Palm Reading Dream Symbol


Palm Reading – The palm reading is an accurate way to determine your past, present and future in a generalist way. It does not typically give you any specific information but can help you determine the broad strokes of your life including the troubles and successes that you have experienced. Think of the palm as a character representation and a timeline of your life. It is not as specific as Tarot, but is not as mysterious as the oracle. Dreaming about palm readings is a very potent sign that something in your life is going to change soon. This change could be equally good or bad.

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Stephen is a self confessed dream junkie that loves all things dream related. He is a writer for Dream Stop and has been working in the field of dreams for the past decade. He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams. You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream. These interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice.


  1. Abhishek Sharma on

    I had a dream someone see my palm and said you don’t have money in future ….so tell about this

  2. omotajo tumininu on

    in my dream i saw a man reading my palm and i told him i dont believe in reading palm he leave my palm and asked me what kind of job am doing and i told him later i saw two young girls telling the man why is he reading my palm is he a palm reader whn did he start reading d palm i woke up imnediately

  3. david fernandes on

    I had a dream in which I was about to get married and I saw a woman and I asked her to give me a reading about if my marriage will last, so I gave her my hand the woman then proceeded to follow a long line on my hand she told me that it will last till the end and that it will be a draining marriage. But its strange to me is that I was not hesitant to give her my hand at all I think she told me other things but I can’t remember. I would like to what this interpretation means really

  4. I took a short nap hours back and i was awaken by dream. I dreamt i found a palm leaf. A set of palm leaves. I was actually somewhere out ( dont know specifily where) with my sister and another person whom i dont know who is that as i cannot see the face, when we walk past the places my sister went missing and as i was waiting for her she took a set of palm leaf and walked to me. As she passed it to me she said the palm leaves is written in english. As i turned to page one i
    noticed it was written for the names begin with ‘pu’ and so on. My name starts from ‘pu’

  5. Iyisha Williams on

    I had a dream last night about having my palms read, she didn’t really tell me anything my future but she’s sang really loud down my ear and said you are going to be good at singing now, then she poured aload of liquid down my ear.
    She also poured a really hot liquid all over my palms.

    I’ve been wanting to go to a palm reader in real life, I want someone to help me with my love life which I’m struggling with at the minute.

  6. i had a dream that my dad was reading my palm and my palm lit up different colors he was explaining something to me in the dream but i dont know what he is saying his face was serious and he came in close to tell me his eyes looked hopeful and he was calm. i would like an interpretation of this if possible

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