Panda Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Panda Dream Symbol –  Pandas represent a soft and gentle personality that is very balanced in nature. While Pandas look soft and cuddly on the surface, they have strong personal boundaries and always stay within their limits. Pandas symbolize balance and the need to have a well-balanced life which includes diet, exercise, spirituality, and sleep.

panda dreamIn Eastern cultures, pandas are symbolic of good luck and fortune for the dreamer. Pandas are very rare animals that symbolize something good is going to happen in your life. If you see a Panda it can be a sign that things will enter your life.

Pandas show us the importance of having boundaries and not letting others walk over those boundaries. If you find people invading your space you may need to take a step back and try to find time for yourself.

The panda is an animal that is very harmonic with its surroundings. They blend in very well with their environment and are non-threatening to the people around them. These attributes may also be represented inside of the dreamer.

If you see a Panda that is trapped, it may indicate that your personal space has been violated and the need to try and get away from people who are bringing you down.

More Interpretations

When panda visits your dreams, this is a positive sign things will get better. You will shed all your worries and fill your heart with positive, good feelings. Avoid longing for what you do not have. Be thankful for what you have. Give thanks for all the amazing people and opportunities in your life. This helps to attract more good when you give thanks for all you have. Stay positive and things will always get better.

Panda DreamDreaming of panda can remind you of the spiritual growth of your subconscious. It is powerful. You are equipped to deal with tough psychological situations. You have the mental stamina to deal with anything that crosses your path. Panda can also signify you have a powerful enemy. This could mean you argue with friends and family. Who do you argue with? Who is annoying you? Who do you disagree with If panda attacks you, it is a warning to take care. You need to protect yourself from someone’s negative ferocity.

Panda eating can be a warning to eat a healthier diet. It is about nourishment and what you feed yourself. Your mind and body need good nourishment to function well. How well do you eat? It is a warning to take a close look at your diet and make changes for better balance. It can symbolize digestive problems you may really have when awake. This is about compromising to find balance.

Dreaming of killing a panda is a sign your enemies will not have success and you can eliminate those around you that no longer serve your highest good. Seeing someone kill a panda also signifies your enemies will suffer losses and you will most likely come to an agreement to end the feud. Running from panda is a good sign and chasing a panda means you are in for a good time. Seeing panda from afar can mean you may be pushed into a corner or people are out to destroy you in some way. Who could this be? You will need to use persistence to succeed.

When Panda crosses your Path

Panda crosses your path to remind you to have the power to put the end to any drama with a few words of wisdom. You have the innate ability to see both sides and sum them up in a few succinct words others hear.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • If you dream about the panda you should ask yourself how these dreams are related to your personality or personal growth?
  • Do you need to have more boundaries or do you have a very balanced life?
  • Are there any messages the panda is trying to tell you?

Note: If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic please leave a comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.


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  1. I have a dream i was on a bunch of high mountains. Then there was a mama panda and her baby panda. I was basically alone in the mountain i forgot what’s my purpose there then suddenly, i spotted a big bear in the forest wandering around. I was on panic and unknowingly the mama and baby panda also spotted the bear so they escape and took me with them.

    Here’s the climax, the mama panda jump so high like Hulk to a bunch of high mountains while grabbing me.

    Then when mama panda found a safer place she put me down and left me on one the mountain peak where there is built temple-like structure. I forgot what happened next in my dream.

    I hope you could help me what it means.

  2. Jose Villarreal on

    I´ve been dreaming for 5 days in a row that I invite some friends to my real life house, and I always talk to them about the panda that I have as a pet. Then, we proceed to got to my backyard and there is an adult panda just walking around, when the panda see us he walks over to us in a really slow, peaceful way. Then we start petting it as if it was a normal dog, then I wake up. I´m still confused of what this could mean. By the way, it was always different groups of friends that I have in real life.

  3. I dreamt that I was driving back home after spying on someone and I saw a panda walking on two legs drunkenly under the overpass on a highway. TheN He fell over and got on all fours and then he was tackled by a man who I understood in my intuition was from the zoo. He wrestled him in a bear hug. I then drove up the highway and it kept going up and up and up really high into the sky.

  4. Hello a few weeks back a dreamt with a panda I was actually playing with it we were tossing a little ball back-and-forth playing together. I just read your entire description and am going to take it as being a positive thing. Thank you for your dream interpretation. But if you think there might be something you can add based on my dream description I would love to know. Thank you very much!

  5. I dreamt that we were having a birthday party for one of my children and a guy was bringing a whole zoo of animals and he just dumped all of them in a sewer and was nowhere to be found. I was screaming at my husband that we needed to save them. There was a baby Panda I was especially worried about and he was in a gray membrane of a sack being born. No mother in sight. My husband reached into the sewer and grabbed him and handed him to me and he clung to me with such fear on his face. I just held him tight while trying to save more animals. The other animals were trying to hurt him so I was trying to protect him from them. I finally got him into an area that was safe and was cleaning him up and he looked me in the face and said, “MAMA!” I said to my husband, “HE CAN TALK and HE THINKS I’m his mother!” My husband then said “No he’s just looking for his mother. Say her name… ” So I asked him if he was looking for Arla? “Is Arla your mama?” He just kept looking at me like I was his mother. Then I was so worried about what to feed him. Should I get milk because he’s a baby or do I get bamboo… Then I told my husband to call 911 and we argued about that because he said they would think we were crazy. I yelled at him “BUT WE HAVE A PANDA!!!!” LoL I do NOT know what any of this means but I woke up exhausted from carrying a 70 lb baby panda around all night. Our family is going through a lot of stress right now and I do feel like I’m the one responsible for somehow fixing things for everyone. The problem is I’m also having some serious health issues and can’t really do what I need/want to do to fix things. So I’m rescuing animals in my sleep who think of me as their mother and trying to rescue my family during the day. I need a break. LoL

  6. I dreamt that i am a panda and was being chased by zombies or unknown people. I just run and run but they continued following me. 🙁

  7. I walked into my room of an very old home me AMD my family use to live in went up stairs to my room and began to look around and saw old the old trinkets I heldbnear and dear to my heart then i saw pictures up of my family members and recalled past events and stopped in dream and recognized I’ve gotten so far off the beaten path in life and I wailed I’m so sorry to my self and saw a panda in the window sitting looking out the window of my room the exact same way I use to do all the time as a kid and I realized I haven’t been how I use to any more the panda IS MY SOUL IT WAS ME and all the toys and odd things I kept and held dear reminded me I need to get back to my usual self and the pictures of my family showed me hostage relationship use to be and how it is now. I woke up and wept hard eternally hard s0 hard it cracked the shell that had been crusting over my soul . Put family first FORGET what’s matters because the whole reason you began this journey anyway was family in the first place. Count your blessings their right in front of your face

  8. Harmony Gramza on

    What happens if in your dream you you and your best friend are petting a panda that is laying down?

  9. Abraham Ramirez on

    Last night I dreamt i was at my school. Dont remember all of it but i do remember a panda who was urging me to pick up little cnildren i had met along the way. I did and he was chasing me the whole time

  10. I had a dream last night that a abnormally large size panda, all I saw was his head, bit off the hand of a person next to me and I started fighting the panda to get him off me. I woke before I know what happened in the end.

  11. I had a dream last night that I went to the pet store and fell in love with a baby panda. I asked him if I were to come back to get him later in the day would he remember me and he said yes so I did 🙂 I’m sad it’s not real.

  12. I had a dream that there were lizard size red pandas along a path I was walking. They were moving almost like squirrels.

  13. I dreamt I was on a night out with friends and we found a baby panda and we decided to take care of it

  14. I am a teacher. In my dream someone had hired a zoologist to come to school and teach the kids about animals. One of the animals was a giant panda. I love pandas and always have since childhood. So my initial reaction was shock and amazement. The panda and I made direct eye contact and it started charging at me, pulling itself free from the grasp of the animal trainer. I quickly shut the door to my classroom and my shock and amazement feeling turned into shock and survival terror. When a bear is charging at you fight isn’t and option, only flight. The panda smashed its way through my glass door of the classroom and continued charging after me. At this point I was halfway out of the window to the outside. Still charging after me the panda broke through the window and continued pursuing me in an open field behind the school. I fell to the ground and woke up still feeling happy to have seen a panda.

  15. Maria Galeas on

    I had a dream with a baby panda & I was taking care of it. It was my pet. I remember holding the panda & feeling it’s sharp claws & thinking to myself that they needed to be trimmed lol. Felt like a good dream very positive

  16. I saw me talking to my crush (one and half Years ago crush) and i had like 7 little pandas ..
    – i felt that im emotionally stronger and mentally ive grown since then (:
    -enough boundaries,
    – fight with close friends? Will see following days (:

  17. I dreamt that I was at a zoo and there were many pandas in one habitat, some very very big, and in another many koalas, some very big. I feel now that I’m represented by the panda as I feel my boundaries were being disrespected the day before by a former friend who I feel is represented by the koala, which was said to symbolize cute on the outside but feral and dangerous inside. I do need stronger boundaries and to have a more balanced life to deal with this and other situations. Thank you.

  18. I had a dream of 5 pandas walking around my house, and then one of the pandas gave birth to 4 little babys. It was a weird dream .. What can it mean ?

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