Parrot Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Parrot Dream Symbol – Parrot is all about communication with its loud call. She comes to warn to stay alert. New ideas and opportunities are on the way that will allow new personal growth. Watch out for the signs to show you the way. This can be a time where what you once thought impossible may become possible. Dreams really can come true.

parrot dreamParrot can also come to warn about how you talk to yourself. Is your self-talk always negative? Do you always put yourself down? Has it become worse lately? Stop. Listen to how you speak to yourself. How can this improve?

Next time you catch yourself talk negatively to yourself, stop. Make the effort to change the negative speak into something more positive. Remember, how you talk to yourself show a lack of self-respect, which you can radiate to the world. How can others show you respect when you do not respect yourself?

Parrots are great mimickers of what they see and hear. It could be a warning there are those around you entertaining themselves with gossip of you. Who could this be? Why would they do this to you? Parrot brings message there are backstabbers at work. Be wary of those with double standards. Who do you know spreads gossip about others to you like smiling assassins.

If they gossip to you about others, then what do they do to you? This may be a time to take a step back. Take time out for yourself. You may often take on things to help others that do not help you. Stop giving away all you have as others may be using you for their own agenda. Look within to find the answers. Learn self-respect. There are better things waiting to come into your life. Open up so opportunities can present themselves to you.

Parrot can also warn about you and your tongue. Have you been talking about others behind their backs lately? She can warn to beware of what you repeat to others. It can also mean you have been trusted to hold secrets and to be wary of sharing what you know.

Alternatively, parrot can warn you are not being who you truly are. You are being someone that is not truly you. Are you being the way others want or expect you to be? Have you reverted to old habits you shed long ago? Have you become a people pleaser to help you in life? Take a long hard look and remember no one likes or respects a phony.

A visit from parrot can also symbolize someone or something in your life that drives you crazy. Is there someone completely obnoxious in your life? It may be time to delete their negativity from influencing you. You have been suffocating and need to get out to play. Go out with friends. Do something fun. Eliminate that negativity from your life.

When Parrot crosses your Path

Parrot crosses your path to bring lessons in communication. She reminds to awaken to the thoughts and intuition that comes from within. Tune into your gut instincts.

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  1. In my dream i heard a parrot singing i found it in my dogs kennel, i tried to catch him and finally it came to me bu itsel. It was a grey parrot. I felt ery comfortable with the parrot, in my dream we were talking to each other like real friends i was very happy. I ask the parrot if it wohld like to go back to its owner, it says no it won’t go. Its the first time i dreamt of a parrot and i was very happy in my dream. I would like to know the meaning of my dream if anyone can tell me thank you

  2. I didn’t have a parrot mimicking me. I was surrounded by lots of parrots. And many were flying on me.. and cuddling with me.. I was extremely happy. I don’t know.. it was actually a very beautiful dream and I woke up happy.

  3. I had a very vivid dream last night, I found my parrot that died long ago. In a dream he was very loving, didn’t speak much, only said couple words. He wasn’t in a cage, he just sat there and stared. He crawled on my knee and made himself comfortable, not wanting to leave. I stroke his neck and he loved it. Then I noticed his old cage was dirty and took it for cleaning. It was already night time and dark. My aunt that lives across the globe was driving a bus and we were supposed to go home together. I cleaned the cage and came back to the spot where the bus was, but my aunt was gone and there was nobody at the station. I got scared and confused, how come she didn’t wait for me. She raised me after all. I was running around trying to find her, then the bus showed up, filled with passengers. I found a spot available that wasn’t even a seat but didn’t mind, i was exhausted.

  4. I dream that i saw a flying bird and shouted excitedly “look it’s an eagle!” But it flew to a tree and i saw that it was a blue parrot ….i noticed its color was a faded blue….we tried to catch it….then it flew to the ground and we tried to get it to come to us but my dogs started barking and it started to fly away from them. That’s all i remember…but its faded blue color disappointed me in the dream…it wasn’t the usual beautiful blue that parrots have.

  5. I dreamt I walked up to what looked like a village and a man was building something in a circle with bricks. Some how I started helping. The tool he gave me to hit the bricks in place was a parrot built into pieces of wood. So the beak of the bird and the front of it would hit the bricks into place. While using the tool, I realized the bird was still alive. I felt so bad… when the man wasn’t watching I broke the bird free and ran off to my car trying to help it.

  6. I dreamt last night of a Conure Parrott. Its not a bird I associate much with but this single bird was important in my dream and the main symbol I recalled on waking and have been thinking of its meaning all day. In my dream I was telling people who didnt know its breed it was a Conure. I kept repeating “It is a Conure!” “It is a Conure!” I felt no one was listening.

  7. My dream had 4 parrots. I was pet sitting them for a good friend. This friend is not a best friend but a dependable person whom I admire for generosity and kindness. I noticed that in my care their were no longer 4 parrots; only 3. I was looking around for them and could not find the other one. Then I noticed one parrot was sitting on top of something. I looked underneath it to see the few bones and bloody feathers left from the missing parrot. This parrot had eaten it! I begin to think up how to tell my friend that I was so irresponsible and while I was thinking about this, a second parrot went missing!. Once again, this same parrot had eaten another one! I m not sure what the meaning is.

  8. I don’t think the parrot of my dreams fits the descriptions of any dream symbol definitions I’ve found. She’s come to me at least 3 times now, and she’s always needed my help. She’s lost. And while it’s appropriate for me to turn her over to her previous owner, I can tell that she doesn’t want me to, and I don’t honestly want to do it, either. She never vocalizes. She just comes to me, and then clings to me for protection.

  9. Not a dream. Real life. After death of a loved one family members were sitting talking. 6 parrots appeared. Synchronized they hung upside down. Synchronized they rose up lifted their heads then dropped their heads starring at the family???

  10. Jose Pinto Cardoso Junior on

    In my dream there were many parrots of different types and different colours. I remember they were let loose from somewhere like zoo or a pet shop(can’t remember exactly). All I thought was to try to catch them all and bring inside. My sister was in my dream too and we do not have the very best relationship at the moment. We hardly ever communicate with each other actually. Our mother’s been a bit ill and this dream came last night and it made me think, why parrots? What do they mean? I also have a pet parrot too and I’ve had it for over 30 years. Can anyone help me with an interpretation for this dream?

  11. Vanessa Bautista on

    In my dream I had a good bond with this parrot. He/she was my pet I believe. For some reason I had to hide the parrot in the closet but I was so eager to come back and play with it. Playing with the parrot made me comfortable. I believe the meaning is that Im becoming aware to be careful of how I speak to myself because I am manifesting negative thoughts. My self knows what I say and feel becomes a reality. Also, I have been going through a lot of changes. I just crashed my car a few days ago, totaled it. I moved into my first home 3 days ago too. I haven’t been going about it with the best attitude because most of it is stressful but I need to remind myself to stay positive because these changes are ultimately good things. This is a patten I’ve been holding on to for years and I’m breaking through it now.
    Hope this helps.

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