Panther Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Panther Dream Symbol – To see a panther in your dream can represent a powerful and protective presence in your life. Panther’s can indicate a fierce and aggressive personality that you might have. Panthers are very powerful animals and can also signal power, grace, and beauty in your life.

If a panther is stalking you in the dream, it can indicate you have enemies that are lurking in the distance. These enemies might be people you know who are spreading negative energy towards you.

Panther embodies power, courage, strength, and protectiveness. She can represent your fierce personality that fights for your rights and the rights of others. Panther can come to remind you to act with wisdom if you want to move forward. Alternatively, she can bring warnings of deceit of how others are trying to use you. Who could this be? Look closer before taking action. Protect yourself from the poison of others.

If attacked by a panther, it can mean people are slandering you, but if you kill a panther the accusations will prove to be false. A growling panther brings bad news and a panther threatening you can mean business problems. Fighting a panther can mean you will overcome any challenges caused by your enemies. Being stalked by a panther may mean your enemies lurk close by and may be spreading negativity about you. It is time to take a closer look at those you trust and hold dear. Protect yourself and have the courage to take action.

When Panther crosses your path

Panther crosses your path to remind you are protected. Do not be afraid. Stand tall in your truth with courage as you will not fail.

Black Panther

pantherThe black panther is one of the rarest animals in the wild. A black panther is a good omen and can indicate luck that will enter your life. These animals blend into the night and are fearless. The black panther can also indicate the lack of fear you have to the dangers around you.

It is rare to see a black panther in the wild. There a few left in the world. Fearless creatures, they are elusive and invisible in the night blending into their surroundings. Black Panther’s appearance in your dreams may mean you see yourself as invisible to others although you are outgoing. You may need to be more open with your communication to feel more included. Maybe your fierce focus and drive scare people away.

Or, maybe you are acting fearlessly in the face of emotional danger if Black Panther dreams leave you feeling confident and focused. It depends on how the dream makes you feel and the other things occurring in the dream on the meanings.

Maybe Black Panther visits when you live in fear. Fear of situational outcomes, people, life, success. Get the picture. We all have things that worry us.

Learn to give them minimal attention to achieve good outcomes. Is someone threatening you? Are you being bullied at work, on social media, or in life in general? Instead of wasting perfectly good energy on others’ toxic agendas, use Black Panther’s fearlessness to take the action you need to end it.

Although Black Panther cuts a frightening figure, she is no threat unless she feels under attack. Her message may be you have nothing to fear from what worries you unless you threaten what or who you fear in some way.

When Black Panther crosses your path

Black Panther visits to remind you to walk your path without fear. She teaches how to stand up to what and who makes you live in fear so you can move forward with integrity.

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  1. Yesterday I was gifted a greenatone
    As dreamed last night I was arriving to an island on a beach there is a doz or more people sitting calmly on the sand watching my arrival on water, alone as I got of the canoe in the back round is a forest, I started walking along the beach and a beautiful strong black panther is approaching me, I was aware of the danger but I was not threatened and I was very content on this is how it is, as I stepped in to the shallow calm waters there panther approach and was greeting me and being subtle and comforting
    I’m not sure whatvtgis means as I am a vivid dreamer but to me i am protected
    I am loyal honest and I know my truth
    Reality and choices are difficult for me so I feel very safe in the out come as my strength is at my core
    I see it and I trust it
    If any one else has a message in regards to this I would love to hear your thought

  2. I was actually stalked by a black panther in Costa Rican rainforest once and another crossed my path in the same country, different forest, years later.

  3. I was in the back garden and feeding my chickens the panther ran up the hill and kept for my jugular I managed to push it off before it bit me

  4. I dreamt i,was driving in the woods then I ended up walkin I see I black panther I got scared then there was a price of meat in my hand that,i,try to,distract it with . scared i walk ,then I see two more Panthers sitting down I walk pass them scared but they never attack me that my dream.

  5. Dream: in an audience setting. The speaker said that a panther would join the audience as a visiting family member from “the other side” and that she would be able to communicate with the chosen person. As the panther was let loose, it jumped on some seats not too far from where I was siting. It sat stretched across three chairs staring in the other direction but I could see some of her face. Most people seemed to be scared and panicked and they lead us out is the arena and said that we would be called back alphabetically and would walk past her. As I did, I called my sister’s name, she looked at me with total calm and resolve and peace. I sat down. The speaker came over to me and told me I was the one the panther had a message for. How cool is that? Awesome dream, really.

  6. Last night i dreamt that I was playing in my backyard, which looks out over a road (I live in the suburbs) and in broad daylight, right in the middle of the road, was a black panther staring at me with glowing whitish yellow eyes. It let out a really high pitched scream, rather than a roar.
    Later, I dreamt that i tried to show my parents the panther, but instead there were two wolves/coyotes instead across the street, running and fighting. The panther just stayed still.

  7. Last night o was having a normal dream and I was looking for something all of a sudden my dream completely changed. I looked to my left and everything was black and out of the black leaped a large black angry panther at me! I went to hit him away. In real life I woke up when I hit something with my left forearm and it was my SO who was sitting up in bed. I asked are you okay? He said he had a night.are and was trying to get up off the sidewalk. We had our 1 year old sleeping between us. I have know idea why I had this dream and how it collided with my SO like that !? I will add my SO was sitting up but leaned over. If I wouldn’t have woken up he likely would have laid on the baby.

  8. There were 3 animals, to my right was a lion, to my left a jaguar and in front of me a panther, I was in a forest and God had given me power to and one of them but I had to pick the right one so I picked the panther. I saw symbols all over the panther that I could read, it was because of this I could command him, they looked like purple pinapples inside of a purple circle. I didn’t think God had actually given me the power to do this so I called for the panther to come where I was at and I had commanded him when I did it and he came I then petted him like a dog and knew that because I was doing everything right in my waking life Good was blessing me. In the dream the trees were tall and the light from the sun was shining and represented God

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