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Panther Dream Symbol – To see a panther in your dream can represent a powerful and protective presence in your life. Panther’s can indicate a fierce and aggressive personality that you might have. Panthers are very powerful animals and can also signal power, grace, and beauty in your life.

If a panther is stalking you in the dream, it can indicate you have enemies that are lurking in the distance. These enemies might be people you know who are spreading negative energy towards you.

Panther embodies power, courage, strength, and protectiveness. She can represent your fierce personality that fights for your rights and the rights of others. Panther can come to remind you to act with wisdom if you want to move forward. Alternatively, she can bring warnings of deceit of how others are trying to use you. Who could this be? Look closer before taking action. Protect yourself from the poison of others.

If attacked by a panther, it can mean people are slandering you, but if you kill a panther the accusations will prove to be false. A growling panther brings bad news and a panther threatening you can mean business problems. Fighting a panther can mean you will overcome any challenges caused by your enemies. Being stalked by a panther may mean your enemies lurk close by and may be spreading negativity about you. It is time to take a closer look at those you trust and hold dear. Protect yourself and have the courage to take action.

When Panther crosses your path

Panther crosses your path to remind you are protected. Do not be afraid. Stand tall in your truth with courage as you will not fail.

Black Panther

pantherThe black panther is one of the rarest animals in the wild. A black panther is a good omen and can indicate luck that will enter your life. These animals blend into the night and are fearless. The black panther can also indicate the lack of fear you have to the dangers around you.

It is rare to see a black panther in the wild. There a few left in the world. Fearless creatures, they are elusive and invisible in the night blending into their surroundings. Black Panther’s appearance in your dreams may mean you see yourself as invisible to others although you are outgoing. You may need to be more open with your communication to feel more included. Maybe your fierce focus and drive scare people away.

Or, maybe you are acting fearlessly in the face of emotional danger if Black Panther dreams leave you feeling confident and focused. It depends on how the dream makes you feel and the other things occurring in the dream on the meanings.

Maybe Black Panther visits when you live in fear. Fear of situational outcomes, people, life, success. Get the picture. We all have things that worry us.

Learn to give them minimal attention to achieve good outcomes. Is someone threatening you? Are you being bullied at work, on social media, or in life in general? Instead of wasting perfectly good energy on others’ toxic agendas, use Black Panther’s fearlessness to take the action you need to end it.

Although Black Panther cuts a frightening figure, she is no threat unless she feels under attack. Her message may be you have nothing to fear from what worries you unless you threaten what or who you fear in some way.

When Black Panther crosses your path

Black Panther visits to remind you to walk your path without fear. She teaches how to stand up to what and who makes you live in fear so you can move forward with integrity.

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  1. Elaine Mae Bete on

    I dreamt of a blue panther is running approaching inside my gate.i was scared i was shooing it away.but it was just very calm and looked me in the eye like it’s telling me something.then it slowly walks away

  2. I had a dream about a black panther that loved me. The cat was all over me and was my pet in the dream. The cat was super sweet and I remember not being afraid of it. My dream was very comforting. The panther wasn’t a threat I felt like. I felt very safe and I loved it in my dream.

  3. Tabatha Bennardo on

    I had a dream that a Florida panther was looking through my screen door a light growl I I turned seen it and grabbed a large knife and woke up feeling accomplished

  4. I had a dream that I was riding a black panther through a big greenfield up to a big castle and it was talking to me. I was trying really hard not to show fear but inside I was terrified.

  5. I had a dream that i was helping my dad around their backyard and we started observing a black panther across the pond. It ended up on the other side, stalking 2 hawks and their nest, in a tree. It jumped toward the nest and turned into a white pigeon (i say pigeon because it wasn’t completely white like a dove; it had some black on it here and there) and landed on a branch near me. While i was observing the pigeon and talking to my dad about how strange it was for the panther to turn into that, it turned back into a panther and jumped down from the tree and started making its way toward us. We were both scared (although it wasn’t necessarily “chasing” us) we headed up onto the porch and the back door was locked. It jumped up onto the one side of the porch and it wasn’t really threatening but i was still scared and i grabbed a baseball bat that was sitting by a table. I would swing it toward the panther and sometimes i would hit it but it was barely bothered by it and it didn’t attack.. after i said “please go away you beautiful creature!” I woke up. I’ve never really been into interpreting dreams but this dream seems to have been asking me to interpret it. I often don’t remember dreams after i wake up but this one is still pretty vivid in my mind. Anybody have any input?

  6. In my dream, the panther was sedated and the best way I could describe it is tortured. She was laid down on the floor and gently breathing and looking at me in a hazy way, and part of her body was cut into. Someone removed a piece of her – an organ or something, and blood was slowly coming out, and she was just left there. Dying, I assume, and in pain. I remember wanting to pet and comfort her but either couldn’t or was too afraid to move.

  7. I am an Army Vet. I dreamt that I was in a training program and the Training Instructor told me that I had the agility and prowess of a Black Panther and so due to being Panther like I was awarded a tattoo of Black panther and when I saluted a Superior officer the Tattoo had a 3D effect of growling. I was then told that I was not only being promoted but also that I was going to go to the next step up in training. When I reported to the Advanced Training Instructor I had to knock upon entering and there were two Rotweilers guarding yet I befriended them and it had never occurred before. Then something woke me and I was mad because in the dream I was excited to get started in my advanced phase of training. I am still unclarified as to the dream since I have been out of the Army since Feb. 1993.I do miss it tremendously though.

  8. I was dreaming that i was in someones garden in the middle of the night. Then 3 black panthers appeared out of the darkness so in ran back inside with my fiance who was with me and we shut and locked the door but they kept coming through following us. In the end we managed to lose them and headed into a basement where they couldnt get through all the glass doors. Then i woke up.

  9. I dreamt about a black panther that started out attacking people in my neighborhood. Next, it was in my house and it attacked me – but not bad. The panther was actually turning into a pet however I was still afraid of it. Don’t remember the rest though …..

  10. This morning i had a dream about a black panther. I was playing with it but at the same time i was cautious with it and it got a little wild with me so i had to watch out for it claws. I got scared a bit too. So when i was about to leave, i was trying to shut the door but the panther stuck his head between it. Then i yelled at my best friend because apparently the panther was his pet. And then i left and i woke up.

  11. i ve dream of 2 black panters and their like super big! even bigger than a tiger and hey have a female owner theyre following her when she go up on a hill or i think a ladder, so i followed the first panter then the second panter came at my back and want to came pass through me, i was very scared she could eat me, but i manage to touch her in the head and she reponse like a domestic cat, it felt good but really anxious at the same time.

  12. I dreamed last night that I was in the woods near a river with a friend. He wandered off,then a panther appeared about 8 to 10 feet in front of me. I looked deep into her eyes and she looked back at me. We stood there for a few minutes then she came closer. I didnt have anything to defend myself with, but because she appeared standoffish and I as well and she wasnt growling and looked like she was very clean , I petted her. She didnt try attacking me, just play biting. Then I woke up. This morning I looked up dream interpretations and everything they suggested was true.

  13. In actual real life, I have 5 huge crows that have been present wherever I am (I moved back home to Gloucester MA in Nov 2015 and the to Rockport MA Oct 2017; to be by my aging parents, after 23 yrs in FL, where I raised my son on my own). I work within 3 miles of where I live, and take my beautiful big old dog to work every day…..These 5 crows were on my old balcony and in the tree by my bedroom window, I see them when I drive to walk my dog. They’re In the trees/ on the ground, at my workplace parking lot. At lunch, they are on the Lowe lines at the beach entrance to where I walk my old boy. They now sit outside the new place I live. I love and admire them and keep berries or cornmeal to feed them- but they won’t let me get close.
    ******THE REASON FOR MY STATING ALL OF THAT, LEADS TO MY INTENSELY POWERFUL, AND FAR TOO BRIEF DREAM AROUND 5am: It was night, and I was standing outside a home I’d just moved to, flanked by trees. In between my house and the trees, was a small barn or shed. I had just woken up, and my vision was fuzzy…..I thought the 5 crows were lounging on the roof of the shed, but as I started out my door in the darkness, they transformed or my vision cleared, and it was five large, beautiful panthers- four lying down/ lounging, one sitting up to look at me from behind the others. It made me gasp, but I felt no fear or danger from them…..Just pure, calm, powerful presence…….And poof; it was over….in mere seconds….I woke up in reality, but drifted right back to sleep.
    I’m perplexed as to why 5 crows follow me wherever I go in reality (they are cawing out my porch window AS I TYPE this), and why in my dream, they transformed into 5 panthers.
    And why won’t these crows let me near them?!?

  14. Black panther was making its way towards me; I thought I was a goner… I put my hand up and he put his mouth on it, then it was like when you rough play with a dog and they play bite your hand… I was still scared and started saying The Lord’s Prayer and then he was gone and dream was over…

  15. Josilyn ed on

    I had a dream that I was in a field with a little fence surrounding it and a road that goes around that. I looked up and a lioness start to walk near like it was going to attack, and so I start towards the fence and a black panther appears and acts like it’s going to attack me also. so get close to the fence and the black panther just jumps over into the street so I start going into the field to lead the black panther back into the field and I make a run for the fence and jump over. I start running down the road and it goes around the field while I’m running I see the black panther running toward the other Side of the field where we’ll eventually meet and the lioness is there too when I get closer there’s a girl I don’t recognize and she yells at me to go to a stand that’s there and then she runs off and hinds in the bushes. so, I get there Im still on the floor and i start to fight the big cats and I grab the panthers tail and twist and bend and almost break it to keep it away while I fight off the lioness with my other hand and I basically do the same to the lioness. then I push them hard to the floor and make a run for the stand, when I’m at the top which is only about 10 feet off the ground the panther starts to climb one side and the lioness climbs the other side and I punch and push them down. they kept coming back and eventually the black panther bites down on my hand but lets go and I’m still just pushing both of them down again and agian and the whole time I was in the stand Fighting them I was expecting some kind of help from the girl but she stayed in the bushes.

  16. I had a dream so strange to me but I was locked in these caves thousands of people where and we where controlled by this people with guns and white suits they feed us water and food but kept us locked up in these caves my girlfriend was in a cave beside me the power went out one of there plantation it was the day time and my gf escaped and she jumped into my cave right before the guard through my food down the whole as that happened there was this big black Panther it was calm relaxed it looked straight into my eyes and didn’t bother me but just slowly moved out of my way and went to go lay down on the opposite side of the cave and just watched me! the story goes on but that’s the main part with the panther. Any thoughts ?

  17. I was in a large house. Within was a black panther that was kept there. I was taking her to another room but had to do so without a leash. I had to guide her. I could feel her strength, I was scared that things could go bad fast. As I got her into the next room my dad (Deceased) was sitting on a recliner. He became alarmed and the panther lunged at something. The panthers huge claw scooped up a tiny orange kitten and held her tightly to her belly refusing to let go of even kitty. The power behind the panther was intense

  18. I dreamed last night a panther chasing me.I was keep on fighting with that panther.I built several things around my home to protect my self . felt more confident after reading of your article

  19. gagan srijal on

    today morning around 6 i had a dream fighting a king and his mom who invaded me with the army of dead , i was helped by a female who transformed into a black panther and defeat them.
    when i went in search of the attackers i saw the kingdom filled with gold . later i was attacked by many demons but i fought back , at the end 7 headed snake helped me to defeat them and take over the kingdom.
    what does it mean?

  20. In the garden my four children were staring at something that I couldn’t see, they froze as if scared, I traced their eyes to something behind the small round conifer in the middle flower border and walked to see what was there my heart stopped as a small black panther growled and I pointed to the kids to walk back thinking that it was going to pounce on me any minute now as I was now the neatest, it looked at me, it had beautiful green eye and was not interested in attacking me but just crossed my path and walked off into the field, I woke up breathless, it was so real. I don’t know what it meant.

  21. Willmarie Girona on

    I dreamt that I entered a shack that sold veggies, fruits, baskets, things created by the people who live there. When I entered I was with my husband and say: “Look! A kitty!” It was at first a small cat, grayish to white and black lines. It looks at me and my hubby and runs to us, as it gets closer it slowly turns into a white tiger cub (which happens to be my favorite feline, white tigers. I love felines) and it circles my husband and I but it purs and rubs onto us. I beging to walk inside searching for stuff and I see from a far that a black panther is looking at me from between the different selling stalls. I get a little disturbed cause it’s huge and I didn’t want to disturb her, so I control my senses and affirmatively continue. I see some cilantro which I love and grab some to take with me, as I lift my head foward, I see her between the two stalls looking directly to my eye’s I got disturbed again like: “I don’t want to make her mad and let it attack me.” I said to my self, so I concentrate and affirmatively continue down some wide stairs to where I knew she would be. I continued calmly and affirmative, as I see from the corner of my eye that she slowly runs to me and lifts her front paws and falls over my self. People gasped in surprise like if it were to attack me as I fell because of it’s weight. I lift her paws and push her aside so I could continue to go down the stairs. She again, jumps on top of me as if giving a hug, so all I do is let loose and rub my head on her chest and hug her huge and heavy body. She strongly pues as my head goes up her neck and under her head and she licks me and I just scratched her, look at her smilling and tell her it’s time for me to go. So I lift myself up and continued to my husband (who is shocked and surrounded by others shocked), I smile at him and we leave. I woke up so empowered and happy and like in love with my dream… beautiful really.

  22. i had a very strange dream with a black panther in it. i was i guess i was doing stuff with this guy i has just met and we became friends. The panther didn’t attack or anything. it was always near or next to me and i think i even pet him/her. this was the first time I’d ever dream of a black panther

  23. I woke up but couldn’t move and at the end of my bed was a black panther . Scared to death I tried to move but I was so scared that All I could do was , think to myself Holy shit . After I had the balls to slowly put the cover over my face I kept peering over my blanket to see the creature and it was moving . I could hear it breathing , and Everytime I put the cover over my eyes and removed the blanket to get a look at it …. It was still their. Scared out of my mind I pulled the covers over my eyes for the last time laying breathlessly untill I finally woke up

  24. Daniel Smith on

    I dreamed last night about me waking up in an old house I used to live in as a kid. I woke up out of my old bed and looked in the doorway to see the head of a black panther staring at me. I was terrified. It walked back out of the house and I woke up with my heart beating out of my chest

    • Buddy you won’t believe I’ve seen similar dream half an hour ago
      I was at my old house with my dad
      Then i saw a panther walking in front of us n i woke up n i was terrified

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