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Party Dream Symbol – Dreaming that you are at a party is a sign of your feelings about and attitudes toward social life. If you dream that you are enjoying yourself at a party, this signifies that you feel comfortable around and invigorated by other people.

It also bodes well for your relationships with the particular people at the party, if you dream that you are having a good time being around them. On the other hand, if you dream about being awkward, uncomfortable, scorned or passed over at a party, this may be indicative of social anxiety or insecurity.

It may also signify a breakdown in your relationship with the people at the party, a feeling that they do not care about you, or a lack of trust between you and them.

Dreaming of being at a party can mean you need to go out and party. Let your hair down. It can also mean you need to make more effort to improve your social skills. Have you been avoiding social situations too long? Do you hide away from the world? This can be your intuition telling you it is time to get out and meet new people. To widen your circle of friends. You need to get out and have fun.

A party that makes you feel uneasy reflects feelings of insecurity in your waking life. Do you find it hard to relate to others in some way? Socialize more and you will find more common ground. You cannot achieve your dreams hiding away at home. How are you going to meet you soul mate if you never go out? There is pleasure in interacting with others.

Attending a formal party can indicate you are sexually frustrated and uptight. Loosen up. Things will fall into place. A fight at a party can mean you work through the challenges in your life. There may be some high maintenance people you dream of leaving behind. A boring party is a sign you do not feel confident in social situations.

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  1. I dreamt I was in a party organized by family members, I was one of the people that were arranging chairs and sitting arrangements in the party, after the has already set, I was looking for water to wash my hand suddenly I discovered a tap water as I on it, the water was rushing the noise was creating attention of I quickly off it, because people did not know that water can be in that place. Can you tell me the meaning please.

  2. I dream that I am in a party.. In my dream i am in a cruise ship (tho, i didn’t see if it is really a cruise ship. I just claim it my dream that it is a cruise ship party.) anyways, in my dream there is a lot of people I know. Friends from my previous Job, churchmate and my favorite boy group and other are not familiar with me. In my dream this boy group seems to be my friend Hahaha and one of them lend me a drink i dont know if it is Tequila or a vodka when this guy lend me the drink at the back of my mind i said “Im gonna miss this guy, He always lend me drinks.” but at first, i refuse to drink it coz’i think it taste bitter but in the end i still drink it and the drink is tasteless its like i just drink a water. While I was in the party I say Good bye to them. Telling that Im already resigned my work (which is true) and i need to go somewhere coz one of my churchmate want me to be a speaker for something.

    after that dream, also in my dream I talk to my friend and asked him if He already has a Job. He said, “Yes” I asked it when and what is your Job. He said that he got a job in my previous company and I said “Really, thats nice. What is your position there” He said something that I could not remember and I asked which team he is? and he said it my previous team and then, we go inside the company thou, the setup doesn’t look like a compny (dim light Red so it looks like a computer shop) and the person there is from my previous work (from my previous part time job and actual job) and I just tell in my mind that they keep in browsing in there social media and posted.

    Please help me to interpret my dream. thank yo

  3. I had a dream that I was at a party and I was dressed semi-formal and my date was not clear in my dream but he seemed like my ex or someone I left a long time ago. At the party, we were aloud to stay the night and also be intimate with the partners. But I woke up before that happened. Also, I saw many of my friends and people I know, in my dream. What does this mean?

  4. kayanga barbra on

    l dreamt that my husband had wedded me BT we were all dressed in white & the braids maids on my wedding were all men, also dressed in white suites

  5. Caroline King on

    HI Stephen, my recent dream . I was at an appointment at a hospital, the appointment seemed to take a while and I noticed the area I was waiting was being changed around and it seemed like a party was about to take place I noticed people there had cameras and there was excitement from other patients and staff… I never knew what was really about and wasn’t sure I should be there but was told to stay … I woke up then…

  6. Christianne C. on

    What is the meaning of my dream? Hope it can enlighten me…
    I dreamt that I am inside of a grand & intricately-designed hotel and have known that there is a banquet for a royal family. Though In my thoughts that everybody is busy preparing for the big event, i didnt see anybody…

  7. Christianne C. on

    What is the meaning of my dream?
    I dreamt that I am inside of a grand & intricately-designed hotel and have known that there is a banquet for a royal family. Though In my thoughts that everybody is busy preparing for the big event, i didnt see anybody…

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