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Pear Dream Symbol –┬áDreaming of pears in season can refer to a connection with someone long from your past and that financial benefits are on the way. A pear on a tree indicates your hard work will soon be rewarded. Alternatively, dreaming of pears in its off season can mean health and financial issues.

Pears can also represent your sense of responsibility about certain things in your life. It is a situation you may not necessarily be comfortable with, but something keeps you meeting that responsibility. For some reason you feel guilty.

pear-dreamsSeeing a pear tree brings good news. You can expect all personal challenges to resolve themselves soon. It also brings messages you may soon see the fruits of your hard labor. Eating fresh pears can indicate pregnancy. This may be yours, or someone from your circle of friends or family.

This dream may bring news of twins. Receiving pears as a gift is a message you will soon receive an inheritance that will make your life comfortable. Dreaming of enjoying a sweet, juicy pear represents love and marriage. This is good news that brings luck in love. It also means the love of your life will be a genuinely nice person.

Pears sitting on the table is a messages there are surprises on the way. Someone you have not seen for a long time may make a surprise visit or you may receive rewards at work. It could any number of positive surprises to reward you in some way.

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  1. Eugene afrifa on

    I saw a lot of unripened pear in it tree in my dream and followed by mango tree with it fruit’s some few partially ripen and others not ripen r nany but a lot of the fruits in both pear and mango trees

  2. I saw a beautiful pear tree abundant with pears. Fresh luscious looking pears on the ground. I smiled.

    My alarm then went off.

  3. I was crossing railway to train station,found women re arranging ripe fruits ,it was red and yellow apples and ripe pears .and assisted her to arrange them by colour and ,she was ready for her fruits presentation

    • I am not sure of the significance of color, but I was told to eat a blue pear if I could. On my way home from a disappointing concert, there was a blue pear tree and barrels of blue pears, and I grabbed and ate one while trying to find my route back to my house. I got lost, but the pear was delicious!

  4. Viv Hindmarsh on

    Dreamt of my son ( died 15 months ago) I got him to hold a huge pear that had been picked and half buried beside the tree as I wanted a photo for his Nana (also dead). When Mike held the pear to his stomach it deflated and was flat. Also in dream was 5 dinning tables all different and new

  5. Dream was a card of a man holding a pear. You could not see the man and at first thought it was an apple but when I moved closer it was a pear. There was also a molasses colored cross in the bottom left corner

  6. michael jenkins on

    dreamt of s tree with small green round “fruit” was told by a person that it was s pear tree. a group of us were covering the above ground roots and trunk with thick paper, stapling it into the above ground roots and trunk.

  7. What does it mean to take a pear out of a fruit bowl only for it to squash in your hand as it was rotten ? That’s what I dreamt, the pear was for another person who asked me to pass it over but I had to persuade them to have something else which they declined!

    • I dreamt I was holding a big purple pear and I saw a lemon/lime tree with its fruits looking like green-ball pepper but a close look at the fruits they are lemon/lime fruits. I saw it growing in the dry season but around it were water. What do they mean?

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