Pegasus Dream Meaning and Interpretations


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Pegasus Dream Symbol –┬áPegasus is symbolic of the one you love. Dreaming of Pegasus is a reminder you have the ability to get through the tough times in any relationship. Pegasus in your dreams can also be about other relationships such as parenthood.

pegasus-dreamsPegasus as a baby in a dream means you have strong bonds with your children. You are proud of who they are becoming. They are caring and show the ability to take responsibility. They are growing into good young people.

This can also be a dream about your sexual fantasies. To unlock what Pegasus means, look at his behavior. But, Pegasus may be an important reminder to ensure that your relationship is on equal footing. That you both agree on the adventures you embark together. Make sure you keep the lines of communication open between you no matter what you do together.

When Pegasus sleeps in your dream this is a sign you repress your feelings. This is not good for you. You need to air them to let them go. Your heart will start to turn bitter if you suppress so much turmoil. It will build up and eventually explode just like a volcano. If this happens, this will do you no favors. Express yourself openly with the one you love for it will strengthen the bond and trust between you.

If you see Pegasus injured, this is a warning there is betrayal around you. You may also feel sexually neglected by the one you love. Again, it comes down to suppressing your feelings. Speak out. Have courage. Discuss how you feel openly. Remember, you have a right to have your say. Once these feelings are in the open they are likely to dissolve into thin air.

When Pegasus flies thorough your dreams is could be you are dreaming of freedom in your waking life. There may be someone or something holding you back and you want to break free. Alternatively, this is a good sign that there is success coming to your business or career very soon.


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