Peacock Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Peacock Dream Symbol –┬áPeacock brings color, rejuvenation, rebirth, and new growth into your life. She brings messages to be wary of showing off. Are you being too arrogant about your achievements? Do you always talk about yourself? Do you take a genuine interest in others? This type of attitude can make people feel uncomfortable around you. Many may be watching, waiting for you to fall.

peacock dreamThese incredible birds are a sign of good things to come. She reminds not take things like beauty too seriously. Take everything with a grain of salt. This helps you stay balanced. She also reminds to be grateful for all that you have. Peacock can also visit to let you know it is a time to follow the dreams in your heart. She brings confidence and courage to help you accomplish what you need to succeed.

When you dream of being a peacock, it can mean you crave for recognition. These birds have incredible plumage in their tails, and if this is displayed it can symbolize it is a time to reach out for what you desire. Take a risk at this time for the signs point to success.

Dreaming of owning a peacock may mean you express your thoughts and feelings through action. This is a positive sign that you are on the right track to reach your dreams. It is also a sign your luck may change bringing wealth and love to your life.

Being afraid of peacock can indicate you run from responsibilities. You have everything you need for success but you take no responsibility for your thoughts or actions. Take a long, hard look at yourself to help change your perspective. This will help you move forward.

When a peacock is harmed or killed in a dream, this is a dire warning about finances. There is bad luck in regards to money on the way. It is a time where you need to make sure everything is in financial order to minimize the impact.

When Peacock crosses your Path

Peacock crosses your path to remind you have the ability to lead. You are known for your loyalty, integrity, and honorable ways. You have the courage to back what you say with actions.

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  1. I saw that pea-hen in my dreams which was very beautiful from back and she was surrounded with many babies of her. I started clicking pictures of her. I started to passing through the narrow lane to see her better. Suddenly I saw a panicked man , holding a human baby and he claimed that pea-hen would attack him. He asked me to take the baby and run. I said I can’t run instead I help in dragging you also can’t run. After I while I heard that the pea- hen flew. I suspect that the man in my dream was my husband. also for once the pea-hen turned and I saw her face, it was pink like flesh and human like.. in short … Ugly. Can you please help in interpreting this dream .

    I don’t have a baby yet in real life.

  2. I think i had this dream after waking up and around early morning so not sure it’s really that important. There was other things going in the dream but I did think one people I know came with peacocks but did not actually see her coming with them. At some point I saw loads of peacocks more than ten I think and they were I thought were supposed to do something like be in some formation. Anyway it was kind of cool to see loads of peacocks.

  3. I had a dream of a beautiful, rainbow peacock flying like a slow and elegant rocket through the sky. And it glided down and walked right in front of my path.

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