a submarine and they are smiling at me

  3. The other day I had a dream about going to a party and seeing like two girls who play on the softball team and go to my school that I barely talk to there. The party was thrown but a guy I have never seen and it was for younger kids. He had a son who showed up late while I was outside getting some air. The son didn’t want to go inside for the party.(I’ve never seen the kid but his name was Gabriel in my dream.) The guy tells his son that he would get cold if he left and for some reason I went up to him and hugged him and said no he won’t. We later walked and a group of his friends picked us up. His friends were singing and welcomed me to their school that apparently I was moving too. We went to a park where there were games and food. In the middle of all that my ex boyfriends house was there. What does all that mean? Sorry it’s pretty long, I remember that dream pretty well.

  4. I had a dream where a person from my past came to visit me at my house. I have not talked to this person in a year because that person’s presence in my life lead to me following a very negative approach to my life and thus began a year long battle with anxiety and depression (which I have since then battled and have sought professional help and no longer have any hatred towards that person).
    So I see that person in my dream and being a good host that I am, I go ahead and pour her something to drink-
    for some reason that part was really difficult as someone or the other kept popping in the kitchen-
    and when I went back, I noticed her feet were deformed (something that is not the case in real life).
    I am still not able to figure out what does it mean.

  5. In my dream i was among a group of fashionable, rich, sophisticated girls who were on their dates.. so each girl was going away from the table to meet a guy and then coming back and talking about him. I liked a guy and when i enquired about him, they made fun of me. So i walked away. I came to a crossroads, it was completely dark. Though i was familiar with the place but i forgot it’s name. I was asking strangers the name of that place and nobody knew. I called up my ex boyfriend to pick me up but i didnt know how to tell him the address and everyone was feeling pity for me. I hated myself

    • You’re not being true to yourself,which is making it hard for you to forge ahead iin life.Don’t live your life thinking of what others would think about you.Do what you feel is right

  6. Martha mlotshwa on

    Hi Samantha for the fact the two guys dn’t like u, simply means u are not dealing with something secretive within u yet and it’s hunting u…the shooting means the truth…u know the truth but u do not want to accept or acknowledge it…. Shooting back means u compromise the truth ,and the police represents Jesus Christ, he was searching for ur soul to purify u but u kept on hiding… When u left the house means …u left ur old sinful ways u want to serve Jesus but the power from the dark forces kept on dragging u and u fell again ..that is when u went back to give ur boyfriend what belongs to him….and the mutual friend u ran away from is Jesus he was there to forgive u, all u needed to do is to ask for forgiveness and u will be forgiven but u shot the door of ur heart and drove off .

  7. In my dream I saw an old man come to my room and said he will teach me my text books. I was great full but at the same time I was thinking that all my free times are gone with all the schedule for studies. Then before starting to study, I went to brush my teeth and there was a maid who arrived to clean my room but then the old man asked the maid to clean the room again properly because she wasn’t clearning the space where things were kept. Then I sat next to him. Soon then I looked around the room and behind me was a shelf,so I opened it and found two types of tooth brush and a scissor which had the light coloured wooden print. I jokingly said to him about how the scissor is made of steel but the print makes it look like its made of wood.

    As far I can see the old man was nice and seemed a bit studious. He was pretty thin and wanted to teach me and we were communicating as well. But he was a total stranger and I still wasn’t feeling weird when I met him. It’s like he gave me quite a familiar feeling.

    Then I woke up and the dream ended just there.

    So what do u think the meaning behind it. The explanation of seeing an old man in your dream guide seems quite true to me.

    • It simply means wisdom…he came to empower you in every aspect spiritually mentally emotionally, he enlightened ur knowelge by giving u wisdom to choose the truth…i am pretty sure it is a positive energy.

    • The old man represents God trying to show you the way and lead you through,but before that,there are some things in your life you need to do away with.The scissors made of steel but looking like it’s made of wood represents you,it means you’re worth more than you see yourself,and God loves you.

  8. My first dream I had was a man I talked to for hours, I don’t remember what we had talked about but I felt happy talking about our lives and such. I remember we were walking in fields if yellow grass by a beautiful tree then all of the sudden He told I new too much and then I woke up.
    Idk what I new too much of…

    My second dream which happen recently, I dreamt of being in a unknown world. I sat on brown rocks, star gazing and watching the sunset at the same time. It was so beautiful and felt to real!! Idk if its the same man but he sat next to me , holding my hand and we talked. again i don’t remember about what. he asked for my name and I told him. So I ask for his but he takes my hand and write I love you then tells me his name but as soon I wake up. I can’t remember his name.
    Maybe I only dreamt of this was because of a movie I wanted to watch and it sounded similar too that; but I woke up at 2am and I never done that before. My heart was racing but not in a bad way. It was so sudden and real feeling I never felt that way before.
    sorry for the long essay, I just want answers and I don’t normally remember my dreams.

  9. I had a dream i was in the woods in the middle of nowhere with this girl. In the dream it was like be were best friends laughing and talking and genuinely enjoying each others presence. We both climbed into the tent and i was on my hands and knees over her laying there. I said this may be the only time we get to be together and kissed her. That was when i woke up. Roughly 9 hrs later at work she walks across the dock. A new hire first time ever in the building. Company hires and does interviews in a different town. I’d never seen her before and shed never seen me. I am lost at this point any ideas. Yes me and her have now been talking since the 3rd day when she looked me up and sent me a friend request. 2 weeks time and things are even more confusing than just the dream..

  10. I dreamt of a old couple in an small house .the man was strong and old but women looked little frustrated . I also saw a very young child working in the kitchen I was a spectatur all these time in my dream

  11. Dark_Pooka on

    What about dreaming of meeting yourself, but it’s an alternate version of you that you have never seen or dressed or acted as before and they start yelling saying, “everything I have is mine, nothing is yours” and they try to run away from you?

  12. i was meeting my old classmates and came together to restart a project. the project is our graduating performance.

  13. OK well guys/girls iv had real life dreams as it was real not a dream (witch most my dreams are ) but lately iv been dreaming of people I know or meet in real life and wanted to be with but somethings happen and we never got to have that connection and well that’s was very very many years ago a lots happen sins then and only now they have been coming up in my real life dreams (witch I’d want to be in more then my own life ) but these different people I dreamed about I don’t see anymore as they have moved on with there life’s but I still they still in my dreams as they was when we was around each other or meet each other but lately its been me and them getting it on in my dreams and both sides saying we love each other etc been there is no feeling like that from there side that I know of but anyways I loved to dream these dreams I wish that was my life more then my life now as I don’t have a warrie about being poor or having no place to live etc but i wished I could have some type of evident that I could show them wat its been like to find out if they feel the same way for me as I do them but this last dream the lady’s b/f died and she found me why she was half naked and told me she loved me and we cuddle and kissed then I woke up but there was more to it before she came along me and a person/couple people was kicking around with each other and well ended up being stopped and talked to by police witch ended up with them using my car with us in back to do a cop chase then ended up back at a house I was living in and one the police was weeding my yard looking for things and ended up pulling some door plants out and saying u don’t need them etc nothing else happen but then the lady I know (in real ) come along and it then went like as I said before ….. That’s my newist dream but others r very close to that but with different females (not the ones I really went out with in my real life but the ones I did like and never did anything about it or I didn’t followed up The feelings ) but I would give anything to have my dream world my real world

    • You need to be more attentive,take note and go for things you really have passion for in life.You have abandoned your career for another.Correct the things you’ve done wrong,get back to things that matters to you.Be real to yourself and be your real self and things would be better again.Do whayt makes you happy

  14. I had a dream where people that I don’t know in real life and I were in detention at school and had maths work to do but were mostly talking (like friends) (detention looked like a prison cell) and then one of the people and I had a lesson to get to and when we sat down (he was wearing a bright red t shirt), I started cleaning broken down glasses (my eyes see poorly in real life) but they always stayed dirty, and my friend started being funny and talking with the teacher (it was fun). Then I woke up

    • Don’t settle for less in life,something better is ahead,but you have to make more effort,you have to move on and aim for better.Don’t always believe where you are is your last destination in life

  15. I had a dream where someone that I hated was with someone that I had feelings for and when in my dream the girl that I liked huged me I loved the feeling that came with it but she was still with aomeone I hated.

  16. I dreamed about my boyfriend some hours ago and it was a very weird dream. We are currently in a long distance relationship and he is a normal guy in real life, but the opposite in the dream. I dreamed that he visited me in Norway and we were acting very friendly, while I expected some kind of romance, a kiss or anything (cause we haven’t met for a year). Then I lost him in a tram because I had to help women descending their stroller w/babies. So I had to find him and waited for the next tram and then I expected to hug him but he transformed into a down syndrome retarded guy, I was still friendly but stood for a minute like wtf? I really love him and he loves me back in real life, but what can this mean?

  17. In dream I saw someone I like a lot, but he was looking ugly, shabby and weak… though in my dream he was happy with me, but he was looking appearing differently.

    • That person in real life may need your help,he’s in a mess and facing some challenges.He appears, smiles,play hide his pain like all his well with him but that’s not true.Talk to him/her

  18. Annesa Sarkar on

    In my dream, a know person was trying to give me his mobile number, but he was in fear of the surrounded people. What does it indicate?

    • Hi Sir/ Mam ur dream simply means u are gonna achieve same goal the known person has….and for u to achieve it u need to be very strong in prayers use psalm 131. For the fact that he was in fear around surrounded people means dark forces are opposing ur blessings stay away from negative people because they won’t allow u to make peace with ur past in other to get ur goals.

  19. Well lets try this again since apparently my other comment didnt post or didnt get a response. I had a dream I was hanging out wit my ex and some friends. These two guys showed up that dont like me. My ex n I tried to ignore them. The two guys are his freinds in my dream and in real life. The two guys really dont like me in real life as well. They start shooting at me. I run n hide and my ex is shooting back unill I can find a spot that I can hide but can still fire back. I end up shooting one of the guys. The cops were called and I hid in the house till the cops stopped circling the house we were in. I leave but remember I have something of his I have to return, so I go back to the house. I give him what I had for him, we kiss and I hear “run” from a mutal friend. I start to drive away again and I wake up. I have No idea what this dream could mean, someone please help. Thank you!

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