Penguin Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Penguin Dream Symbol – Penguin visits your dreams to bring order to any chaos in your life. He brings reminders there is the most chaos around before you get a major breakthrough. Penguin encourages you to keep moving forward. Deal with each challenge as it crosses your path. Pay it only as much attention as it needs for you to move through it.

Penguin DreamsPenguin can also bring messages you have the ability to adapt to the changing situation. Stay centered and be prepared to be flexible to help you move forward. Have faith in what you believe in your heart, and your connection between the physical and spiritual. You will simply know the answers. Trust your intuition.

A visit from penguin can symbolize your negative feelings about a situation. What makes you feel weighed down? What do you feel negative about? It is a time to find more harmony and balance to help you work through the negativity. Stop putting pressure on yourself. Do you constantly worry? Is it about things you can do something about? R is everything out of your control? Maybe you have been making decisions without thinking them through. Your making knee jerk reactions. Stop pressuring yourself. Relax and things will work out.

Penguin can also mean things are not as bad as you think. It may be a time when you are emotional. Keep your head. Do not lose your cool. Have faith in your gut instincts to know how to deal with this situation.
If penguin is behaving stupidly or in an unacceptable manner, it may be a message not to behave in this way yourself. There may be problems on the way, but they are not as difficult as you expect when you find balance in your life. Show the world your loving, tender side rather than playing the fool.

A visit from penguin can also signify your frustration with the negative people and situations around you. Who or what causes you negativity? Is there something illegal they are involved in that draws you in? Are you distracted by negative stuff? This can be a negative sign that you will have more problems than usual. It is time to get your mind back on the job. Focus on what truly matters.

When Penguin crosses your Path

Penguin crosses your path to remind you can create anything you want in your life. Your unique ability to value teamwork often helps you succeed.

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  1. I dreamt in the early hours this morning about 2 penguins in my house. I had just gone back to sleep and I thought this was real. I’m thinking What!? Are these two cute penguins doing in my house? I opened the back sliding door to let them out and out they went. I was thinking how beautiful they where but I was a also little intimidated . They looked quite powerful. Then the dream morphed into them being back in my house . I think there were 3 this time and one was a little annoyed at being made to go outside and sort of ran back in between my legs. Then I looked out side and and saw dead birds a dead bat and a dead wombat type marsupial holding its baby. Because Ive recently baited rats in my ceiling I thought oh no I’ve also poisoned them. Currently the Covid virus has struck and I started dating so I think all these things have some relevance?

  2. So I recently had what felt like a very spiritual and connected dream about penguins. I began volunteering as an overnight at a zoo. I stayed within the enclosure all night essentially to clean up and make sure everything is put together. At first I only volunteered like every other week and was told I’d probably never see them. After awhile one of them finally came out and I was pushed to come back more often. I began volunteering nearly every night and all the penguins began to come out to be around me as I grew more connected with them. It came to light that they were hiding in the beginning simply because no one ever stays anyways, and so I promised I wouldn’t just abandon them.

  3. This is so cool, my dream goes like this: I was in like an island or land where the penguins are with some people from school, the environment wasn’t that good for the penguins though so one expert told us that on top of a mountain was the most beautiful place for penguins like a paradise but we and the penguins would have to escalate up there and it was so plain and difficult but I kept encouraging everyone to go some of the penguins fell down but they didn’t die they kept on trying and there was the little guy who felt like giving up so I was like nope you’re coming I’m taking you with me that was my mission and as hard as it was I was able to bring him up and when we got there, the most beautiful beach was waiting for us everyone and all the penguins were so happy and I felt so happy as well that I was able to show this little guy that we could do it and he went swimming for the rest of the day, the penguins found their new and amazing home and my heart found joy. The coolest thing is that I’m going through some emotional situations that relate so much to the dream and I recently made the decision to trust myself and not settle for anything less and so I went for it now I have to be patient for the outcome which I’m sure is what my heart wants and needs.

  4. I had a brilliant dream about a penguin in a bath of water, he was being kept as a pet by an ex boyfriend of mine. It was a happy dream.
    The meaning has resonated with me as one of my ‘friends’ was rude to me recently, it upset me very much as it’s not the first time they have been ‘strange’ with me (not sure how I deal with it, probably ignore it, as they are friends with other friends and I don’t want to lose them too) & possibly starting a new job (so I need to concentrate on that rather than someone’s negativity)
    All I can say is thank you for putting it all into perspective.

  5. I recently had a nightmare about penguins (which happened before, but thats a different story) So heres my dream: I was walking to my kitchen, passing my living room (which has roof windows for some reason) and I see a big white and black bird carrying another bird passing my window (which I thought was strange since I live in a area that doesnt have any wild penguins) Then that penguin comes back and starts opening my window I tried screaming to alert my family members but nothing came out. The penguins then drops down and thats when I wake up. I’m not sure what these penguin nightmares mean, but I want them to stop.

  6. Claire Seymour on

    Hi i was wondering what my penguin dream meant.
    There were 2 big ones with the fans on there heads.
    A lady i garden for was giving them money and a note to take to the shop. Where they would collect her shopping. In her garden was a massive crane and a big hole. I was happy as it meant i didnt have to work. Pluscthe penguins amused me shopping. Very intelligent. I had let this lady down 3 times due to my illness. Also i fell it maybe time to move on as i am becoming unreliable . Many thanks claire

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