Panther Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Panther Dream Symbol – To see a panther in your dream can represent a powerful and protective presence in your life. Panthers can indicate a fierce and aggressive personality that you might have. Panthers are very powerful animals and can also signal power, grace, and beauty in your life.

If a panther is stalking you in the dream, it can indicate you have enemies that are lurking in the distance. These enemies might be people you know who are spreading negative energy towards you.

Panther embodies power, courage, strength, and protectiveness. She can represent your fierce personality that fights for your rights and the rights of others. The panther can come to remind you to act with wisdom if you want to move forward. Alternatively, she can bring warnings of the deceit of how others are trying to use you. Who could this be? Look closer before taking action. Protect yourself from the poison of others.

If attacked by a panther, it can mean people are slandering you, but if you kill a panther the accusations will prove to be false. A growling panther brings bad news and a panther threatening you can mean business problems. Fighting a panther can mean you will overcome any challenges caused by your enemies. Being stalked by a panther may mean your enemies lurk close by and may be spreading negativity about you. It is time to take a closer look at those you trust and hold dear. Protect yourself and have the courage to take action.

When Panther crosses your path

Panther crosses your path to remind you are protected. Do not be afraid. Stand tall in your truth with courage as you will not fail.

Black Panther

pantherThe black panther is one of the rarest animals in the wild. A black panther is a good omen and can indicate luck that will enter your life. These animals blend into the night and are fearless. The black panther can also indicate the lack of fear you have to the dangers around you.

It is rare to see a black panther in the wild. There a few left in the world. Fearless creatures, panthers are elusive and invisible in the night blending into their surroundings. Black Panther’s appearance in your dreams may mean you see yourself as invisible to others although you are outgoing. You may need to be more open with your communication to feel more included. Maybe your fierce focus and drive scare people away.

Or, maybe you are acting fearlessly in the face of emotional danger if Black Panther dreams leave you feeling confident and focused. It depends on how the dream makes you feel and the other things occurring in the dream of the meanings.

Maybe Black Panther visits when you live in fear. Fear of situational outcomes, people, life, success. Get the picture. We all have things that worry us.

Learn to give them minimal attention to achieve good outcomes. Is someone threatening you? Are you being bullied at work, on social media, or in life in general? Instead of wasting perfectly good energy on others’ toxic agendas, use Black Panther’s fearlessness to take the action you need to end it.

Although Black Panther cuts a frightening figure, she is no threat unless she feels under attack. Her message maybe you have nothing to fear from what worries you unless you threaten what or who you fear in some way.

When Black Panther crosses your path

Black Panther visits to remind you to walk your path without fear. She teaches how to stand up to what and who makes you live in fear so you can move forward with integrity.

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  1. tanesha head on

    I keep having the same dream every so often about a black panther chasing me but nobody never gets me . I keep running from it I kill it , it come back to life . This time someone attempted to protect me from it then obviously they got override n the next day the P.B. Came back for me . I have time to prepare myself for the fight . I can always see it coming before dark .

  2. in my dream, i was backed into the corner and it felt like everything or everyone was trying to get me all at one i climbs up high on to something out of reach and the black panther walked through a door i was afraid throughout the whole dream and as soon as our eyes met it jumped at me and i woke up. more of a night mare i couldn’t sleep after tryna figure out what it meant so many things going on in my life atm i can’t seem to figure this out.

  3. I have not dreamt of a black panther before, nor have I thought or seen one in I can’t even tell you how long. There was a winding dirt road up a mountain, I was driving a golf cart like thing, my parents were off down the road a ways when I saw, in front to my right, what I thought were dead black cats lying on their backs next to a fence. As I was looking, a bit sad about the cats, one rolled over and began to stretch when I suddenly realized they were black panthers, HUUUGE black panthers…maybe 4 of them, I was faced with a dilemma about what to do, go back and get my parents or leave them, but I was mesmerized by these creatures I courageously zoomed back to get them but I was worried about my cart being bogged down by extra weight and then I think I woke up…I don’t remember if I got them or not…
    I am starting a dream journal because I have very vivid dreams, yet the black panther came out of seemingly nowhere, quite interesting.

    • The panther was stalking me. There was another big cat in the room but I wasn’t afraid of it. I was afraid of the panther. It would continue to get closer to me and I’d turn to avoid eye contact. The panther would keep turning. The game continued. Finally it jumped on my back and stuck there. I felt the heaviness. I still tried to ignore. At some point I convinced the panther to leave my back. He was aggressive and I questioned it. I thought we were friends? I said to it. Feeling disappointed in braking our agreement.

  4. Maria Morales on

    I dreamt my panther came home. I miss her l loved her was so happy to see her l grab her kiss her so many times . She lay on her back . l poke at her belly it hurt her in one particular area she was in pain . I kept telling my home attendant l need a vet for her. To have her check out , l woke up feeling happy and uplifting spiritual.

  5. I dreamed that I was hiding from rabbit running around and I didn’t notice a black panther statue next to me. A guy came and pick it up then he took the statue away but for a second he seems to fear that it might come to life.

  6. I had a dream where I was laying in bed in a room with dimmed lights and a friends mother was there, in the bed were a german shepherd and a black panther, they were both owned by that friends mother. The black panther was trying to get attention from me, wanting to cuddle and lay beside and on top of me, I was petting it but feeling a little cautious because well its a black panther. She was very kind to me basically acting like a dog laying beside me under the sheets. The friends mother was talking about her character, that she will always be kind unless you say no to her or refuse her something, then she would growl. When she said that I did feel a bit scared of her, but didn’t act on it. She just kept asking to be with me and be pet. A jump in that dream got to a point where the household was going to get attacked by something, in the middle of me preparing for the attack I woke up.

    I never dreamt of a black panther, usually I can always figure out how exactly certain aspects of the dream relate to thoughts and things I saw the past few days before the dream. But I can’t figure out where the black panther came from so please if anyone has a guess, feel free to tell me!

    • In mythology, the black panther represents the protector or guardian. The panther may have been there to protect you from the situation you were in. I had a similar dream in which I saw a black panther and. The panther climbed down a nearby tree then disappeared. Not knowing if I was in danger or not, I ran into the house. A while later, I cautiously went back outside and all of a sudden a black lion was behind me. I quickly layed on the ground in hopes that it wouldn’t bother me and think I was dead. In my dream I was so scared. Then I woke up. After researching my dream the next day, I realized that the panther was there to protect me and the black lion represented danger. I have never seen or heard of a black lion so my dream didn’t really make sense. I have a better understanding of my dream after reading about the mythology of the black panther and the black lion.

  7. I had a dream of me running away from a battle between a black panther and Tiger at the time I feared both but when I was at a safe distance I felt the panther to be fighting for me. Idk what the tiger represented in that dream but something about it felt powerful.

  8. in my dreams i throw a pillow to the Black Panther because he stalking me above the side of walls of my room while the other cats are watching. I don’t know why but my room got no roof and ceilling in my dreams.

  9. I dreamed of giving birth to a black panther and it grows too fast… Everybody is afraid of it but it search for me and come to me as a child for hunger. I breast feed him and feed him fish also thinking my milk won’t be sufficient for him.
    In real I gave birth to a baby boy and in lot of confusion on returning office after maternity leave.
    So is this dream about my baby or me?

    • It’s possibly about your dead line to return to work. The panter is giving you the strength to return. It quickly grows possibly due the the impending deadline to return to work. Simultaneously it could be a fear of missing out on your baby’s growth.

  10. Dione Lockyer on

    I had a dream tgat a baby panther kept attacking my hand. At first it was playful but then she got serious. I screamed for my husband to get her off of me. She released me, turned and attacked and killed a kitten that I adored. What does this mean please?

  11. Good information here, thanks for this. I had a dream a couple nights ago where I was driving through my neighborhood, and saw a black panther and her two cubs sitting near the road. I stopped to look at the scene, and wanted to take a picture. The black panther walked over to my car, jumped on the hood of my car, and jumped right through the windshield and into my chest. I wasn’t afraid, the huge animal just went painlessly right into my chest. I actually felt honored.

    The next day, in real life, I had a very difficult conversation with my adult son. I was calm and allowed him to express his emotions. I did feel defensive, but mainly kept quiet and used reflective listening when answering him.

    What are your thoughts on the meaning of the black panther in my dream? And is it possible that it was there to somehow offer guidance and emotional protection during this challenging interaction with my son? Thanks in advance for whatever thoughts you can offer.

  12. I recently had a dream about a guy I have been sorta seeing. I dreamt we were in the car together and all of a sudden there was insane amounts of monkeys trying to hurt us. (I am afraid of monkeys) we finally make into a room safely and a black panther is trying to come through the door. I’m trying to keep it closed when it starts coming through and then I woke up.

  13. A black panther was watching over my children and I, like it was our protector, so stealthy and quiet watching my children and checking on them and myself as a helper. I also had visions of a mountain climber climbing a mountain as fast as he could but was not making coordinated moves and fell at the top to be caught by the rope….. I can feel the meaning behind this for myself. I need to sit and focus on this meaning for myself longer and not let its meaning just disappear. I need to listen.

  14. Faisal khan on

    What if a panther is attacking and suddenly attack a person who is running infront of me and I just move back try to hide my self because I’d panther see me then I’ll be his next meal. please clear this to me

  15. Thank you for your interpretation. I had a dream last night that I was holding a baby rabbit, it got away from me and jumped across the room to wear the black (non threatening) panther was laying. I was worried for the rabbits life but the panther picked up the rabbit and brought it over to me. The panther had its head against mine and I was a little intimidated when it didn’t move away for a long period of time… I suppose I was scared because I didn’t want to move and disrespect the panther but after a bit I turned my head and nothing happened theatening… i remember his soft fur against my face. I woke up at this point but I am still confused about the meaning of the dream. It would love some more insight info this as I feel like the dream was trying to tell me something….

  16. So, I’ve been having multiple dreams involving a black panther. It’s always the same one and I can tell because of how it acts, its size, and its eyes are always the same, they’re like a green and gold color. Anyways, I’ve been having dreams where I’m being attacked and the panther comes in and protects me from things that are protecting me, and near the end of my dreams i usually get attacked by whatever anyways because the panther gets distracted, but rushes to me at the end of my dreams. There was a time that i had a dream about being set up in a arena like area, and a bunch of giant snakes were chasing me, and I yelled out the name Zachary, and the panther came to me and helped me. We both started to fight off the creatures as there was a crowd cheering in the background, until a really large man came into the stadium. I looked over at the panther and it whimpered, and that was the last I remember. I would love some help on what this could possibly mean, but it’s been happening for months.

    • You think your dream is hard to interupt. I have this dream where I fall down this weird starecase. I find neat stuff at the bottom, books, anime etc, but then this black panther comes and starts chasing me up these stairs. It tries to pounce but always misses me. By the time I get to the top. I see a long hallway with a room, so I follow it. There my parents are, I try to say hello but they can’t see me and they ignore me?, then I wake up. Most bizaire dream ever, and I can’t figure it out.

      • Don’t get distracted from what truly matters in your life, connect with your family and hold onto them. You still have much to learn from them. A life with more meaning and less things just to fill the empty space will help you to get you to where you need to be.

      • I would interpret it as, your desires can lead you to malevolence that you can’t lean on others to help you with

    • It’s easy to have the courage to stand up for yourself amongst your enemies (the snakes), but when it comes to your love one or close friend, you’re weak.

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