Paycheck Dream Symbol


Paycheck – A paycheck is a symbol of receiving a fair reward or recognition for your accomplishments and contributions to the world. If you dream about having a low or insufficient paycheck with less money than you expected, this indicates that you feel underappreciated. This symbol may also indicate a frustration with the artificial system of working for wages – you may wish to be recognized for your actual accomplishments instead of simply the hours you put into the system. You may feel that, no matter how well you are paid, you are simply a pawn in the modern industrial state, or that a corporate job does not give you room for personal achievement and creativity.

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  1. I had a dream the other day and just barely remember it, the only thing I really do remember is looking at my paycheck and feeling relieved about how much I got bc I have things I need to purchase for school. When I woke up I was slightly disappointed bc i knew it was just a dream. A few days later I received my paycheck and it was the same amount as what I had in my dream. I’ve had similar events happen where I had dreamt something but only slightly remember a little part from it, then the next day it comes true. Not to sure what it means though

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